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Chapter 8 Rothschild Family

This Wind Eye Ring is made using the rare Cicada Stone as the raw material.

The Cicada Stone\'s outer appearance is very similar to the White Orchid Stone used to make the Static Wind Ring.

But the Cicada Stone has more concentrated grains and nicer patterns.

This seller is obviously not proficient in this line and had mistaken this Wind Eye Ring for a Static Wind Ring.

A normal Wind Eye Ring is sold for at least 80,000 star coins, let alone one made with the precious Cicada Stone.

I reckon that this ring will definitely be sold for at least 200,000 star coins in merchant shops. Phantom explained.

200,000 star coins! This ring is actually worth that much! Xia Fei gasped in surprise.

This ring looked very ordinary from its appearance but was actually worth more than a precious gem.

Phantom had an expression of disdain as he said, This isn\'t considered anything.

Being a warrior is a costly profession.

From the essential medicine to the equipment, everything is expensive.

Just take the medicinal ingredients that you purchased today for an example.

Those medicinal ingredients are meant to concoct a batch of primary cell activation medicine.

Do you know how much money is required to purchase such medicine in the merchant shops

Xia Fei shook his head as he was completely unaware of the price of these things.

After searching for the words \'cell activation medicine\', the screen quickly displayed a few thousand lines of information.

The cheapest primary cell activation medicine would need at least 30,000 star coins for each bottle.

An intermediate cell activation medicine would need at least 150,000 star coins.

According to what Phantom said, this batch of medicinal ingredients could concoct at least ten bottles of medicine.

If he were to purchase them from the merchant shops, he would need at least 300,000 star coins, as compared to spending 63,000 star coins to purchase the raw materials and a set of primary medicine apparatus.

Phantom helped Xia Fei to save over 200,000 star coins with just this transaction!

Do you understand now Phantom asked in a proud tone.

Xia Fei nodded repeatedly.

Mhm, I admit that your poems may have been bad, but you are rather capable in other aspects.

Phantom curled his lips and said in a displeased tone, What are you saying My discipleship is also known as the Immortal Secret Sect.

Just our collection courtyard has over ten million kinds of ancient studies.

If you can learn all the pharmacology knowledge from me, no matter how useless you are in the future, you will still be a pharmacist.

Outstanding pharmacists are extremely rare in the universe, and their income is something other professions wouldn\'t compare with.

After gently clicking on the deal button, a figure of a young man appeared on the projected screen just a short moment later.

This person was roughly 20 years old, and his appearance wasn\'t any different from an Earthling, apart from the eyes which were like two soybeans.

May I help you The youth asked.

I wish to purchase that second-hand Static Wind Ring. Xia Fei intentionally emphasized the words \'second-hand.\' It served as a kind of psychological hint that \'this is second-hand goods, so don\'t think about selling it with the price of a new item.\'

Oh, that ring might be second-hand, but its condition is excellent.

What do you think about 8,000 star coins

Xia Fei shook his head.

The price is too high.

The Fast Dragon Firm sells brand new rings for 9,000 star coins.

They even cover the shipping fee.

Alright, let\'s treat this deal as us befriending each other.

Let\'s do it for 7,500 star coins, I cannot go any lower.

If we are friends, then sincerity as friends is required.

The grains on your ring are obviously on the denser side, and it is hard to say anything about its performance.

I can only afford to pay 7,000 star coins, if I have to pay more, I might as well purchase a new ring.

The grains on it were obviously different, which the youth knew too.

The youth pondered for a moment before responding, You are truly great at negotiating.

Then we will finalize the deal with 7,000 star coins.

A Grade 2 Wind Eye Ring worth 200,000 star coins was purchased by Xia Fei for only 7,000 star coins.

Phantom was amazed and asked, I noticed that you have the potential to become a great unscrupulous businessman.

How did you know that the Fast Dragon Firm sold new rings for 9,000 star coins

Xia Fei clicked on the button to confirm the deal before putting a Hongtashan cigarette in his mouth and saying, I didn\'t know.

Phantom was utterly speechless as Xia Fei was actually bluffing.

After purchasing the medicinal ingredients, the Wind Eye Ring, and the shipping fee, Xia Fei\'s account was left with 1,437 star coins.

The star coins could be exchanged for the government\'s federal dollars with an exchange rate of 1:10,000.

1,400 star coins would mean around 14 million federal dollars!

Furthermore, this was the government\'s exchange rate.

It was said that the black market was exchanging star coins with a rate of 1:12,000.

Xia Fei decided to exchange these star coins into federal dollars.

After using Earth\'s most expensive internet cafe twice and after some daily expenses, Xia Fei\'s credit card was left with less than 100,000 federal dollars.

The Endaro Interplanetary Bank set up a branch at the New York branch of the Earth Federation.

To draw out the star coins, he would need to make a trip to New York.

After packing his luggage, Xia Fei headed to Beijing\'s airport.

The federation\'s A-class citizens didn\'t need to book flights in advance.

All of the airlines could arrange for A-class citizens to board the plane immediately, and it could take off at any moment without waiting.

This was one of the special privileges as an A-class citizen.

In the 1st class cabin on the flight from Beijing to New York...

Xia Fei was sitting in a spacious seat and holding onto the champagne that was served by the flight attendant.

This seat was outrageously spacious, and it could even extend further.

There wouldn\'t be any problems in taking a nap.

The massive 1st class cabin had only around a dozen passengers.

Seated beside Xia Fei was an old man who was around 70 years old.

He had a face that was filled with wrinkles, and he was wearing a pair of large glasses with a black frame, giving him a very gentlemanly style.

There was a secured briefcase made of aluminum alloy on his left hand.

A shining and reflective handcuff had shackled this briefcase to his wrist.

It was unknown what kind of precious item was contained inside.

Do you smoke The old man handed over an exquisite, pure silver cigarette box and asked.

Xia Fei smiled and shook his hand in a friendly manner while taking out a half-filled box of the cheapest Hongtashan cigarettes.

Much apologies, I only smoke Hongtashan, I am not used to other cigarettes.

The old man was rather curious as he had never seen such a cheap kind of cigarette.

Is this kind of cigarette nice

Xia Fei handed one stick of cigarette to the old man while lighting one for himself.

It\'s not a good cigarette, but I am now used to its flavor.

The old man lit up the cigarette to take a puff and immediately started coughing.

He then quickly extinguished the cigarette before taking a few breaths.

I am really not used to this flavor.

It is rather spicy.

Xia Fei didn\'t say anything and exhaled a puff of white smoke.

This kind of inferior tobacco wasn\'t pleasant, but Xia Fei had a special fondness for it.

Young man, what is your name

Xia Fei, how do I address you

Andre Rothschild.


The Rothschild Family was known as the Earth Federation\'s largest banking family.

The wealth they possessed was immeasurable, and it wouldn\'t be exaggerating to say that their wealth was comparable to an entire nation.

It was said that when Israel founded their country, the Rothschild Family\'s banking business had a significant impact in convincing the American government to assist the Jews in establishing their own nation.

No one knew how wealthy this family was, but everyone knew that a single statement from this family could cause the entire federation\'s financial system to shake.

I didn\'t think that you would actually be from the renowned Rothschild Family.

It\'s an honor to meet you. Xia Fei spoke in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing.

Hehe, it is now the era of the federation.

The Rothschild Family\'s good days are already over.

Look at those super nations and super clans in the universe, we are completely outmatched and are just a bunch of frogs at the bottom of the well. Andre spoke in a somewhat dejected manner.

The extraterrestrial civilizations had an impact on Earth\'s original social order that could be described as the shattering of mountains and ground.

All those great organizations and families were comparable to an insect in the eyes of those powerful extraterrestrial civilizations.

Right now, every single person on Earth had a somber feeling of crisis.

The sudden appearance of so many unimaginably powerful neighbors was something no one really felt good about.

You cannot say it like that.

They have also gone through hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years to develop into their current state.

Earth is still young, and if we get the same amount of time, we might not be that much inferior to them. Xia Fei consoled Andre.

Let\'s hope so.

It is a good thing for a young man to have the drive.

A person of my age can only ask for peaceful years for my remaining life span.

Anyway, what are you going to New York for

I am heading to the Endaro Interplanetary Bank to handle some matters. Xia Fei replied.

Andre\'s eyes flashed.

Endaro Interplanetary Bank Forgive me for being presumptuous.

That bank doesn\'t deal with businesses using federal dollars.

Could it be...

Xia Fei smiled and said, It is actually nothing much.

I have slightly over 1,000 star coins deposited in that place.

I wish to exchange them for federal dollars.

Andre appeared to be very excited as he was invigorated and shifted his plump body towards Xia Fei.

Can you exchange your star coins with us Andre asked eagerly.

I know that this might be presumptuous, but to me, to my family, and to the entire Earth Federation, this is very important...

Before Andre finished speaking, a sturdy middle-aged man suddenly stood up in the cabin.

He walked to the center of the cabin and faced everyone.

Then, the sturdy man ripped off the black leather jacket and revealed a set of explosive-like things along with his thick chest hair.

No one moves! Anyone dares to move, and I will detonate the bomb and send all of you to see God!

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