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Chapter 620: The Secret of the Immemorial Mystical Armaments

Honestly speaking, aside from Xia Fei being a bit of lunatic in how he acted and how he did not care for the rules of the world around him, it was not as if he had not done any good deed in his life.

In fact, not too long ago, he had indeed done one such good deed when he saved the young miss of the Mu Family, Mu Fuping, from the hands of an assassin.

Unfortunately, such an incident was difficult for the masses to learn about.

Instead, what the entire Law Realm came to know was when he became a suspect for slaying his family patriarch and became wanted by the Law Enforcement Board.

Life was just that funny; Mu Fuping came from one of the distinguished Nine Great Clans, and if anything were to happen to her, even all the lives of the Yu family would not be enough as payback.

Going by that logic, Xia Fei saving Mu Fupings life should most definitely be more important than him being suspected of murdering Yu Jiang.

However, good news hardly traveled far and wide, whereas bad news spread like wildfire.

People were more than happy to talk about Xia Fei killing his clans patriarch and his betrayal of the Yu family.

No one even remembered that Xia Fei had saved people before.

What was even sadder was the fact that Xia Fei was not even the one who killed Yu Jiang!


Snowdrift Clan, the most secluded existence out of the Nine Great Clans; an organization that comprised entirely of women.

Two young girls were hugging together, dejection pervading every corner of the beautifully decorated room.

One was delicate and refined, like a fairy that had descended into mortality.

Her every action of such elegance gave people the sense of unattainability.

The other was cute and precocious, her little pink face with her tender and smooth skin looking very pinchable.

These were, of course, none other than Xiaoyu and Autumn Cicada.

What happened to Xia Fei had naturally reached their ears, and the two were feeling upset on his behalf.

Autumn Cicada was slightly frowning, while Xiaoyu was already weeping in her sadness.

“We were about to meet, yet… Brother Xia Fei got caught up in trouble again,” Xiaoyu pouted as she mumbled to herself.

Reality had proven that Xia Fei was an expert when it came to attracting trouble.

Even when he was not seeking them himself, they would still end up finding their way to him.

Trouble and Xia Fei were practically bonded like night and day, black and white, impossible to separate.

Autumn Cicada was silent as if she was pondering over something.

Xiaoyu wiped her tears and asked softly, “Miss, what are you thinking”

Autumn Cicada came back to her senses, curling up herself on the sofa as she hugged her knees.

“I was thinking that the woman whos with Xia Fei must have a very strong heart, or else the mishaps that happen to him time and again would be unbearable.”

Xiaoyu nodded even as she continued to grumble, “We were about to meet, so why did something unforeseen happen again Why is it always like this… I have no clue if Brother Xia Fei can escape from this calamity, either.”

The two were caught up in their own thoughts.

Xiaoyu was complaining about her lost opportunity to meet with Xia Fei again, while Autumn Cicada was even more interested in matters regarding human emotions.

As she grew up, this curiosity she had became harder and harder to ignore.

Fate made a fool of man; just as they were about to meet, Xia Fei and Xiaoyu were once more thrown onto different trajectories in the blink of an eye, and there was no telling when such days would come to an end.

On one of the borders of the Demon Race.

After the purification process from the White Jade Ape, the Origin Energy that had been gathered was directed right into Xia Feis body like a thin thread, not at all surging and very easy to control.

It was the most suitable form for him to cultivate the Law of Energy Purification.

“After adding the base, the effect of the White Jade Ape has become even more powerful than before.

Using it to cultivate will most certainly achieve the effect of twice the work at half the effort,” Xia Fei gushed happily.

The Law of Energy Purification was hard to control, and unless the Law Adept was extremely talented, only by having an expert beside to assist in the process would there be progress made in its cultivation.

The energy gathering function of the White Jade Ape easily solved this problem, so that even without any assistance from an expert, XIa Fei was still able to cultivate the Law by himself.

It was evidently not the time to be cultivating the Law of Energy Purification, given that the priority now was to sneak into the Demon Race territory, obtain one unregistered high-grade spatial compass, and return to the Panhuman Alliance.

Things like cultivation would have to be left on hold for another time.

Putting away the White Jade Ape, Xia Fei stared at the Immemorial Mystic Armament Nine Night Plum, which was exuding a tyrannical pressure beyond itself.

The spaceship was cramped, so taking it out practically allowed its aura to fill the entire cockpit.

The black flower was very strange, and it was very striking.

Lionheart Emperor Oro asked nonchalantly, “Do you know why those people were willing to go to such extreme extents just to collect Immemorial Mystic Armaments”

“Is it because theyre very powerful” Xia Fei guessed.

Oro shrugged.

“the Eight Metals of Absolution, the Seven Plants of the Cloud Sea, the Six Waters of Terror Genesis, the Five Flames of Lux Gloria, and the Four Stones of the Southern Star all make up the Thirty Immemorial Mystical Armaments; theyre divided into the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Metal represents keenness, wood represents resilience, water represents fluidity, fire represents attack, while earth represents defense.

Each has their characteristics, and each interacts with one another, positively and negatively.

They form a cycle that corresponds to the endless torrents of the universe and is another manifestation of Origin Energy.

“Separately, the Immemorial Mystical Armaments are born from the cosmos, and each one of them is very powerful.

Each has its value for existing; its rare enough for any single individual to come across just one, and its even rarer for anybody to subdue and tame an Immemorial Mystical Armament.

“You already have Peacock Blue, the universes most irrepressible weed.

Theres no way for you to subdue Nine Night Plum no matter how powerful you are because a warrior can only ever just take a single Immemorial Mystic Armament as his own.”

Xia Fei was surprised to learn this even as he somewhat disappointedly asked, “So that means the Nine Night Plum is actually useless to me and I can only stare at it”

A worker must first keep their tools sharpened for them to be of use; though Xia Fei already had plenty of overpowered weapons in his arsenal, would there be anyone out there that would dislike having too many weapons After all, having another weapon would be equivalent to having another guarantee to safeguard their life.

If there was ever the chance, Xia Fei would not even hesitate to attempt collecting all thirty Immemorial Mystic Armaments.

Seeing that the Immemorial Mystic Armament that he had risked his life so badly for would be useless to him, Xia Fei could not help but feel disgruntled.

The wound on his ribs began throbbing slightly in pain even.

It was only after some time that Oro squinted his eyes and examined Xia Fei.

“Its not completely impossible, though you will have to follow the way from our Demon Race.”

“A way from the Demon Race” Xia Fei was skeptical.

The two peak races were profound and secretive.

Who knew just how wonderful this way of the Demon Race would be

“Theres a legend in the Demon Race that claims the Thirty Immemorial Mystic Armaments, representing the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, are nature-based armaments of the ultimate powers, and this power isnt in their individual form but rather requires all of them to be combined together!

“To put it simply, with the Peacock Blue you currently have acting as the base for the remaining six wood-attribute Immemorial Mystic Armaments, namely Fringe Mountain Leaf, Unparting Pine, Warpsea Lotus, Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, Nine Night Plum, Whistling Moon Willow, can let you wield the most powerful wood-element weapon of the natural world!”

Xia Fei was deeply moved upon hearing what Lionheart Emperor Oro said.

Each one of the Thirty Immemorial Mystic Armaments was considered a priceless treasure.

Peacock Blue had a total of thirteen blades of grass, and it was already unimaginably powerful despite only having two right now! If he were to get his hands on the other six wood-element armaments, would it not become overpowered

“Among the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the wood element is the second hardest to merge.

This is because there are seven wood-element armaments, which means there are already more of them to begin with, all scattered across the universe.

Some have been collected by generational clans, while some have not even been discovered at all.

If you wish to collect the entire Seven Plants of Cloud Sea, youll be facing some unimaginable hardships ahead.

“Besides, the merging of Immemorial Mystical Armaments is very troublesome.

You need one as the core that swallows all the other six.

Every additional armament that gets eaten will be an additional risk.”

Oro continued to explain and speak with verbosity, while Xia Fei and Phantom were both enraptured to the point they were just dumbfounded.

Who would have thought that the Immemorial Mystic Armaments could still merge among themselves They could all form into an entirely new weapon, too!

“Has anyone succeeded in this” Xia Fei asked earnestly.

“Yes,” the Lionheart Emperor Oro said in a grave voice, “theres a war god of the Demon Race who found all Four Stones of the Southern Star, and succeeded in combining them into a nearly impervious defensive weapon, making a name for himself in the Law Realm.

“Unfortunately, the weapon split back into individual armaments after his death, scattering across the universe once more.

After all, the Immemorial Mystic Armaments need to accept their master, and the moment the said master dies, the armaments will return to their original state, awaiting for the next fated individual to pick them up.

“Are you sure about that” Xia Feis two eyes were glowing as he asked this.

Lionheart Emperor Oro let out a long sigh.

“Of course, Im certain.

Thats because that individual was none other than the ancestor of our Lionheart Clan, Prometheus.

“Its too bad.

Our ancestor was so famous that he was known throughout the lands, yet we, as his descendents, could never recast his former glory,” Oro somewhat unwillingly admitted.

Xia Fei was buzzing.

He was very tempted to get his Peacock Blue to merge with the poisonous plant Nine Night Plum!

Being able to own two Immemorial Mystic Armaments would be something worth celebrating to any warrior, no doubt.

If Peacock Blue and the Nine Night Plum really successfully merged, Xia Fei would see an astronomical rise in his combat strength!

Collecting the Seven Plants of the Cloud Sea, merging them all to form an overpowered divine weapon! Just harboring the thought alone fascinated him greatly!

“Just how can I merge this Nine Night Plum I want to give it a shot,” Xia Fei asked with determination.

By the borders of the Demon Race territory, Xia Fei piloted a small warship, which was originally made by the Demon Race, so he managed to land safely on a seemingly deserted planet without attracting much attention.

With a black cloak covering him from head to toe, Xia Fei disguised himself to look like a nomad.

“Are you certain that this will be enough to fool others” Xia Fei asked.

This was the Demon Race territory, after all, and humans were considered to be part of the God Race.

Both sides did not see eye to eye, neither intermingling with the other at all.

He could not help but have doubts over his sneaking into the Demon Race all by himself.


As long as you do not enter the inner regions of the Demon Race, you wont have any trouble just loitering around a border region like this.

Besides, you wont be the only human.

There are plenty of nobodies who live here.

As long as you do as I advise, I guarantee that youll be fine.” Oro was evidently very excited to take a step back on the Demon Race territory after so many years.

“There are humans living among the Demon Race” Xia Fei questioned.

“Of course, there will be.

Nobodies are those who have been wiped off their family clans, or perhaps warriors who are wanted.

They have no choice but to stay away from their homes, seeking to eke out a living here among the Demon Race.

After all, though these two supreme races are at loggerheads with each other, they will not just declare war on each other easily.

Living out here will actually be safer than trying to live back in God Race territory.

“Its common to see this by the borders of the two races.

The lot of them will turn a blind eye to the arrangement.

As long as you dont do anything too outrageous, no one will care for your true identity.

People who live out here are all the criminals and the poor, where survival outweighs their identity.

“If you are still uneasy, I can very clearly tell you that theres a black market operated by the Lionheart Clan in this part.

I was once the master of this galaxy here, so Ive got a very good understanding of this place.

Even the rules of the game were stipulated by me all those years back,” Lionheart Emperor Oro said proudly.

Xia Fei nodded.

Oro was a mighty big shot, and this had once been his territory; these factors all helped ease Xia Feis anxiety by quite a bit.

Besides, this particular demon was still stuck behind the Law of Ternary Spectrums isolation, awaiting Xia Fei to grant him death so he could be reborn.

Lying to Xia Fei would not do him the least bit good.

The barren planet actually had plenty of plants growing, which Xia Fei did not know the names of.

Oro introduced each one to Xia Fei unceasingly.

Forget about the excitement he felt about being able to return to his homeland, even a godly individual like Oro could not help but feel a sense of homesickness, so while this road was quiet, it was not boring.

Suddenly, the sound of crying and open threats could be heard ahead of them.

Xia Fei silently darted over to take a look, only to find three strange looking green-skinned warriors surrounding someone, holding a sharp blade against that someones neck, looking like they were attempting to stage a robbery.

This individual who was being robbed had golden fur and a lion head.

It was actually someone from the Lionheart Clan!

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