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Chapter 695: The Blood Swallow Gem, the Law of Life, and the Enigmatic Autumn Sun

As Xia Fei stroked his finger across the spatial ring, shock and a smile appeared on his face.

“Heh! This scoundrel Quinn left behind quite a few treasures.”

Oro said in displeasure, “Hmph! He stole the vast majority of it from me! This evil beast, even dying ten thousand times wouldnt be enough!”

Xia Fei ignored him and dumped out all the contents of the ring.

Many strange objects were from the Demon Race, and Xia Fei had never seen them before.

He held a strange pair of earphones between two fingers.

Its pitch-black body was covered in many strange patterns.

Xia Fei weighed it in his hand and curiously asked, “What is this thing”

“Monitor earphones.

Theyre capable of eavesdropping on all wired communications within one lightyear, but everyone mostly uses spacetime communications these days, and even warships are rapidly minimizing their use of wired communications.

Its not very useful, but its something to play around with.”

Xia Fei nodded and then he picked up a metal plate, upon which was recorded a complete set of Law of Darkness combat techniques.

It was Tier 4.

There were many more metal plates recording combat techniques.

It appeared that Quinn had stolen many techniques when he fled the Lionheart Clan.

However, Xia Fei had not begun to cultivate the Law of Darkness, so he had little interest in these things.

Through Oros guidance, Xia Fei swiftly sorted out the items and then stored them in his own spatial ring.


Quinn was of such a high-ranking cultivator and was considered to be a genius of the Lionhearts; so why is his spatial ring so small Taking everything into account, it is only one thousand cubic meters and is even smaller than mine,” Xia Fei shook his head and said with some regret.

As he got more and more interesting things, Xia Feis spatial ring of ten thousand cubic meters was almost full.

That small demon warship alone took up one thousand cubic meters.

Xia Fei was now anxious to find a larger spatial ring, with the best being one that could hold an entire mech army.

When it came to spatial rings, no matter how it was, it would always have a use.

Oro gave a strange laugh, then he sternly asked, “Do you know how spatial rings are made”

“By using the Law of Space” Xia Fei answered.

Xia Fei had never interacted with the spatial ring production process before, so he could only vaguely guess that a spatial ring required law force to create.

“Youve only got half the answer,” Oro said.

“In order to create a spatial ring, you first have to search the universe for a stable dark space.

After which, a law warrior skilled in the Law of Space Linkage will come forward and link a small ring with this space.

“While you can retrieve those items in your ring by just reaching out your hand, those items are actually being stored in a dark space that is very, very far away.

For example, right now, Im actually tens of thousands of lightyears away while Im having this conversation with you.”

Xia Fei was stunned.

“So a spatial ring is like a bridge linked to an extremely far-away place.

Its no wonder its impossible to detect the items in the ring.

Its because theyre not even close.”

“Thats exactly it.

Unless the person who made this spatial ring comes out and uses his law force to track down the location of the dark space, no one will be able to know where the spatial ring is linked to.”

Oro paused a moment before continuing.

“Finding a stable dark space is very difficult, and the requirements are very strict.

There are companies in the Law Realm that specialize in releasing probes throughout the universe to seek out stable dark spaces.

After which, theyll mark down the coordinates and sell them off to masters who create spatial rings.

“Once these masters have the coordinates, theyll go over with their subordinates.

At the location of the dark space, they use their skills to put up a bridge and ultimately create a spatial ring.

This is a risky process.

The larger a dark space is, the more unstable it is, and its common for people to be caught inside a dark space as it collapses.

Thus, its very rare for a spatial ring with extremely large volumes to be found on the market.

“Your ring that can hold ten thousand cubic meters isnt a top-class product, but its definitely a high-class one! Keep dreaming! Youve basically found the biggest ring available to you.

Those with even bigger spaces can only be seen by the elite of the elite, only when you join the ranks of the two supreme races and have become the king of kings!”

Xia Fei repeatedly nodded.

Through Oros words, he understood these miraculous storage devices a little more.

The truth was not at all what Xia Fei had imagined, which was a master of the Law of Space simply waving his hand to produce a spatial ring.

It turned out that these things cost so much because stable dark spaces were extremely hard to find.

How to find a dark space both large and stable was the first problem one had to confront when creating a spatial ring.

Placing that ring that could hold one thousand cubic meters on his left pinkie, Xia Fei stared at the three items he had ultimately chosen.

There wasnt even a need to discuss the Enigmatic Autumn Sun.

This was a product of the top-class Demon Race Artificer Campos.

It possessed Law Emperor defenses and was second only to Xia Feis Edgeless.

It was an essentially priceless suit of armor!

He pressed a button on the war armor, and the armor immediately began to contract.

After a few seconds, it was the size of a small box that he could easily carry with a single hand.

All high-class combat armors had this function.

When not in use, they could contract for easy storage, and with the press of a button, they could become complete sets of armor again, which would automatically equip themselves onto the user.

Moreover, without any input from the user, they would automatically adjust themselves.

Whether one was tall or short, fat or thin, man or woman, young or old, they could use it.

Smiling, Xia Fei put away Enigmatic Autumn Sun in the ring.

Top-class combat armors were hard to find.

Xia Fei planned to give this suit of armor to Chen Dong.

He had joined the Demon Race, so he was naturally the best candidate for this suit of Demon Race armor.

If Xia Fei put on Enigmatic Autumn Sun and took a stroll around the God Race, he would be courting death.

Besides, Xia Fei had the even stronger Edgeless in his possession.

The remaining two objects in front of Xia Fei were stored in metal boxes engraved with the seal of the Lionheart Royalty.

One big and one small, anyone could tell from how exquisitely crafted the boxes were that the items inside could not be lacking.

Opening the larger box, Xia Fei took out several metal plates with law patterns carved into them.

Besides that, there were several plates covered in mysterious characters and images.

One simply needed to send their mind into the plates to read them.

Xia Fei smiled as he raised the metal plates and waved them around.

“This is the Law of Life, I presume The strongest law force that the Demon Race lost long ago.

Through which, even a warrior lacking in rank can obtain eternal life after cultivating.”

Oro had a rather strange look in his eyes, apparently somewhat unable to stand the fact that Xia Fei had obtained the Law of Life.

Still, he gritted his teeth and said nothing.

Placing the Law of Life in his ring, Xia Fei seriously said, “Relax.

Ill keep this law in a safe place, but I wont immediately start cultivating it.”

Oro was stunned.

Confused, he asked, “Do you not want an eternal life”

Xia Fei very earnestly replied, “Of course, I do, but I have no plans to obtain immortality through the Law of Life.

One can also obtain immortality through constant advancement.

I want to first try relying on my own strength, and if that path doesnt work out, I can still turn around and cultivate the Law of Life.”

Oro pursed his lips.

Xia Feis words were loud and clear.

Since he had the Law of Life, he naturally was not going to return it.

When he was in the mood, he would cultivate, and if he was not in the mood, he would not cultivate it.

In any case, this law was his!

Smiling, he took up the last box.

Xia Fei said, “If my guess is correct, the Bloodswallow Gem should be inside.

It seems my luck isnt so bad.

Quinn appears to have kept it for me after all these years.”

‘Kept it for you! That belongs to the Lionheart Royalty! Oro mentally rebuked.

His eyes flashed with a cunning light.

Xia Fei knew about the Bloodswallow Gem, the Law of Life, and Enigmatic Autumn Sun; Oro could not hide them from Xia Fei if he tried.

However, that item that Oro had no desire to give Xia Fei was mixed in with the other several thousand items, and Xia Fei had not noticed them.

Oro had to preserve them no matter what!


The press of a button caused the boxs lid to automatically pop open, revealing a gem in the shape of a swallows tail, blood-red and translucent.

Xia Fei sniffed and discovered that this natural treasure did not have a scent.

His eyes filled with excitement as boldness welled up in his heart.

When he first entered the Law Realm, everyone regarded him as trash, his brain region damaged and incapable of cultivating law powers.

Now, he was infinitesimally close to the Law Emperor threshold! Once he took the Bloodswallow Gem, he would definitely be able to break through!

“Correct, this is the Bloodswallow Gem.

The Whiteswallow Gem and Bloodswallow Gem are both miraculous medicines that can increase a Law Warriors cultivation.

Whiteswallow Gems, while valuable, are not impossible to find, but this Bloodswallow Gem is a rare item that most ordinary people wont see in a lifetime!

“Youre at the Law Emperor threshold, the most important threshold to a law warrior! If you use the Whiteswallow Gem as a supplement, you can consume several hundred to little effect, but with this one Bloodswallow Gem, youll be able to advance to the next rank!” Oro somewhat excitedly said.

“One is enough!” Xia Feis eyes brightened as he stroked a hand across the Bloodswallow Gem and repeated Oros words.

“You can definitely do it! The Bloodswallow Gems effect is one hundred times that of the White Swallow Gem ! Its nature is gentle and mild, allowing you to advance in a step-by-step fashion.

Its like a little brook, using its slow and gentle flow to help you break through the threshold, and it wont leave behind any side effects.”

Oro emphasized the gentle nature of the Bloodswallow Gem so that Xia Fei would daydream about the different world that he would see once he advanced to Law Emperor!

To his surprise, after hearing this, Xia Fei put down the Bloodswallow Gem.

It seemed that he did not plan to immediately advance.

“Whats wrong You dont plan to use the Bloodswallow Gem” Oro asked.

Xia Fei smiled.

“Im naturally going to use it.

Only a fool wont want to become a Law Emperor, but before that, we need to talk about this.”

With a stroke of his finger, Xia Fei took from his ring a very ordinary-looking spatial compass!

It was made of silver metal and was devoid of any sort of decoration, characters, or even coordinates.

It was completely bald, like a silver pancake.

Oros face turned helpless.

In the end, Xia Fei had found what he had so desperately been trying to conceal! How, though

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