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Chapter 972: White Flamingo Squad, assemble!

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Xia Fei, who was charging through Tigerkill Pass, had encountered a squad of twelve Dark lifeform war gods.

Although Xia Fei had used White Skull to kill one, he was still surrounded by eleven of these powerful foes, his situation not at all pleasant!


Furball bristled, his hair like steely needles.

He could not let the six enemies in the rear get any closer, for if they got any closer, they would be able to join hands with their comrades in encircling his master! Xia Fei was already starting to get tired from dealing with five foes alone.

If the number of his opponents rose to eleven, that would be an unimaginable calamity!

*Bang bang bang!*

As if he were unleashing a deluge of comets, Furball used almost all his energy to unleash a galaxy-shaking storm!

The enormous deluge of comets created by energy managed to significantly slow down the progress of the six Dark warriors, but they continued to approach Xia Fei silently.

At their current speed, they would need only three minutes to create the extremely disadvantageous eleven-versus-one situation!


The Law of Primal Chaoss combat technique, Dark Crescent Ruinblade, swept out!

This waxing crescent moon instantly obliterated a Dark lifeform expert, who failed to dodge in time!

His inner demon and killing intent burst forth!

After unleashing the rainbow energy ball in his seventh brain region, Xia Feis combat power had doubled and he had managed to kill another one of his foes.

The Dark warriors continued to say nothing, but they clearly became much more cautious around him.

These experts took up four separate positions as they supported one another in keeping Xia Fei in the center of the formation.

Even with his heaven-defying speed, Xia Fei found it difficult to break out!

‘Kill one more! he mentally encouraged himself.

‘I just need to kill one more and the formation will fall apart!

At this thought, Xia Fei used his incessant madness to lunge left and right, once more fighting against the four Dark lifeform war gods.

There was not much time! In the distance, those six other enemies were already in range to use long-distance attacks.

They had used an opening in Furballs assault to unleash several dozen flying blades made of dark energy at Xia Fei!

“Crafty Approach!”

Xia Feis body began to flicker, and he dodged this barrage like a ghost!

Opportunity was fleeting, and by using long-distance attacks, those experts in the rear had diverted Xia Feis attention so that he could not focus on the enemies in front of him!

In the blink of an eye, the encirclement was complete.

One versus ten!

Xia Fei was in dire straits, under immense pressure every second!

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A shout, incredibly familiar to Xia Feis ears, rang out!

“Skywings business! Unconcerned people should scram!”

Three figures shot over at unfathomable light speed!

Sans a word, they raised their blades and slashed at the enemies!

These newcomers were none other than the three Superior Law Gods that the Skywing Clan had tasked with supporting Xia Fei!

The speed of the Skywings was the speed of light!

These Superior Law Gods had Godwing potential, and all three of them had gotten past the ten-million-meter-per-second threshold!

The tables had instantly turned!

Teamwork Formation

The Skywing wolfpack was the sharpest formation of all—the most perfect teamwork!

The three silhouettes suddenly came together and then separated, and a Dark lifeform war god was slain on the spot! He did not even know how he had died; also, it was truly impossible to see the look of despair on his face as he died.

This was because the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade killed people far too quickly, far beyond the limits of what the eye could see!


One second later, another powerful foe had been felled using the same exact method used as before.

The three Superior Law Gods used their advantage in speed to encircle their enemies, converging on each of their foes the moment they saw an opportunity!

When these three worked together, even gods and ghosts had no hope.

What more of these Dark warriors

Xia Fei was dumbfounded.

These three were undoubtedly Skywings, for they had just made use of their clans wolfpack formation, but Xia Fei had never seen them before, nor had he ever known that the clan was hiding so many superexperts at the Law God level!

The storm was ceaseless!

The three Superior Law Gods continued their massacre.

At this moment, Xia Helin suddenly shouted, “Xia Fei, what are you standing around for! Youre the lone wolf of our clan; dont let any enemies escape!”

Xia Fei came to his senses and threw himself back into the battle.

The lone wolf of the wolfpack formation was the Skywings roaming ranger.

When the Skywings were in an inferior position, Xia Fei was charged with holding the rear; this way, everyone could safely retreat.

Now that the three Superior Law Gods had suddenly joined in and were sweeping through the Dark lifeform war gods like a hurricane, Xia Feis mission was to ensure that no one escaped!

His excitement was indescribable.

This was Xia Feis first time working with these three Superior Law Gods.

The power of the wolfpack formation was peerless, and the three Superior Law Gods had brought this formation to a whole new level!

When experts worked with other experts, the scene would always be dazzling and could get ones blood pumping! Xia Fei had to use 120% of his energy to keep up with the tempo of the three Superior Law Gods!

Several seconds later, nine Dark lifeform experts had been slain! The average kill time was below a second for each one made!

This was a horrifying tempo that could completely obliterate an enemys confidence!

The last enemy was relying on some bizarre footwork to retreat swiftly.

It was easy to see the intense fear in his eyes!


Xia Fei took out the Celestial Stamp Bodhi, the powerful bow that could shoot down even a celestial wolf!

Three arrows howled as all struck the fleeing warrior in the back!

Dazzling fireworks erupted in the passage as if a star was going supernova!

As the fireworks scattered, the team of twelve Dark lifeform war gods had been completely annihilated!

“What a powerful attack! You used the Celestial Stamp Bodhi even better than New Moon! Xia Fei, how did you do it!” Xia Jing stopped and tilted his head as he looked at him.

The former seemed to be very surprised that the Celestial Stamp Bodhi could make enemies detonate.

Xia Helin and Xia Hong were equally very surprised, all three admiring the power of the divine bow when it was infused with the Law of Primal Chaos.

“The three of you are” asked Xia Fei.

The trio introduced themselves and then took out their White Flamingos.

Xia Helin explained, “As you can see, we are all members of the White Flamingo Squad, the Skywings secret assault team.

Since the clan is calling us back, something very important mustve gone down.

We cant waste any more time here!”

Xia Jing said, “Right.

If youve got any questions, you can ask them along the way.

We finally caught up to you.

You have The Gemini, so we can use it to get back to the Law Realm at the fastest possible time.”

“Alright!” Xia Fei firmly nodded.

He coldly glanced at the spacious tunnel of Tigerkill Pass and sternly spoke.

“Still, I have something to do before we leave.”

“What” asked Xia Hong.

“Destroy Tigerkill Pass!”

The three Superior Law Gods were taken aback, but then they understood what Xia Fei intended.

Tigerkill Pass was a necessary route that the Dark lifeforms must take to get to the Law Realm.

It was a natural barrier among natural barriers.

Destroying Tigerkill Pass would be a major blow to the Dark lifeforms, for they would be forced to use the Dark Space to enter the Law Realm, and the Dark Space was a paradise for demon chrysalises! All of the Dark lifeforms operations targeting the Law Realm would be significantly weakened!

Xia Feis plan to destroy Tigerkill Pass was insidious! This was akin to cutting off the Dark lifeform armys lifeline!


Xia Fei and the three Skywing Superior Law Gods attacked in unison! Their vicious barrage destroyed the Dark lifeforms border stronghold, Tigerkill Pass!

Xia Fei had arrived without making a sound, but before leaving, Xia Fei was giving the Dark lifeform a harsh lesson!


The Gemini swiftly carried Xia Fei and the three Superior Law Gods to the assembly point.

Xia Helin explained how his team had been sent to support him, and Xia Fei was stunned.

The grand ancestor had been concocting such a massive plan! He had Xia Fei serve as the pathfinder to smoke out one or more Founder.

That way, they could kill all hidden enemies!

What shocked Xia Fei even more was that the Skywings were holding back such a powerful reserve! According to Xia Helin, there were still two other Superior Law Gods in the clan, who practically never showed themselves, and of them, Xia Xiang was a level 7 Superior Law God!

Five hidden Superior Law Gods, each of which had the ability to enter the Domain of Gods and take a seat in the Palace of Gods!

All of this was to take revenge for that single arrow from the distant past!

All wrongs must be avenged! The Skywings had never been willing to take a loss, and this trait was on full display here!

“The Founder who should have appeared did not.

Instead, the White Flamingos signal for an assembly was sent out! This is very strange.

Did something go wrong with the plan” Xia Fei finally muttered after some thought.

Xia Hong replied, “Youre the strategist of the clan.

What is your view on this problem”

Xia Fei thought it over and sternly said, “The plan is executed in two parts.

Since our teams part in the Dark lifeform territory went very smoothly, the problem mustve erupted in the clan, and the one overseeing it is none other than Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng!”


Everyone went pale, with Xia Helin asking in agitation, “Are you saying that something has happened to the grand ancestor”

Xia Fei nodded, his face turning grim.

“If my conjecture is correct.”


Xia Feis conjecture had everyone on fire with concern, and as soon as The Gemini entered the Law Realm territory, they used their spatial compasses to teleport to the assembly point.

A desolate mountain range, where tigers roared and eagles soared.

The assembly point was in a wide valley with no signs of human habitation.

It was a paradise for beasts.

Following four white flashes of light, Xia Fei and the three Superior Law Gods appeared in the valley.


One second later, a dark silhouette shot over.

Given this figures incredible speed, they had to belong to the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade.

“Follow me!” It was Peak Law Sage Xia Ke who had come.

He nodded at their group, his expression grim.

Xia Fei knew instantly that this matter was not a simple one.

Otherwise, the chief steward of the clan, who oversaw things at the Fiendish Wing Villa, would not look so solemn.

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh!*

The five of them rushed along a path and soon arrived at a pond in the rear of a large mountain.

Two people stood next to the grass by the pond.

Through introductions, Xia Fei learned that these were Xia Xiang and Xia Ya, the final two members of the White Flamingo Squad.

“Xia Ke, what happened that made you issue the White Flamingos order for assembly” asked Xia Xiang gravely.

Xia Ke swept his gaze over the members and said sternly, “Following the order left by the grand ancestor, I have assembled the White Flamingo Squad for the first time in history! You are now to undertake a secret mission for the Skywing Clan!”

After a brief pause, Xia Ke continued speaking.

“The retreat from Fiendish Wing Villa and Xia City is already complete.

Besides the clan warriors, everyone has retreated to a safe place, with Xia Guanghai and Xia Laoshi leading the convoy.”

“What in the world happened! A retreat and a secret mission Has something big transpired in the clan” Xia Fei, who suddenly had an ill foreboding, hastily asked this question.

Xia Kes eyes turned red as he spoke..

“It truly is something big.

The clan has lost contact with the grand ancestor for more than seventy-two hours now!”

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