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Chapter 807: The fiendish blade unsheathed and the lone wolf!

The wolves congregated, the elites of the Skywing Clan all silently waiting.

Meanwhile, Patriarch Xia Buyun kept checking the time, almost as if he was waiting for a certain moment to arrive.

Xia Fei realized that there was no longer any of the normal members of the clan in Xia City.

Those who remained were warriors! Warriors with bloodshot eyes!

Having evacuated all the normal members beforehand, he had no doubt in mind that this was definitely the clarion call to their counterattack!

After being suppressed for six days and six nights, the Skywings, the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade of the Law Realm, was finally ready to unsheath itself once more!

It was just a little after noon when the corners of Xia Buyuns eyebrows suddenly twitched.

His eyes then narrowed sharply.


A spatial door had opened just beyond the crowd at this time.

Law Overlord Xia Tian had used a sort of short-ranged, high-capacity spatial compass, which was to say that this door could allow plenty of people to pass through at once, and it was only limited in the distance traveled.


Another spatial door opened on the other side, and Xia Buyun gestured for everyone to split up; the warriors possessing Law Emperor cultivation and above passed through the one on the left, while the rest took the other.

Xia Fei followed the wolves of Skywing through the door and found himself in a lush grass field.

This planet was in the middle of summer, and many pretty little yellow flowers were in full bloom in this verdant field.

It was too bad that none of the Skywing Clan elites was in the mood to appreciate this beautiful scenery.

They were nearly going crazy from the suppression! At this very moment, what they wanted the most was to vent—a thorough venting! One that needed fresh blood in order to offset the unhappiness that they were feeling inside!

Xia Fei looked around and noticed that everything was quiet on this planet.

There was not a single foe around.

He was puzzled, uncertain on why Xia Buyun would bring them out here.

Xia Buyun cleared his throat and let out a loud bellow, an act that demonstrated his majesty as the alpha figure!

No one spoke a word.

Everyone merely readied themselves to pay attention to this wholly.

They saw him wave one arm as he swept his cold gaze across the crowd of Law Emperors that had gathered before him.

He then addressed them in a deep yet slightly hoarse voice, “I know that everyone has been through some great hardships recently.

We, the Skywings, are now up against unprecedented and powerful foe; theyre repeatedly doing sneak raids in Xia City, trying to tire us out through this war of attrition in order to drag us down!

“Unfortunately, theyve forgotten something, and thats the Law Realm calls us the Demon-sealing Cursed Blade for a reason! The worddemon is even in it! Everyone believes that we, the Skywings, will suffer defeat this time, losing to those insignificant scoundrels.

What a joke!”

Demonic aura surged to the sky! Xia Buyuns words were practically what everyone had been thinking, and these wolves of Skywing had been on the verge of insanity from having to endure this despondency! They had been waiting for their patriarch to give such a speech!

The elites of the Skywing Clan could all feel intense fighting spirit permeating from each of them.

Everyone held their heads high as they stared forward sternly.

At this very moment, as long as Xia Buyun gave the order, these Skywing Law Emperors would most definitely let loose fearsome warcries and charge into battle! It did not matter who their enemies were! They would all be torn into shreds!

“You all shouldve already guessed by now; this is the moment that we, the Skywings, will launch our counterattack!” Xia Buyun held an icy gaze as he solemnly announced.

“In these last six days, weve been enduring an unprecedented suppression, but everyone, all the hardships weve experienced this time havent been for naught.

“Weve already found out that, aside from the Old God Cult and Moonward Clan, theres a third, unknown force included in those oppressing us, and its none other than the other religious group of the Shas, the Primordial Sect! Im sure everyone understands we havent retaliated not because we couldnt do so but because we couldnt just blindly execute our counterattack! We must first lure out the enemies hiding in the shadows before eradicating them altogether! We wont be letting even a single one of them off!”

Xia Fei was stunned.

The Skywings had never been anall brawns and no brains clan.

Though they were crazy, it did not mean that they did not understand forbearance.

This was actually the true goal for why they had been enduring everything these last six days!

The Skywings were high speed machines that kept wildly spinning in the Law Realm, searching for the ones manipulating all these happenings from behind the scenes and also those hidden conspirators.

Now that everything about their enemies had been uncovered by the Skywings, all that was left to do would be to destroy all them all, not letting even a single one off!

Normally, religious groups were mutually exclusive to one another, but the Old God Cult and Primordial Sect were different, for these two major groups worshipped the same goddess of creation, with the Primodial Sect deemed the orthodox and the Old God Cult considered denomination.

The existence of the Primordial Sect was somewhat a secret.

Its numbers were few and lived lives of penance.

Meanwhile, the Old God Cult gathered followers widely, which was why many knew about the latter, not knowing that it was an offshoot of the secretive Primordial Sect.

This was akin to the relationship between father and son.

Now that the son had been beaten up by the Skywings, the father, of course, had to step out and stand up for the son.

Adding to the fact that the Moonward Clan was the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes, the two religious groups had joined with it to go against the Skywing Clan!

No wonder the enemies were arrogant enough to surround and lay siege on Xia City; it turned out that there were three major forces mobilized against them!


The wolves of the Skywing Clan unleashed their inner demons, and the grass field they were in became filled with their frightening cries of outrage!

“KILL THEM ALL! Who cares what religion they belong to Since they dared to provoke us Skywings, then they must be overthrown!”

“Lets not tarry anymore! Let us charge over and slay them all!”

“I want to bring death to them! Make them breathe their last!” Xia Ziyuans body of thick muscles and fat wobbled intensely as he barked this indignantly.

The veins on his wrist became visible, making a horizontal motion across his throat!

They had already done a thorough investigation of their enemies, so the next step would be to smash the two religious groups and that one clan!

The wolves of Skywing Clan were ravenous! Their desire to kill was at the peak! Completely unbridled!

Xia Buyun looked at how these elite warriors from his clan reacted with great satisfaction as he shouted, “Youre all wrong! We wont simply be killing them; well be killing them to the point of extinction!

“In three minutes time, our grand ancestor from the God Race will be joining us in this operation! The old man will begin a slaughter up there in the God Race, so we mustnt falter, either!

“The plan for today is as follows: Eradicate the Moonward Clan! Eliminate the Old God Cult! Exterminate the Primordial Sect! Wipe out everyone from those two religious groups and that one clan for me! From today onward, not even a single blade of grass shall grow on their territory! That is our goal!”


What crazy and enjoyable targets!

The Law Emperors of the Skywing Clan seemed to have gone insane as well! They were all cheering loudly!

Xia Fei was thunderstruck!

It turned out that the six days of preparation was not just for them to know fully the identities of their foes but also to plan such a massive and explosive war of extermination!

Even their grand ancestor, who was living with the God Race, would be moving! The Skywing Clan had pretty much dug deeply this time!

Oro gulped as he exclaimed in astonishment, “Oh, my! That old maniac of your clan is rebelling against the Law Realm!”

Xia Fei frowned.

“Why do you say that!”

“Think about it; those religious groups and Moonward Clan should have ties to the God Race, or else they wouldnt be able to protect their subordinates like this.

The Skywings now plan to completely obliterate the people from those two religious groups and clan.

It will most definitely be a bombshell from top to bottom! If anyone should be blamed, Im afraid that it will be the Skywings, and you may no longer find a place in the Law Realm after this!” Oro said with a pale look on his face.

He had been utterly shaken by the Skywing Clans decision; not only would they eliminate all their enemies in the Law Realm, even the grand ancestors of those three forces in the God Race would also not be spared!

This was extinction! An operation to surgically exterminate an entire species!

This was when Patriarch Xia Buyun gestured for everyone to settle down before he loudly said, “The grand ancestor has spoken: We need to act quickly this time! That moment we departed from Xia City, the enemies have surely been thrown into a temporary panic, searching all over for our fellow clansmen.

“Thats an opportunity! Theyll soon see the wolves of the Skywing Clan suddenly appearing behind their backs, stabbing them viciously with our daggers!

“The skies are vast and huge, but the rules of Skywing are the greatest! Our grand ancestor has instructed me repeatedly to do this, regardless of the cost! Forget about the consequences! Even if there are any, he wont care about it, either!”

This was what indifference meant!

Xia Fei nearly started clapping upon hearing this!

To repay grudge and kindness accordingly meant getting an eye for an eye!

This was the real Skywing style!

Their forbearance before was only to let them launch a more comprehensive retaliation!

Nobody would have thought that the Skywing Clan could throw such a thorough counterattack! To be so resolute!

They wanted to wipe out the two religious groups and the clan from existence completely, not even letting a single blade of grass or a single tile off!

These madmen of the Skywing Clan simply did not care even if they were to end up being thrown out of the Law Realm!

The only thing they cared about was their own clan!

The name of the Skywings was an honor, but it was even more so a great responsibility!

Xia Fei suddenly realized that the wordSkywing bore great weight!

For their family and the benefit of the clan, the Skywings would be willing to take any and every risk! They had no qualms on finishing anyone who would threaten what they held dear!

If God or Buddha stood in their way, they would fall all the same!

“Awesome! Ive almost gone mad waiting for those words!” Xia Zonghais eyes were already red as he shouted this at the top of his lungs.

“Exterminate their entire clan! Exterminate their entire clan!”

The suppression they had experienced before brought forth an undeniable outburst!

The Demon-sealing Cursed Blade of the Law Realm had really gone mad this time!

Xia Fei balled up his fists until his knuckles turned white, and his demonic aura exploded, too! There was no need to hide anything at this point in time! Xia Fei hid things deeper than anyone else when it was time to do so, and when it was time to go crazy, Xia Fei would surely explode with his inner demon without any restraints! He would fight to the death!

The bespectacled Law Overlord Xia Tian swiftly arrived at Xia Feis side.

It was unknown when he had taken off his spectacles, but he was now revealing those blood-red eyes of his that no one dared to meet straight on!

“Id like to talk to you about the wolf pack formation,” Xia Tian rumbled.

Xia Fei had witnessed the wolf pack formation before; during the last war with the Moonward Clan, the wolf pack formation was what had made it possible to take the life of Law Overlord Whiteward! That insane speed and sharpness was practically unparalleled! Xia Fei was hugely impacted by it after witnessing that scene!

Xia Fei chuckled bitterly as he said, “Trying to integrate me into the wolf pack formation only at this juncture might be a little too late; Im afraid that I wont be able to do it.”

In truth, Xia Fei admired the Skywings wolf pack formation greatly.

That speed and coordination they displayed was practically flawless! He very much wished to fight side by side with his fellow clansmen, too!

Unfortunately, they were preparing to start the war in just a minutes time.

For Xia Tian to mention the formation now, even if Xia Fei was a man of outstanding talent, there was no way he could learn and master it in such a short time.

After all, strong tacit understanding and coordination among the members of the clan was required for the formation to work.

Xia Fei had just familiarized himself with the faces of the forty Skywing Law Emperors, so coordination was far from achievable.

“What are you even thinking about The wolf pack formation is something that needs to be taught from young, so of course it will be too late for you to start now,” Xia Tian said.

“Thats why you must be the lone wolf of our wolf pack formation!”

“Lone wolf!” Xia Fei asked in mild surprise.

“Thats right! Lone wolf! Youll be roaming outside the formation, acting arbitrarily, shattering the enemies defenses in order to create opportunities for the other members of the clans!

“I know that this is very tough, but I believe that youll make a good lone wolf! Thats something youre more than capable of doing!” Xia Tians eyes sparkled with conviction.

“Honestly, the wolf pack formation of the Skywing Clan has never once had a designation for a lone wolf, so youll be the first!”

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