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Chapter 945: White Skull

Thousand Shapes Artificing was a sort of law power that did not have the aim of construction but rather destruction!


With a low hum, Xia Fei saw as a dim mass of white light suddenly appeared in his right hand.

The aura it gave off was as fearsome as a pouncing tiger or a soaring dragon, volatile and unsettled.

This was the caudron from Thousand Shapes Artificing, similar in form to the Celestial Zerohammer of artificers.

It was just that the latter relied on materials for the base, while the former did not require any materials at all and completely relied on the users strength, instead!

Law Force was being controlled in a cramped area, and the moment any weapon entered this mass of light, they would be swiftly destroyed, extracting their essence and leaving just the worst of scraps.


A Windchasers Bonespur Dovetail Knife of decent make was tossed into that mass of light by Xia Fei, and in the next second, that mass of light shone a brilliant array of colors.

The knife shattered like glass and scattered down on the ground, and his mass of light increased by a few centimeters.

One more item!


Yet another!

Xia Fei tossed all the divine weapons he had collected over time, which he had no use of, into that mass of light, destroying them one by one.

There was not even a hint of remorse on his face as he performed such cruel acts, while Radix sighed regretfully as he watched this happen from the sidelines.

“What youre doing is far too ridiculous.

Its only been a few minutes, yet youve already destroyed over a dozen divine weapons! How could you call this artificing Its no different from squandering your wealth!” Radix said with a sigh.

Xia Fei smiled.

“Divine weapons No, those items that I use can be called divine weapons! Unless theyre heaven-defying existences like Nirvana, then theyre no different from trash in my eyes.

Besides, these are all items I stole from Hua Siniang, so why would I feel any heartache”

Radix was rendered speechless.

Xia Fei had a very high expectation for his weapons in terms of quality.

Better than Nirvana Perhaps hardly a few weapons could even be comparable to Nirvana.

After multiple transformation, NIrvana had become a dagger of unparalleled existence.

Actually, calling these things as divine weapons were really pushing it.

A divine weapon needed not only to be powerful but also to be precious.

Take for example the Windchasers Bonespur Dovetail Knife, which was produced by Gale Hall.

While it was a powerful weapon, plenty of such existed, so despite Xia Fei destroying one, many other clans had lots of it in their collection.

Therefore, it would not really go extinct.

The fiendish dagger, Nirvana, was different in this aspect.

It was one of a kind, and no other weapon out there could compare to it! No doubt, it was considered a peerless divine weapon!

Xia Fei had a very extreme view of weapons.

In his eyes, only Nirvana, an extremely diabolical divine weapon that had no equal, could be considered a treasure.

The weapon needed not be the strongest, but it must be unique, as this would only achieve unexpected effects by being that.

Thus, a mass destruction of weapons was conducted, with each quality weapon being tossed into the cauldron by Xia Fei.

Not just weapons, even some tools unusable in gauging the enemys cultivation were not spared from this purge.

“This is the most chaotic and wicked style of artificing ever! I really wonder just what the final product will be.” Radix sighed as he shook his head.

The lack of law became the greatest law!

As was so for the universe, the same could be said in artificing!

Even if the Thousand Shapes Artificing did not mention it, Xia Fei would still follow this line of thinking and do what he was doing right now based on his theoretical understanding.

Since Thousand Shapes Artificing was already such a chaotic and insane technique, Xia Fei planned to take this destructive forging technique to the extreme!

Leaving no stone unturned, Xia Fei would rather risk ruining everything than end up creating something mediocre.

Six hours later, he observed something strange happening to that mass of light!

A frightening white skull could be vaguely seen, its jawbones opening and closing, almost as if it were trying to speak a language no one could understand, chilling everyone present to the bones.

“This must be the successful synthesis that the Thousand Shapes Painting mentioned.

The next step should then berefinement!” said Radix with a glint in his eyes.

Radix was very curious about the Thousand Shapes Artificing technique that had destruction as its basis.

He also wanted to know just what would be the end product using such a magical technique.

Synthesize! Refine! Fuse! Appear!

These were the four major stages of Thousand Shapes Artificing.

‘Synthesizing referred to the retrieval of flaws from within the weapons and merging them into a single entity.

‘Refining referred to the customization of the weapon.

If Xia Fei wanted to forge a cross dagger similar to Nirvana, then he would have to insert his will during refinement.

By doing so, it would take the form that he had in mind.

The next step would be the fusion of divine weapon flaws and his will, which was calledfusing.

It was no different from funneling everything into one entity before a divine weapon would finally be born!

Xia Fei squinted his eyes as he closely examined the mass of light in his right hand.

At this point, the mass of light, which was originally the size of a chicken egg, had already grown a kilometer wide!

It was as if Xia Fei was holding a dial of moonlight in his hand as it glowed with power!

“What a strong sensation! So this is the ferocity of the aggregation of flaws!” Xia Fei was elated.

“Though I destroyed hundreds of divine weapons, what I obtained here is truly the essence of them all! I dare to guarantee that the entire universe would tremble if I were to toss out this glow in my hand!”

Radix mulled over for a few moments before saying, “These divine weapons are so renowned isnt just because of the strength they possess but also because of human factors! After all, countless souls have lost their lives to such weapons, and a lot of the flaws are the result of the massacres theyve been part of.

“Now that youve gathered the flaws altogether, the killing intent is even more concentrated.

With how violent this mass of light is, theres no telling just what state it will take after it assumes a shape.”

Xia Fei smiled.

“Who cares what state it will take Well know once we give it a try! Still, what I should do now isnt to help the weapon take shape but to keep strengthening it!”

Radix was stunned.

He blurted out in shock, “My god! This is the concentration of several hundred divine weapons! Dont tell me that you plan on devoting all the divine weapons you have on hand from this”

“Thats right!” said Xia Fei with a straight face.

“Quantity isnt what defines a good weapon; its quality! Id rather exchange a unique weapon than hold onto a million mediocre ones! Im not stopping till I reach the limits of control!”


Saying this, Xia Fei threw yet another weapon into that mass of light.

As Xia Fei got faster and faster in his movement, that magical mass of light created from flaws got larger and larger.

“One thousand nine hundred seven! Those are one thousand nine hundred seven quality weapons youve just used! Who knows just what sort of weapon youll end up with” Radix said, his eyes wide in bewilderment.

Almost two thousand weapons had been smelted down by Xia Fei! At this point, the veins in Xia Feis forehead had bulged from the strain as he tried to control that huge mass of flawed light.

The energy fluctuations inside the Precious Brilliance Space were intense, stirring so greatly as if a storm was about to descend.

Xia Fei could still maintain control even at such an extreme condition, which was again a showcase of his innate talent when it came to controlling energy.

“Refine!” shouted Xia Fei, and that mass of light in his palm began to compress swiftly, turning into a small disk no wider than a meter in diameter.

It was actually very dangerous to do this.

With how ample the energy was, compressing it would only cause the violent fluctuations to become even more intense.

A disaster would no doubt occur the moment Xia Fei lost control of it.

As Xia Feis mental strength was added, that mass of light gradually began to take shape, and what he chose was not some large weapon but rather a short knife—one that could be hidden in his sleeves!

The cross dagger Nirvana was outstanding in battle, able to sweep wide arcs with every action, but a small and compact dagger, which could be hidden in his sleeves, would be even more sinister!

A simple yet well-made, spring-controlled mechanism, capable of being hidden in a sleeve without anyone realizing it, that could extend and retract freely to cut throats with a small blade.

It was a smartly concealed weapon!

The main point here was that using his mental strength to construct such a complicated hidden blade was not simple.

Xia Fei did not only have to form the blade itself but also the spring-controlled mechanism and its supporting composition.

Even a simple bolt would take a lot of his mental strength prescribed in detail.

Radixs mouth slowly grew wider.

He watched as Xia Fei shut his two eyes and relied on his powerful willpower to mold that mass of light constantly.

He actually managed to make this complicated hidden blade take form!

“What amazing control! Xia Fei is not only able to compress the energy to such limits but is also even shape it into the form he required!”

“Fuse!” Xia Fei bellowed.

His mental strength and the flawed light began to fuse with each other quickly.

It was finally the time for this divine weapon to come into existence following this step!

Several minutes later, Xia Fei gained a silver hidden blade, which he fitted up his sleeve after expending close to two thousand quality weapons.

The cost of this hidden blade had already surpassed conventional value.

“So its through a concentration of flaws that perfection can be achieved! This is the manifestation of the logic behind things that can develop in the opposite direction when pushed to the extreme! Look at just how exquisite the blade is to an unimaginable degree; to think that its made out of all the flaws gathered from thousands of divine weapons,” Radix excitedly said.

Xia Fei frowned.

“Strange… This hidden dagger I thought up of isnt as complete as I originally imagined.

Take this skull on its back for instance; I didnt conceptualize such an ornamental marking on it.”

Xia Fei flipped the hidden blade in his sleeve over, pointing at the skull about the size of a jujube seed.

Radix followed Xia Feis gaze and his eyes was completely filled with wonder.

“Isnt that the skull vaguely hidden in the glow of the flawed light Its just that the skull in the light moved, while this one is completely still.” Radix examined the dagger.

“Aside from this, are there arent any other differences between what you mentally visualized and what you ended up having.”

Xia Fei pointed at the blade and said, “The edge of this blade is a little sharper and thinner than what I wanted, and there are also minor changes but nothing too obvious.”

Radix rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“We know too little about Thousand Shapes Artificing.

Since the weapon has been forged, why dont we give it a name and test it out before we think further After all, this is the result of nearly two thousand quality weapons.”

Xia Fei nodded as he went into deep thought.

“Lets call it White Skull.”

Radix rumbled, “The blade is already a silvery white color, and theres also that unexplained form of a skull behind it.

Calling it White Skull is appropriate.”

Just as Radix finished speaking, the indicator light on the warship flashed!

They had arrived at the entrance to Dark lifeform territory, as instructed by the Dark Night Diary!

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