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Chapter 621: Border City

“Dont this person getting robbed look like a child of your clan” Xia Fei was hunkered down behind a dirt mound, shrugging as he asked this.

Actually, calling the individual a child was a little far-fetched, seeing as the one actually being accosted by the three, skinny, green-skinned warriors was big and well over two meters tall.

The target of harassment looked quite undignified, though.

An adult of the Lionheart Clan would be given a mask, and they would not take it off unless they were in the presence of their relatives and family.

This Lionheart, who was being robbed, had nothing over his face, which meant that he was not yet of age, though his tall and big figure caused Xia Fei to break out in a cold sweat.

Inside his spatial ring, Oro was completely livid as he barked, “What in the world is this! How could the weak Ohans dare to bully the Lionheart Royalty! This is infuriating!”

The Ohans, who were most likely those green-skinned creatures, were no more than insignificant existences among the Demon Race.

This particular species was insignificant because its members were despicable, unable to keep their word, vile in their methods, and were all small-time crooks and thieves.

It was unknown just who could have been the one blind enough to bring such a species into the Law Realm.

The proud Lionheart Emperor Oro was, of course, unable to stand seeing this scene unfold before him.

His two eyes had turned bloodshot and looked as if he was about to shoot fire out from them.

Unfortunately, the three short Ohans had no idea that the Demonlord Oro was presently staring at them with his killer gaze.

The Ohans figured robbery as no more than just a business, and they were just going about business as usual.

“Hey, kid, take off your coat and pants! Carefully, too! Dont you dare spoil them.

These beautiful green silk threads are worth a lot!” a short green-skinned Ohan licked the sharp dagger he was holding as he demanded.

“That string of rainbow beads around your neck, take them off, too.”

The largest Ohan among the three stabbed a broken knife at that young Lionhearts butt.

“What do you have below your waist Lets take a look!”

With that, he reached in and retrieved an ornament hanging by the youths waist, which was a piece of blue jade that looked fairly well made.

“Please, thats something my mother gave me! You can take them all; just leave that one thing to me,” the young Lionheart whined.

It was very awkward to hear a deep and hoarse voice making such a childish plea.

Unfortunately, the Ohans did not care for what he said, tearing off the blue jade as the three of them gathered around unprofessionally to check it out together.

“This is some good stuff! Think its worth three grade 2 Origin Crystals” the skinniest green creatures exclaimed as if three grade 2 Origin Crystals were a huge take for them.

The medium-sized Ohan appeared disgusted, looking like he was the most knowledgeable out of the trio.

“What do you two know What we have here is top-notch, worth at least five grade 2 Origin Crystals!”

The others hung their mouths agape as the biggest gloated.

“Five! Thats worth knows how many pounds of roasted meat!”


The big Ohan caught a slap just as he said that.

“You fool! All you know is meat.

With five grade 2 Origin Crystals, we of course have to exchange it for some wine to drink!”

It was as if the big Ohan had just gotten an epiphany, praising his leader for his smarts.

Meanwhile, that Lionheart youth who looked to be much stronger than the three combined was actually crying loudly like a wastrel, obviously feeling very sad.

Xia Fei pursed his lips.

That blue jade was of good quality, so it would have no problem being exchanged for one or two hundred grade 2 Origin Crystals, yet these worthless green creatures were only occupied with roasted meat and wine, disappointing him greatly.

It appeared to be just some lowly thieves who were not in the least bit professional.

Xia Fei also greatly disliked the Lionheart youth.

For someone as big as him, weighing well over 300 pounds, it was embarrassing to see him being bullied by the three ugly, short, and contemptible Ohans.

Xia Fei frowned.

“Ill go save him.

Hes someone from your clan, after all.”

Lionheart Emperor Oro was so angry that he was yelling.

“No, dont save him! Better to just let him die! We of the Lionheart Royalty dont need someone whos such an utter disgrace!”

Xia Fei knew these were just words he uttered out of spite, so he merely smiled wordlessly.

There was always kinship toward others who shared the same heritage or root.

Were it a human who was being bullied by the Ohans, Xia Fei would kill them all outright! It was just that Oro had problems with the lack of fight in the youth, and this caused him to demand for Xia Fei to leave the Lionheart to fend for itself.

He must be feeling great dissonance within him right now.

Getting up, Xia Fei wrapped himself well in his black cloak as he came swaggering over openly.

Oro, whose anger had yet to subside, shouted, “I said not to save him! If you want to help me, then just kill this disappointing thing outright!”

Xia Fei ignored him, continuing on his way as if he was just a passerby.

“A human Brothers, looks like itll be hard for us not to get rich today!”

The three ugly green-skins ogled Xia Fei with sinister smiles.

When the Lionheart youth saw someone passing by, he thought that he would be a savior, but it was hard for him to mask his disappointment when he realized that Xia Fei was just a human.

Here among the Demon Race, humans were hardly welcomed, and their standing was miniscule.

After all, they were from the God Race, and here was Demon Race territory.

If the Ohans were second-class citizens, humans would be third-class, without even a status to speak of.

Xia Fei also ignored the three creatures, walking over to lift the Lionheart youth up to his feet with just two fingers.

The eyes of those three Ohans nearly fell out from their sockets; this was a Lionheart who weighed well over 300 pounds! Lifting one with just two fingers only showed how much strength Xia Fei possessed.

However, what they next witnessed shocked them even more, for Xia Fei gave the frightened Lionheart two tight smacks to the face.

*Slap slap*

The sound of the crisp slaps rang out, and that big Lionheart, who was well over two meters tall, was left feeling stunned, his mouth hung agape, not even remembering to cry.

“Dont cry! Youre a dignified Lionheart, a future law warrior.

Look at yourself.

No different from a damsel in distress!”

With that said, Xia Fei rummaged through his spatial ring for quite some time before he took out his Dragonscale Hectoslasher and made it transform into a large claymore.

He then shoved it into the youths hands.

Actually, Xia Fei wanted to hand the youth his October Flying Snow, but seeing how large the youths hands were, Xia Fei changed his mind.

The three Ohans had been treated as part of the scenery throughout this, as he browsed the three like he was shopping, before pointing out to the biggest one among the three, “Use that sword and cleave that one.”

His voice was deep and cold, his killing intent penetrating deep into the bones of everyone present.

“Cleave” The Lionheart youth was so startled by the suggestion that his voice quivered in doubt.


Right down the middle.

Its very easy.”

The three green-skinned Ohans finally came back to their senses and pounced over after yelling as they waved the shabby knives in hand.

That was when Furball leaped onto Xia Feis shoulder impatiently and let out a low roar!

After three low howls, not only were the three Ohans so terrified that they lay sprawled on the ground, even that Lionheart youth buried his head in the sand as he shuddered involuntarily.

They were just thieves.

How would they have ever seen the full majesty of the Holy Beast Shatterstar Furball had recovered half his size after consuming over a hundred of Xia Feis grade 4 Origin Crystals, and so his cries were full of vigor.

A single heart-rending roar had already left their very bones quaking.

Lionheart Emperor Oro sighed.

Seeing his descendant being so timid had really embarrassed him greatly.

“Tell him to OOXXOOXX!”

Xia Fei did not know what those words meant, but he accordingly repeated them to the youth.

The young Lionheart was absolutely startled after hearing them, his eyes staring incredulously at Xia Fei.

“What did you just make me say” Xia Fei asked.

“This child isnt just your average Lionheart but is, instead, the same as I am, of the Lionheart Royalty.

What I just taught you to say was the language of the royals, a proverb meaning that the great Lionheart Royalty could only die on the battlefield,” Lionheart Emperor Oro explained.

This speech was very complex, and that translation chip in Xia Feis brain was no longer effective here in the Law Realm.

There would often be some inaccuracies, but this was to be expected.

The chip came from the Alliance, and now that Xia Fei was in the Law Realm, it was already a different plane altogether, so this very advanced chip from the Alliance could only struggle along.

It was just like when special abilities were the strongest combat strength in the Alliance, while the true weapon of choice in the Law Realm was the expansion of special abilities, which was the law power! In any case, the two were too different from each other, and it was impossible for Xia Fei to grasp it fully.

The Lionheart youth had a thick layer of golden fur around his face, so it was hard to tell if something had changed, though his pupils did appear a lot calmer than before.

Clutching the sword in hand, the youth said in a soft voice, “To think youd know the emperors speech.

Youre right.

I am unworthy of this identity.”

Xia Fei smiled.

“The you of the past may not be worthy, but whether you will be in the future or not depends on if you wish to make this choice.

As long as you remember who you are, you can face whatever life throws at you.Whenever youre afraid, just know that youre not just youre not just representing yourself but also your glorious clan.”

Lionheart Emperor Oro nodded his head.

What Xia Fei had said was not wrong; the disciples of a large clan shouldered this very responsibility.

The bigger the clan, the greater the responsibility.

Gritting his teeth, the Lionheart youth raised the sword in his hand and shut his two eyes.

The three Ohans were so afraid that their entire bodies shook.

The Lionheart Clan still had the royal lineage of the Lionhearts, its foundation profound and their combat strength considered top tier in the Demon Race.

Even a fool knew that they could not afford to provoke one, and this was their biggest mistake today!

The process was indescribable as even Xia Fei found it too ruthless.

The young royalty from the Lionheart Clan had his eyes shut as he shuddered before starting to slash his sword wildly, raining blood and flesh everywhere, creating a scene straight out from the depths of hell.

Kneel on the ground and vomiting repeatedly, this was a normal response to killing for the first time.

At least, the youth Lionheart had not fainted from the experience.

Wiping clean his Hundred Hectoslasher, Xia Fei stored the weapon away as he gently said, “People often feel uneasy after killing for the first time.

Youll be fine after you kill a few more times.”

Phantom pouted.

He felt that what Xia Fei had said sounded bad.

Xia Fei lifted his head and continued along his way, in the direction of the overhead son.

That Lionheart youth shouted from behind him.

“The names Heinrich! Who are you”

“Just a nobody.” Xia Fei ultimately decided against giving his real name.

A long black wall, which stretched for hundreds of miles and was unimaginably wide, began to appear in the distance.

“That is Black Lion City, the one and only metropolis located near the border region.

It is ruled by the Lionhearts,” Oro said with pride.

“Since you wish to merge the Immemorial Mystical Armaments using the Demon Races method, you cant do so without doing any preparation and sans the materials it requires.

This is a remote place, and theres no telling if we can purchase everything we need, but I dare to guarantee that they have one or two high-grade spatial compasses.

Theres no way to buy such illegal trinkets in the inner regions of the Demon Race territory; in fact, it is much easier to acquire one from such a remote location.”

Xia Fei nodded.

It was expensive to get what he needed to merge the Immemorial Mystical Armaments, but he did not really care about that.

This act of merging was worth any price necessary.

There was also the high-grade compass that he had dreamed about.

With it, he could see Avril again.

It had been months since they got separated, and Xia Fei missed her so much.

“Lets go and enter the city,” Lionheart Emperor Oro said with excitement.

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