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Chapter 1004 Losing His Respect

The colossal black flames sphere started to shrink in size rapidly until it was turned into a mere golf ball between prince Domino\'s palms.

When Felix saw this, he knew that nothing good would come out if this flame orb went off.

So, he swiftly flew towards prince Domino and stayed glued to him.

You think I won\'t blow us both! Prince Domino shouted at Felix while still condensing the flame orb.

Unresponsive, Felix clutched his fists and went all out on prince Domino!

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

Each punch sounded nastier than the other as Felix completely stopped caring about prince Domino\'s life anymore.

The instant he threatened to use a nuke and even double-suicide was the moment he lost his respect and sympathy for him.

\'I am dyi...ying...I am dyiingg...\' Prince Domino could feel that all of his organs were getting blown up into bloody mess with every direct punch.

The worst part, he couldn\'t even defend himself properly due to the flame orb being still in his hands.

It didn\'t take him long to realize that Felix had left him with two options...Admit defeat and end his torment or blow up his flame orb.

Unfortunately, the first option could never be processed in his mind due to his unquestionable pride.

He knew that if he admitted defeat, there would be no other chance for him to reestablish his reputation in the royal family.

He had been beaten fair and square.

\'If I won\'t be the elder dragon, then there is no point in living this life.\' Prince Domino gritted his teeth and eyed the flame orb in his hand.

I never...loss. Prince Domino gave Felix a maddened look that sent chills in his spine.

\'Like hell I will let you!\' Felix extended his right wing and swung it swiftly at prince Domino\'s neck akin to a blade.

The wing sliced prince Domino\'s head, decapitating him instantly!

This wouldn\'t have been possible if Felix hadn\'t already ruined prince Domino\'s body beyond repair.

\'I am flying Oh, my head is flying...\'

Prince Domino mumured in his mind as he watched the rest of his body falling into the ground...He moved his thinned slits in direction of Felix and saw that he was relaxing his tensed shoulders.

\'I will never go out in this embarrassing manner...\'

Prince Domino glanced back at his body and saw that his flame orb had separated from it and was in the process of breaking apart into light particles.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he used the last bit of his cognitive reasoning to activate the flame orb!

Immediately after he did so, Felix\'s instincts tingled like crazy, forcing him to look at prince Domino\'s separated head.

The moment he noticed that prince Domino had died with creepy wide grin, he felt his blood run cold.

\'Enhanced Adamantine Barrier!!\'


After a blinding flash of light, the sky changed colors and the clouds were spread out in a a circular shape by an emerging white mushroom.

Everyone was caught off guard as they hadn\'t expected for the flame orb to still go off even when prince Domino\'s head was tens of meters away from his body.

Are they both dead

Does that mean we aren\'t losing or winning anything

Phew...I almost got myself in a debt of three thousand natural treasures.

At this moment, most dragons didn\'t care anymore about winning the bet.

They just wanted to avoid being put in a crazy debt that would take them at least decades if not more to clear it out.

All of them had chosen 1 to 10 odds, which amplified even a hundred to a price that wouldn\'t be afforded by most dragons.

Sadly, before they could feel relieved for even a few moments, Felix had to break apart their fantasies.

He emerged from the depth of the arena tens of kilometers away while having countless flesh wounds.

\'That\'s what I get for being merciful.\' Felix dusted his clothes with a pissed off expression, not liking the outcome of this fight whatsoever.

He thought that prince Domino had some respect for him, but only now did he realize that his respect was based on his superiority complex!

In other words, he respected Felix when he considered him to be a worthy opponent.

However, the instant he started feeling really threatened and that he would lose against him, the respect turned into spite and hate.

There was nothing that explains his final attempt to take down Felix with him besides being spiteful at losing.

Felix should feel thankful that the flame orb had half of its power taken after it started to break into light particles.

If it wasn\'t for so, he wouldn\'t have survived with mere flesh wounds.

\'F*cking royal dragons and their distasteful pride.\' Felix had enough of being near dragons and wanted nothing to do with them for the next years.

\'Not so fast.\' Asna chuckled, \'You still have a meeting with the Elder Dragon.

You better not meet him with this attitude.\'

\'So irritating.\' Felix swiftly teleported back to his house, not bothering to even address the viewers or their bets.

He knew that Queen Ai would handle everything for him.

Good thing that he left without saying anything as everyone went absolutely mad after being told by the Queen that they had lost their bets and the amount they needed to pay.

Ten thousands B graded natural treasures.

I don\'t even have a quarter of it after the auction... Clan head Azesdirth\'s eyelids twitched as he eyed his debt.

We have been finessed. Clan head Bymid massaged his temples, I am starting to think that the dragonslayer has planned everything from the auction to this point to harvest every single natural treasure from us.

That\'s precisely what happened. Clan head Ygos said coldly, He used the auction to raise capital and also exhaust our resources.

This made us believe that we actually had a big chance of returning most of our lost natural treasures from the auction by joining his wager.

Indeed. Clan head Kyrsun nodded, He knew that all of us has complete faith in prince Domino when it came to melee battles.

Still, shouldn\'t we have been charged with 2nd tier Clan head Azesdirth frowned, He did use an active elemental ability at the end to defend himself from the explosion.

I have already asked Queen Ai. Clan head Bymid shook his head, She said that the bet has ended with Domino\'s death.

In other words, the moment the explosion went off, the bet was already over in favor of Felix since he had killed him by following the rules of the 3rd tier.

The rules of the 3rd tier enforced him to utilize merely physical abilities or passives in his fight.

That\'s unfortunate...

Round up the officials, elders, and their heirs. Clan head Ygos said, I want to know exactly how much the royal family owns that weasel.

With Queen Ai assistance, it didn\'t take long to calculate the total...The moment the clan heads read it, they felt their heart sink to the bottom of their stomach.

Who could blame them

Just the royal family alone owed Felix close to seventy thousand graded natural treasures...There was no need to mention the tens of thousands red dragons.

This is more serious than we thought. Clan head Kyrsun frowned, This is going to hurt us financially for a long while.

As the clan head responsible over the administration and logistics of the royal family, he knew that royal clan was in no shape to pay Felix the full amount right way.

In fact, it wouldn\'t be possible even after a decade since the natural treasures were finite resources and take time and care to grow.

The Icarius Galaxy might possess the most significant amount of natural treasures, but it didn\'t mean that they were infinite.

In addition, the dragon race\'s main source of income was from selling natural treasures to other races...Now, that they owed Felix such an insane sum, they wouldn\'t be able to indulge themselves anymore.

What\'s the solution Clan head Bymid asked.

We must break the debt into installment that might last for a century or so. Clan head Kyrsun answered, The 5% rate would hurt us a bit, but it\'s better than handing everything as fast as possible and causing the natural treasures market to crash.

In the clan heads\' minds, Felix would be naturally selling or trading those natural treasures with his race or other races.

Since their race\'s financial freedom and stability depended heavily on the natural treasures market in the alliance, they knew that helping Felix flood it would damage them in the long run.

Why did we get ourselves involved in bets with a human. Clan head Bymid sighed, Strong or not, he is still just as greedy and cunning as the rest of his race.

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