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Chapter 522: Drain this demon dry!

No matter how much Xia Fei struggled and risked himself, he was now already in the Demon Chrysaliss gaping maw.

With his life nearing its end, being able to curb whatever fear he felt at this critical juncture was also a victory in itself!

“Change it! With disruptive power!” The veins on Xia Feis forehead bulged! He had stabbed the bloodsucking dagger, Blood Crystal, right into the creatures cavity!

Xia Fei had superhuman senses, complex analytical thinking, and an insane combat awareness!

These were well-known to all.

However, what nobody understood was that Xia Fei also had a fantastical imagination!

At the last moment, with his final attack, Xia Fei had chosen the Blood Crystal.

Phantom was very curious.

Just what was he attempting to change!

Crafty Approach!

Xia Fei suddenly curled his body into a ball, and he managed to evade the Demon Chrysaliss second row of teeth.

The Demon Chrysalis had a total of six rows of teeth.

Those in front were to tear while the back were for chewing.

The deeper he went, the greater the mess of teeth and packed they were.

Xia Fei knew very well that by the time he reached the small jagged teeth of that six row, not even Crafty Approach could keep him safe!

There were basically mere seconds of life left for him!

The yellow Origin Crystal suddenly turned bright.

The pure Origin Energy was rushing madly toward Xia Feis seventh brain region before turning into the Primal Chaos force that entered the Blood Crystal.

His innate control of Origin Energy surfaced once more and showed its unparalleled advantage.

Xia Fei was like a bloodsucking bat, drawing as much energy stored within that Origin Crystal as he efficiently could.

Most people would have fainted from having such a huge surge of energy rushing toward them; Xia Fei, instead, became even more energetic, his entire being radiating with power as he brimmed with fighting spirit!

“Distort and twist!”

The disruptive nature of the Law of Primal Chaos entered the Blood Crystal, causing the bloodsucking daggers properties to change noiselessly!

No one had told Xia Fei how to use the Law of Primal Chaos.

The Black and White Gods had only given him the design of the pattern, not at all mentioning a word about how to cultivate it.

Xia Fei had completely depended on his instinct to comprehend the nature of the Law of Primal Chaos, and what he discovered was this disruptive power!

Everything in the universe was definite.

Just like how the moon orbited earth, and how the earth orbited the sun, there were rules being followed.

Meanwhile, the Law of Primal Chaos sought to break these rules, making everything impossible possible!

Xia Fei was borrowing this disruptive power to change the Blood Crystals properties completely!

Originally, the Blood Crystal would only absorb the blood and essence of humans, but Xia Fei was now attempting to make it absorb ALL blood!

Be it the God race or the Demon race, it would drain everything dry!

Using the Law of Primal Chaos to change an objects properties If such an idea was not considered fantastical, what else could it be called!

Xia Fei had always been someone with a very rebellious nature.

He strongly believed that nothing could not be changed!

‘Law To hell with laws!

‘Yours truly want you, the Blood Crystal which sucks human blood, to drain the blood of a Demon! Xia Fei bellowed in his heart.


Xia Feis Crafty Approach avoided the third row of teeth, and at the same time, the color of Blood Crystal turned from red to black!

The Law of Primal Chaos really worked! It was changing and distorting the very properties of this bloodsucking dagger!

His mind was blank.

The extensive use of Origin Energy and the Law of Primal Chaos was excruciating, and Xia Fei pushed himself into a state of absolute concentration!

There was just a single thought in his mind:Change it! Change it!

A bright glow appeared!

The Blood Crystal turned from red to black before rapidly beginning to drain the blood of the Demon Chrysalis!

The speed of this increased swiftly!

The Blood Crystal was as wild as its owner, Xia Fei.

In fact, it could even be considered insane!

How much blood would a pet of the Demon race, which grew up to five miles long and weighed tens of thousands of tons, have The answer might be an astronomical number.

However, that small dagger in his palm actually intended to drain this sea of blood completely dry!

Xia Fei desperately tried to survive, and his struggle actually managed to affect something which he had originally forgotten.

That Peacock Blue on his right arm got restless and began moving.

As the most unyielding and with the strongest desire to survive out of the Thirty Immemorial Mystical Armaments, Peacock Blue seemed to have sensed that Xia Feis innermost thoughts and traits aligned with its own.

An insignificant being who came from Earth and a weed that grew out from crevices; in essence, they were both trivial existences, yet they both equally refused to surrender or give up, just tenaciously working hard to survive in the face of adversity.

Could this be the reason why Peacock Blue had chosen Xia Fei as its owner


By this point, Xia Fei had already passed the Demon Chrysaliss fourth row of teeth.

The sharp teeth scratched past Xia Feis combat suit, and a visible wound opened on his left leg.

The situation became even more dire with each passing second.

The final two rows of teeth was a jagged mess perfect for grinding and chewing whatever the creature ate, and they were the hardest to evade.

Perhaps it would be even more accurate to say that no one had managed to survive them!

The Demon Chrysalis let out a pained growl.

Its blood essence was being drained rapidly, and it was experiencing a level of pain that it had never felt before.

It simply had never not imagined that, what would deal the killing blow to it was not those powerful Law Adepts but rather an insignificant young upstart, the newly minted Law Warrior, Xia Fei!

In the blink of an eye, the fifth row of teeth was already upon Xia Fei, and countless thin and pointed teeth were aimed right at him!

This was when Peacock Blue, which had been watching the entire time, hesitated and then finally acted!

The blue leaf extended, instantly wrapping around Xia Feis entire body!


The sharp teeth bit down, but Peacock Blue held on!

It was an imaginable scene; a single small plant blocked the attack of such a humongous monstrosity!

It was just a seemingly weak blade of grass!

The teeth penetrated past Peacock Blues leaf, and there were countless holes perforating it, yet Peacock Blue continued to hang on, toughly withstanding the teeth of the Demon Chrysalis, wrestling every second possible for Xia Fei!

Completely unleashed!

The energy within that grade 4 Origin Crystal was like a dam that had burst open, rushing into Xia Feis body in order to replenish the energy he had lost while supplementing the Law of Primal Chaos.

As for Xia Fei, he was still holding that Blood Crystal tightly as he instigated its complete transformation!

It was unknown just where Xia Fei got such a preposterous and insane idea, but what mattered was the fact that he did it!


It was a murky black sans a glow at all!

After absorbing a large amount of the Demon Chrysaliss blood essence, the Blood Crystal turned into something completely different from how it originally looked.

It had become sharp and extremely ferocious.

It now looked utterly demonic!

The Demon Chrysalis instinctively sensed mortal danger!


Its biting force increased again, and Peacock Blue had no choice but to withstand this increased ferocity!

Living up to its name as the most tenacious weed, Peacock Blue actually managed to hold fast against this round of insane attack!

The leaf became more and more curled, and the teeth of the Demon Chrysalis practically touched Xia Feis body!

All of a sudden!

Peacock Blue started evolving again!

A second blade of leaf grew out of Xia Feis right arm!

It was small and frail at first, no different from the bluegrass he could see anywhere.

However, as the biting force of the Demon Chrysalis increased, the leaf grew faster and faster, almost as if it had a characteristic of meeting great force with more force.

The more the Demon Chrysalis tried to overpower it, the more resilient Peacock Blue became!

When the second leaf fully grew, the tables turned!

It was the teeth of the Demon Chrysalis that were being shaved off, inch by inch!

As a weed that grew out from a broken rock, the two-leaf Peacock Blue no longer felt wary of the Demon Chrysalis and, instead, mounted its own attack!

At the same time, the Blood Crystal, which Xia Fei had been mentally manipulating, had drained much of the creatures blood essence and was way stronger!


It was yet another mournful wail.

The Demon Chrysalis had already lost its viciousness from before; it even suspected that it was about to die.


The Demon Chrysalis was now feeling abject fear!

It realized that this unassuming small human was capable of ending its life!


The Demon Chrysalis wildly thrashed about within the gaps of space.

It no longer tried to bite Xia Fei to death but focused, instead, on escaping to survive!

Unfortunately, Xia Fei was not about to let it go!

That grade 4 Origin Crystal slowly dimmed as the ocean of energy contained within it had all been used up by Xia Fei to distort the Blood Crystal, and he had really succeeded!

He had forced a dagger, which could only initially drain the blood essence of humans, into becoming a demonic dagger which could absorb the blood essence of anything!


Amid the Demon Chrysaliss panic, it opened a tear in the dark inverse and wriggled out!

“Drain this monster of everything!” Xia Fei held onto the Blood Crystal tightly, his two eyes turning bloodshot!



As the Demon Chrysalis tunneled out from the gaps in space, Xia Fei remained clueless on where it had brought him this time, but the light from beyond its open mouth reminded him of the suns existence and the humidity of air which was rich in oxygen.

Xia Fei was not tempted, however.

The only thought he had in mind was to kill this enemy!

Losing plenty of blood, the Demon Chrysalis struggled like fish which had been tossed onto dry land.

It convulsed, wracked with pain all over, and twisted around.

Blood Crystal was still draining its blood, showing no signs of stopping soon.

As the body of the Demon Chrysalis began to dry up, it was no longer consumed with anger; its thrashing also became feeble over time.

After Peacock Blue sensed that the Demon Chrysalis was on the verge of dying, it retracted a single blade.

Following the time it spent fighting the hardest, though Peacock Blue did manage to withstand the creatures attack, it suffered substantial injuries.

Its blade had been riddled with holes by the teeth, and that vivid blue color became slightly dull.

“Thank you.”

When Peacock Blue retracted its final leaf, Xia Fei very earnestly offered his gratitude.

The way he saw it, Peacock Blue was no mere plant or weapon.

It lent him a helping hand when he needed it the most, and by that thought alone, it meant that Peacock Blue was sentient and sapient.

Peacock Blue did not give any sort of response and just quietly returned to Xia Feis arm.

It must be mentioned that Peacock Blue was a plant that had a total of thirteen grass blades.

With its demonstration of such powerful combat capabilities moments ago using just two grass blades, he could not imagine how indomitable it would be in its final form!

The Demon Chrysalis was no longer moving, allowing the Blood Crystal to suck dry what remained of its life.

This dagger, which Xia Fei had deemed unsightly, was now a weapon no one could underestimate!

Xia Fei was looking forward to seeing just how the Blood Crystal would become after sucking the Demon Chrysalis dry.


Xia Fei pulled out the Blood Crystal and walked right out from the Demon Chrysaliss open maw.

Sunlight and fresh air had never felt so good before.

Lighting a cigarette, Xia Fei sat down on the grass.

He looked at that grade 4 Origin Crystal in his hand.

It was now white, indicating that all the energy within had been consumed by Xia Fei.

The battle just then left Xia Feis heart shivering, but it was also a completely brand-new experience.

Warriors would always grow from the fights they got caught up in, and behind the dangling danger on a thread between life and death was epiphanies.

“Someones coming,” Phantom said severely.

“Plenty of men!”

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh!*

Figures appeared all around Xia Fei.

This was a group of Law Adepts whom he was unfamiliar with.

Each looked at him with their mouth agape, greatly astonished.

“Did you kill this Demon Chrysalis” A voice suddenly broke the silence.

Xia Fei calmly nodded.

“May I ask how we should address you”

Their attitude was very respectful.

Being able to slay a Demon Chrysalis single-handedly, the entire group had thought him to be some great figure.

Just as he swept his gaze among those gathered, a very familiar figure caught Xia Feis eyes.

He had immaculate features and seemed well-bred, with that same slight smile still plastered across his face.

‘Clean Knife Xia Fei was stunned.

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