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Chapter 683: Fishing Up a Shark

After sending off Xia Fei and Lu Qian, Chieftain Juen and Adviser Joey did not leave the tent.

Several maids hurried to clean up the messy tables and chairs, carefully putting away the remaining food and wine.

On this desolate planet, genuinely natural food was extremely precious.

Most food was bought from other places and even the leftovers did not go to waste.

Ordinary Flame Imps usually relied on synthetic food to fill their bellies.

Real food was a privilege that only guests and the chieftain could enjoy.

Juen waved his hand and shooed the maids out of the tent.

The sandstorm outside was rather fierce.

Juen glanced outside and then said to Adviser Joey, “This is a pretty big sandstorm.

Could it rain today”

Joey bitterly smiled.

“The last time it rained was seven years ago.

If it really does rain, then it will be a blessing for the people.”

Juen nodded and had Joey close up the tent.

Large sandstorms in the desert were not too rare, so the tents were all built to be very sturdy.

Though the winds would blow them around, they would not fall over that easily.

“What do you think Lu Qian is trying to accomplish He clearly hates Master Ah Fei to the bone, but you saw how he was at the feast.

He offered a toast to Ah Fei three times and has even adopted a very subservient attitude, completely different from that attitude he had when he first arrived,” Juen stroked his chin as he said.

This plump Flame Imp chieftain was no fool.

While his head was full of fat, it was also packed with intelligence.

It was just that his excess weight made others think that he was clumsy and stupid.

Joey replied, “It truly is very strange.

Nowadays, during the day, even when Lu Qian is doing his consultations, he always constantly runs over to Master Ah Feis tent and observes how he treats his patients.

I heard from the clerk that I assigned to him that whenever he returns from Master Ah Feis tent, he will have the prescriptions of Master Ah Fei, with every word of the other rigorously recorded.”

“Copying his skills” Juen frowned.

“If Master Ah Fei notices, wont the two start quarreling again”

Lu Qian had already been utterly defeated by Xia Fei, and Juen and Joey no longer referred to Lu Qian as a master in private; instead, they would directly call him by name.

They preferred Xia Fei more.

After all, even a fool could tell who was the better one between the young mysterious apothecary and the second-rate apothecary.

Even though Lu Qian was Divine Doctor Chen Ziqiangs disciple, Chen Ziqiang would never come to the remote Flame Imps tribe for no reason.

To a realist like Juen, it was far better to seize what was right before him and foster a good relationship with Xia Fei.

In this way, the entire Flame Imps tribe would enjoy endless benefits.

In the barbaric Exiled Grounds, high-level apothecaries were very valuable.

Joey cunningly smiled.

“Chief, I think that we dont need to worry about whats going on between Master Ah Fei and Lu Qian.

Its commonly said that those of the same profession are foes, so its very normal for there to be a rivalry between them.

They are both esteemed apothecaries that we cant afford to offend.

As long as we dont get caught in the crossfire, who cares if they fight”

Juen helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

Joeys words made sense.

Though the Flame Imps tribe was not small, a tribe like theirs was nothing to apothecaries.

If not for the money, no one would ever look them in the eye.

To the Flame Imps, Xia Fei and Lu Qians struggle was like two gods fighting.

It was not their place to butt in.

After some thought, Joey went close to Juen and whispered to his ear, “Matters between apothecaries arent something we can involve ourselves with, but theres another big opportunity in front of us.”

“Are you speaking of the Guardian God” Juen solemnly asked as he brought his hands together and gave a slight bow to the sky.

“Yes, his venerable self.

You also know that he suffers from a persistent illness, which flares up at set intervals, leaving him in unbearable pain.

If we can help him cure that illness, his venerable self may shower us with a little favor and we will enjoy endless benefits,” Joey spoke in a very exaggerated manner, as if the Guardian God he spoke was some formidable figure.

Juen shook his head.

“No, no, the Guardian God has an eccentric personality.

Itd of course be good if Master Ah Fei could cure his venerable selfs illness, but if Master Ah Fie couldnt and his venerable self got angry, we might not even have a place to cry!”

Joey chuckled.

“My king, you dont understand.

The other villages have already heard of Master Ah Feis formidable abilities.

If we dont recommend him to his venerable self, the other flatterers will tell him.

Thus, no matter what, we must inform his venerable self and not give any opening to those lowly ones.

“Besides, were only giving the venerable one a suggestion.

It is up to his venerable self whether or not he actually takes up the suggestion.

Plus, whether it succeeds or not, the Guardian God will understand that we are being sincere in our intention to help him.

Punishment is simply out of the question.”

Juen was convinced by Joey.

Startled for a moment, he muttered, “Then shall I inform his venerable self now”

Joey firmly nodded.

“Chief, there can be no hesitation when showing loyalty.

In addition, Master Ah Fei is very formidable, so there really may just be a chance.”

Juen changed into formal clothes and then pressed a button, opening a secret chamber beneath the tent.

Joey watched as Juen strode inside.

Once the door closed behind him, Juen took out a compass from his spatial ring.

He input a secret code.

After which, he stood up while still bowing.

With his more than three hundred kilos of weight, this was truly a difficult task.

A few moments later, a screen turned on and a muscular Lionheart warrior appeared on it.

He wore a golden mask, which only showed his fierce and cold eyes, brimming with majesty.

“Guardian God!” Juen was so excited that he could barely speak, more excited than if he was meeting his own mother.

Trembling, he prepared to kneel.

“Forget it,” the Lionheart warrior waved his hand and said.

“With your body, Im afraid that you wont be able to get back up if you kneel.

Speak while standing.”

“Yes!” Juen hastily replied.

He then proceeded to shower the Guardian God with praise and gratitude.

This fellow was quite good at flattering people.

“If you have something to say, then say it,” the Lionheart warrior said in a hoarse voice.

He had seemingly grown impatient with Juens flattery.

“Guardian God, I have good news to report,” Juen happily said, speaking in an energetic tone.

“I know that your body is burdened by a wound, which prevents you from sleeping well at night, constantly worrying.

Fortunately, the heavens have eyes.

Recently, a peerless master on par with Divine Doctor Chen Ziqiang has arrived in my village! He is called Ah Fei, and though he is young, his skills are extraordinary.

If you are willing, I can schedule a time for Master Ah Fei to look at your injury.

He may be able to do something.”

The Lionheart warrior snorted.

“Your kindness is appreciated, but I already know of this matter.”

Juen was startled and then he hurriedly said, “So you venerable self already knew! Truly, the Guardian God is wise and perceptive.

These trifling matters naturally cant be hidden from your gaze.”

“Is this Apothecary Ah Fei really as divine as you made him out to be” the Lionheart warrior sternly asked.

“Master Ah Fei is truly formidable, or else I wouldnt dare recommend him to you.

In our tribe, theres a youth called Stuart.

His seventh brain region suffered from a blockade! Many apothecaries declared that he was incurable, but Master Ah Fei easily got rid of the blockade.

This is proof of his abilities.”

The Lionheart warrior was stunned.

The Flame Imps only knew he had some old wound, but they did not know that their gods brain region was damaged! For many years now, he had been stuck at level 7 Law Emperor, unable to advance another inch.

This was the true source of his heartache!

To warriors who longed to become stronger and stronger, the pain from being unable to advance was even worse than death!

Seeing that the Guardian God was tempted, Juen added some more spice and praised Xia Feis formidable abilities, describing how he had treated many terminal illnesses.

Sighing, the Lionheart warrior shook his head.

“Allow me to think about this some more.

Even Chen Ziqiang was able to do nothing for me.

This Ah Fei is so young that theres no guarantee that he can compare to Divine Doctor Chen.

While he may have some skill, theres undoubtedly some exaggeration and boasting mixed in.”

Juen hastily said, “Venerable one, you must make your decision quickly.

Master Ah Fei might not remain with our village for too long.”

The Lionheart warrior massaged his temples as he thought about what to do.

“Lets do this.

Have this Apothecary Ah Fei stay for three more days while I think this through.”

As this was happening, in another tent, something similar was taking place.

On the screen was an old man with a wide and stubborn chin.

His hair and beard were all white, two long eyebrows drooping down.

He looked somewhat like the legendary God of Longevity, though this was the thinner version.

He was Chen Ziqiang, a level 6 advanced apothecary.

He had traveled the Exiled Grounds for a hundred years, saving countless people and killing countless others!

With a smile on his face, Lu Qian passed Xia Feis prescriptions to his master, a cunning light in his eyes and a smug and delighted look on his face.

Divine Doctor Chen Ziqiang had never held Lu Qian in high regard, never even considering him part of his lineage, but when Lu Qian gave him those prescriptions, Divine Doctor Chen took a single look and could not take his eyes away.

This was because this prescription was very strange, bizarre to the extreme!

Chen Ziqiang called himself a divine doctor, and he naturally had the cultivation to back it up.

However, never in his life had he seen such an extreme prescription.

In his view, this was not a prescription to save someone.

This was a sword, a sharp sword that could kill!

Thus, Chen Ziqiang developed an extremely strong interest in Xia Fei.

He ordered Lu Qian to keep a close watch on Xia Fei and copy down all his prescriptions to be provided to him for research.

With this rare chance to get into his masters good graces, Lu Qian naturally would not pass up on the opportunity.

Thus, he feigned a subservient attitude so that he could steal some of Xia Feis prescriptions.

Every night, he would report on his work and deliver the prescriptions to his master.

This was now the fourth day.

“Absurd! Absolute nonsense! This isnt standard practice in the slightest!” Chen Ziqiang fumed, resentment on his brows.

The elderly were often stubborn and reticent souls.

Divine Doctor Chen firmly believed that all of Xia Feis prescriptions were poison, but Xia Fei had truly used these poisons to heal his patients.

Someone as arrogant as Divine Doctor Chen found this impossible to accept.

“Are you really not tricking me This Apothecary Ah Fei is really using these rubbish prescriptions to treat others” Chen Ziqiang asked, utterly baffled, his long eyebrows furrowed.

“Yes, master.

I dont get it either, which is why I sought your instruction,” Lu Qian said as he sighed.

He took a peek and saw that the dark aura around his masters face was getting heavier and heavier.

To which, he rejoiced.

“Hmph!” Chen Ziqiang slapped his table and sternly declared, “Get my things packed! Tomorrow, I will pay a personal visit to this apothecary who makes these trash prescriptions and take a look at how he treats his patients!”

Lu Qian frantically said, “Your disciple awaits the arrival of your venerable self.”

Xia Feis brash fishing plan was gradually beginning to work, but rather than hooking Quinn, he had hooked a big shark!

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