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Chapter 699: Breaking Through the Law Emperor Threshold

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Xia Fei ended his call with Hyacinth and then called Moon Song.

Xia Fei found Moon Song to be somewhat frustrating to deal with.

With her brash and flippant personality, she would often just ramble on and say things that caused Xia Fei to turn red in the face.

She did not care at all, however.

Unless it was for something in particular, Xia Fei would avoid contacting Moon Song too frequently, worried that she might say something crazy.

Their friend group believed that Xia Fei was a troublesome fellow, but all of them acknowledged Moon Song as being more troublesome than Xia Fei.

The Moon Song on the screen was not carefreely gnawing on cucumbers like in the past.

On the contrary, she was very solemn, bent down and hiding under a parasol tree, occasionally looking around her.

“Are you doing well” Xia Fei asked in surprise.

“What do you think” Moon Song rolled her eyes at Xia Fei.

Xia Fei was rendered speechless.

He awkwardly asked, “What are you doing Who are you hiding from”

Moon Song clenched her teeth and resentfully said, “Theres this annoying fellow in the clan who pesters me all day, and he came looking for me again this early in the morning! Awful! A girl lacking sleep is fatal! Ill get older much faster!”

Xia Fei smiled.

“Big Sis Moon Song, this isnt your style.

Back at Heaven Execution Training Camp, whenever some guy annoyed you, you would use your illusions and make him die from ejaculating too much.

This fellow must be difficult to deal with if youre hiding like this.”

Moon Song was an illusion expert, and it was her specialty to torment a person without drawing a weapon.

There was a young man who had chased after Moon Song back at the Heaven Execution Training Camp before realizing Moon Songs power.

He had been trapped in an illusion, dreaming about a lustful night for three days and three nights, and when he woke up, he had lost over ten kilos! He was so weak and feeble that he did not seem human, becoming the living proof of Moon Songs ruthlessness.

Moon Song and looked resentfully at Xia Fei.

“I dont care.

Once you get back, help me get out of this! Alright, Im done talking with you.

Relax, nothing will go wrong with that thing you trusted me with.”


Moon Song ended the call.

Xia Fei was speechless.

Moon Song said that she wanted him to help escape another man The thought caused a chill to run down Xia Feis spine.

After all, he had promised to unconditionally fulfill one of Moon Songs requests.

“It cant be to make me marry her, right” Xia Fei muttered.

Calming himself, Xia Fei sat cross-legged on the ground.

Oro sternly said, “The most important thing right now is breaking through the threshold, the Law Emperor threshold! Everyone beneath the Law Emperor is an ant.

In this universe where the strong are revered, the only correct path is to constantly strengthen oneself.

“The moment you become a Law Emperor, you will receive innumerable benefits.

While you may be a level 9 Law Sovereign, only a step away from becoming a Law Emperor, the treatment you can receive is like the earth compared to Law Emperors heaven.

Law Emperors have legal immunity.

If a Law Emperor gets into a fight with an ordinary law warrior and a Law Emperor kills the other party in anger, they will not face any severe repercussions.

At most, they will have to pay some compensation money.

“After all, Law Emperors are the primary fighting force in the Law Realm.

With the two peak races at a stalemate, neither race wants to see their warriors being easily killed.

Receiving preferential treatment is inevitable.”

Xia Fei nodded, indicating that he understood Oros words.

Of course, a Law Emperor like Seth was not protected by these privileges, for he was from the Exiled Grounds, meaning that he was someone who had been banished.

The Law Enforcement Board would never protect the welfare of those banished.

On the contrary, they would want nothing more than to kill everyone in the Exiled Grounds.

The Exiled Grounds had gradually grown stronger over the years, and it was now a third force outside of the two peak races.

While it still could not threaten the two peak races, it might be able to in the future.

Thus, the two races had always wanted to exterminate the residents of the Exiled Grounds.

Oro paused and then continued speaking.

“Youre currently wanted by the Law Enforcement Board, suffering injustice, and the faction backing Yu Hua is very powerful, so there might have been people planted in the board.

If they discover you, its completely possible for them to kill you on the spot, not given the chance to argue your case.

“However, if you become a Law Emperor, you wont be so easily silenced.

The Law Enforcement Board doesnt have the right to kill a Law Emperor casually.

They can only bring you in for questioning, and they must publicize their investigation and its progress to the entire Law Realm.

Anyone who unjustly accuses a Law Enforcement Board must be ready to face the wrath of those higher up.

Thus, reaching the Law Emperor tier would become a protective talisman for you and be an enormous help.”

Xia Fei took a deep breath and gravely said, “I understand everything youve said.

Tomorrow, Hyacinth will release the evidence in my possession to the entire Law Realm.

This is the signal for my all-out war against Yu Hua!

“At that time, the faction behind Yu Hua will undoubtedly emerge to cover for Yu Hua.

Simultaneously, they will think of every way to eradicate me, this thorn on their flesh.

If they cant protect Yu Hua, hell probably expose them, so they cant cast him aside like a mere chess piece.

Those other people who are serving the group will feel disheartened and wont serve the group with all their power.”

Oro laughed.

“Good analysis.

Once your evidence is out there, those people in the background will have to protect Yu Hua whether they want to or not, for the moment youve chosen to strike is just too good.

The storm stirred by the death of Yu Jiang and his grandson has yet to calm down, and the ceremony to appoint Yu Hua as patriarch is certain to attract attention from all sides.

By throwing in a bomb at this juncture, youre certain to inflict large-scale damage.

“First is the Law Enforcement Board.

To become patriarch, Yu Hua has likely received the approval of the Law Enforcement Board, but only if they did not suspect him would the Law Enforcement Board approve his succession.

Those important characters must have spent a lot of manpower and energy ensuring that thats the case, and by ruining everything at the last moment, youll essentially hit them in the face.

Everyone who took part in this scheme is essentially being slapped in the face several times by you.”

Xia Fei shrugged and helplessly said, “Its not like I want to offend the Law Enforcement Board, but in this instance, theres no other solution except to stir a bigger fuss over the matter.

The people backing Yu Hua are very strong, able to cover the heavens with a single hand.

They can suppress little fights and quarrels without creating any big waves, so I have to make a huge mess, so big that they wont be able to suppress it and have any hope of survival.”

Oro fell into a deep thought, and then he nodded and sighed.

“Youre fighting with your back to the water, and your courage is commendable, but after this mess, many people will be too ashamed to show themselves in public.

The more important the person, the more they will care about their dignity.

Its completely possible for you to push these people too far, causing them to resort to any and all methods to try and get you, even if they come away badly wounded.

“In short, this bomb of yours is too strong and vicious, covering too large of a range.

Its impossible to predict the final outcome.

I can already smell a storm coming tomorrow, and Im afraid that its going to be a hurricane!”

With the Bloodswallow Gem in hand, Xia Fei removed all stray thoughts from his mind and completely focused on advancing.

Following Oros instructions, Xia Fei had decided to use the most conservative method to break through: Absorb the Bloodswallow Gems energy, use it to rush at the threshold constantly, break through the barriers, and ultimately take flight!

“The Bloodswallow Gems energy isnt too violent.

Its power is mild and effective.

You have to control the law pattern, the energy accumulated in your brain region, and the energy from the Bloodswallow Gem all at the same time.

This requires extraordinary control.

As long as you can control everything, the breakthrough will happen soon,” Oro once more reminded Xia Fei.

Xia Fei nodded, closed his eyes, and gripped the Bloodswallow Gem in his left hand as he entered a meditative state.

He was not in a rush to absorb the energy of the crystal.

He first sketched out the familiar pattern in his mind over and over, and then he organized his seventh brain region, testing to see if he could mobilize the energy stored in his brain region.

This energy came from Quinn and Colin, two Great Law Emperors.

Through Xia Feis refinement, this energy was much calmer now, but it still was not as docile as Xia Feis energy.

When he used it, it would still be somewhat unruly and wild.


He let out a breath and began his breakthrough!

As if he was pulling at a thread, Xia Fei slowly drew out energy from that rainbow ball in his seventh brain region.

At the same time, the Bloodswallow Gem in his left hand began to release energy.

A dark red thread of energy swiftly entered his seventh brain region, merging with the energy Xia Fei had stored and then charging at the threshold like a mighty army!

The Bloodswallow Gems energy was truly mystical.

When the dark red energy merged with another energy, it would cause a startling change.

The original energy could be compared to a clear stream devoid of fish, and when the Bloodswallow Gem came, countless crafty mudfish would suddenly appear in the river.

The waters of a river would lightly push up against a dam, but those mudfish would madly bite with their teeth and ram with their heads! They would push forward heedlessly and ceaselessly!

Xia Fei was amazed.

So this was the power of the Bloodswallow Gem!

The thresholds of cultivation were like food for the Bloodswallow Gem.

All the stones blocking the path of advancement were devoured!

Oro smugly smiled.

“You get it now This is the Bloodswallow Gem! No threshold can stop it.

The only difference is that the more difficult thresholds will take a bit longer for the Bloodswallow Gem to break through.”

Xia Fei was still in the middle of breaking through the threshold, so he did not answer Oro.

Actually, Oro randomly commenting like this was inappropriate.

A warrior of slightly weaker resolve might easily be distracted and make a grave mistake.

From what Xia Fei could tell, Oro was intentionally chatting with him while he was advancing.

Was he intentionally adding to the difficulty!

Fortunately, Xia Fei had a firm resolve and was unaffected by Oros words.

The path to breaking through the threshold was long and winding.

After all, this was the Law Emperor threshold, more difficult than all the previous thresholds added together.

Even with the Bloodswallow Gems help, Xia Fei could only steadily and slowly advance, each step made with great difficulty.

As seconds went by, Xia Fei began to familiarize himself with the Bloodswallow Gems nature and the best way to merge it with the energy stored in his brain region.

Everything was progressing positively, and at his current speed, he could break through the Law Emperor threshold in only three days!

Three days later, Xia Fei would stand at the apex of laws, looking down upon all other living beings!

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