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Chapter 518: Spatial Weapon

“What Theres a rank 4 martial arts technique out there!”

Coincidentally, the moment Xia Fei stepped out from the cave, the two Law Warriors, who had been tasked to keep an eye on him, failed to notice him leave as they discussed something while hiding behind a huge rock.

“Yup! Right now, everyone in the collection reservoir has all gathered there, ready to fight one another over it.

My cousin told me that through this signal device,” said the other warrior.

“A rank 4 martial arts technique is extraordinary, and its been many years since one appeared here in the collection reservoir.

Whoever ends up getting hold of it is going to be rich!”

“Of course.

Even if one cant cultivate it themselves, they can always sell it to higher-level warriors.

Even those people looking to promote and become Law Sovereigns may not have rank 4 martial arts techniques, and theres no guarantee of getting one even if someone pays tens of thousands of grade 2 Origin Crystals for it.”

The other man sighed in vexation.

“Weve been ordered to keep watch over Xia Fei, so Im afraid that we wont have any chance of getting a crack at it.

We cant leave as long as he remains inside, after all.”

“Hes got a pile of high-rank martial arts techniques, too, so he can hide in that cave and wait it out till the reservoir closes before safely leaving.

Anyone else in his shoes wont leave so easily.”

The two men blamed Xia Fei incessantly, but in reality, neither of them would be qualified to compete for the rank 4 martial arts technique even if they were given the chance to do so.

After all, they were made to stay behind precisely because of their low cultivation.

The two of them were no better than fools talking in their sleep.

Xia Fei was standing on that huge rock beside them.

Due to Breath Control, neither man discovered that Xia Fei had been listening intently to their conversation.


Jumping down, his Dragonscale Hectoslasher appeared in its dual blade form.

He pressed either side against the two warriors throats.

He had closed in on them without making any sound using assassination moves found in Crafty Approach.

“What were you guys saying about a rank 4 martial arts technique” Xia Fei asked coldly.

The two men were deeply frightened.

Both exchanged glances, seemingly transmitting some sort of message between them!


His sharp blade flashed past as Xia Fei took the life of one of the two.

Pressing the edge ever closer on the other still alive, he left a light cut across the persons throat.

“Youre next if you dont speak!” Xia Fei gave a very simple order.

“A r-rank 4 martial arts technique has appeared in the collection reservoir this time.

I-I have a cousin whos in the fight for it right now,” stammered the other remaining warrior as he pulled out a signal device from his bosom, turning it on to display the coordinates

The signal device was a common communication tool in the Law Realm, the design far simpler than that of the Alliances microcomputer.

It looked like a compass but was actually a tool that had multiple functions, in fact.

“Youre next even if you speak.”

With a swipe of his blade, Xia Fei casually slit the mans throat as he took his device.


Sprinting off at high speed, Xia Fei headed to the direction the signal was indicating in search of that precious rank 4 martial arts technique.

Without a doubt, a high-ranking martial arts technique was extremely valuable, so Xia Fei had decided that he must acquire it.

As he got nearer to the sounds of slaughter, he noticed that the battlefield was located in a place that looked very much like a crater, where it was flat and hollow in the middle, and over a hundred warriors were in the center of the huge crater! Screams and death filled the surroundings.

Xia Fei looked from the outside but failed to see this rumored yellow energy orb anywhere.

It had most likely been kept by someone.

“Yu Yuanguang, hand over that rank 4 martial arts technique!”

“Thats right! Hand it over and Ill spare your life!”

The crowd of Law Warriors was in the middle of forcing a warrior with a trimmed beard to give up the orb.

He did not look to be very old, though his beard was well grown for his age.

Xia Fei recognized this person.

He was the orchestrator of that encirclement to attack Xia Fei two days ago!

Grinding his teeth, Xia Fei could feel a slight pain on the right side of his mouth.

It was an injury he sustained after being surrounded the last time.

Xia Fei had never met this Yu Yuanguang before, yet the man took the lead in launching an encirclement on him for no reason, causing him to sustain plenty of injuries, so many so that he had to flee to the safety of the caves and only managed to stay alive after much effort.

This was an umbrage that Xia Fei could not take lying down!

It was evident that the man wanted him dead!

As such, Yu Yuanguang was definitely an enemy, and enemies must be eliminated!

This was an unchanging belief that Xia Fei held!

The bearded Yu Yuanguang was not alone; there were more than a dozen loyal underlings beside him.

It was normal for people in the Yu family to party and form cliques, and it was rare to see people surviving by themselves like Xia Fei.

Though they were all comrades under the same family, there was ultimately a difference in kinship between people, and resources were limited and precious.The rules of the Law Realm were cruel and bloody, so in order to compete for precious resources, it was not rare to see people in the family killing one another, and relationships were very fleeting and cheap.

Yu Yuanguang burst into laughter and pointed to his spatial ring with one hand.

“Ive got the rank 4 martial arts technique here; come and snatch it if youve got the guts! I doubt that any of you have the skills to do so, anyway!”

“Dont think were afraid to kill you just because youre a level 5 Law Warrior.

This is already your third time in the collection reservoir by relying on someone elses support! Youve already taken all the good stuff, so will my brothers and I be left with nothing!”

Xia Fei was mildly surprised.

That man was actually a level 5 Law Warrior That explained how he could give orders to others.

Aside from a handful of his most loyal men, the others were no longer listening to him now that their interests were concerned.

To visit the collection reservoir three times, the backing that Yu Yuanguang had might not be simple!

“Dont be afraid, everyone! Weve got the numbers advantage; lets kill them all! We can split the spoils evenly after!”

The crowd yelled in unison as they moved to completely surround Yu Yuanguang and his men.

A massacre unfolded!

Two days ago, it was Xia Fei who found himself surrounded by more than fifty other Law Warriors and nearly lost his life as a result.

Now, it was Yu Yuanguang and his men who were facing a force ten times theirs and were slowly becoming disadvantaged.

Yu Yuanguang could tell that the battle was not in his favor, so he suddenly bellowed before leaping out.

With a brush of his spatial ring, he took out a strange metal quarterstaff.

“Lapis Killing Rain!”

“Yu Yuanguang, you actually dared to bring a spatial weapon here—something the family has expressly forbidden!”

“The elders will surely punish you!”

These warriors all revealed shocked expressions when they saw it!

Yu Yuanguang coldly harrumphed.

“Punished Im afraid none of you will see that day pass!”


Lightly slapping his palm onto that quarterstaff, a ball on the tip of it suddenly opened up and unleashed a glaring blue light!

A spatial weapon could unleash a powerful attack within a given area, and anyone found to be caught within its range would have a hard time escaping!

Normally, this sort of weapon was only made for high-ranking Law Adepts for slaughtering opponents.

Though powerful, it did not have any benefits toward promoting cultivation.

This was why it had been restricted from use during combat.

Of course, there would be no such restrictions if it was used against external enemies.

Nobody had imagined that Yu Yuanguang would actually secretly smuggle inside a spatial weapon! Furthermore, he intended on using this vicious weapon to deal with people from his own family!


Yu Yuanguang shouted, then countless blue water droplets vigorously rained from the sky!



Everyone used their Law force to defend themselves, sealing off the space around them.

Unfortunately, Lapis Killing Rain had Law force added to it!

These raindrops were like powerful corrosive acid, melting away the spatial barricades, penetrating through the warriors bodies!

In a matter of seconds, all the warriors with insufficient cultivation died!

Wails and howls filled the entire area as blood flowed like a river!

The scales of victory tilted in Yu Yuanguangs favor once again.

Lapis Killing Rain killed over a hundred people in one go, leaving not even a dozen men as his enemy.

They no longer had the strength to contend against him!

Yu Yuanguang gleefully burst into laughter.

“The fact that you survived the Lapis Killing Rain just shows that youve got decent cultivation.

Come and join me if you dont wish to die!”

Reality was plain for all to see.

Though the handful of warriors were very unwilling, they could only stop their assault, for there was no point in them continuing the fight.

Xia Fei pursed his lips.

He found Yu Yuanguangs gleeful laughter very revolting, similar to when he had incited all the warriors from before to hunt him down.

Getting up to his feet, Xia Fei made his way to the edges of the huge crater, staring down at Yu Yuanguang and the twenty or so Law Warriors from atop.

There was no doubt that the elites were the only survivors from the brutal massacre before, but Xia Fei did not seem afraid by the prospects.

“Ha! Xia Fei!” Yu Yuanguang laughed.

“Youre actually presenting yourself to me Here to hand over all your high-ranking martial arts techniques, perhaps Otherwise—”

“Otherwise what” Xia Fei retorted.





Life.” Yu Yuanguang enunciated each word harshly.

The corner of Xia Feis mouth arched to form a sinister smirk as he casually answered, “Sorry, I still wish to hold onto my life, and Ill be taking yours, too!”

“Mine” Yu Yuanguang barked with laughter as if he had just heard a great joke.

“Thats right, not just yours.

Ill be taking everyone with you as well!”

Like the grim reaper, Xia Fei wagged one finger as he somberly said, “Whoever dares to offend me shall pay the price of my ire!”

With that said, two spatial tears came tumbling out!

“Chain Blockade!”

Xia Fei had the power of the Law of Primal Chaos mixed in his spatial tears, so these attacks were like giant tornadoes!

“Thats a high-ranking martial arts technique!”

“Xia Fei actually managed to learn a high-ranking martial arts technique!”

No one would have thought that Xia Fei would turn from a noob who had no spatial technique to a Warrior who was capable of wielding a high-ranking martial arts technique in the course of two short days!

This sort of shocking transformation was not what anyone had expected!



The speed at which the Chain Blockade advanced was simply too fast, so these warriors had no other choice but to create spatial barricades of theirs to stop the attack!


These men might have been able to defend themselves if it had merely been the force from using the Law of Space.

After all, Xia Feis Chain Blockade had only been cultivated to stage 2.

However, what no one knew was that attacks enhanced with the power of Law of Primal Chaos were odd and exceedingly violent, increasing the attack power of the technique by at least three folds!


It was as if the ground had been raked by gigantic dragon claws, leaving gouges that were dozens of meters deep! This visual alone proved just how powerful Xia Feis attacks had been!

More than ten warriors got torn into two! Their bloody wounds made it look like they had been torn into halves! Their internal organs and blood were strewn all over!

“Once more!” Xia Fei bellowed.

“Whoever made me bleed a drip of blood, yours truly here will ensure that you lose a ton of blood in return!”


Chain Barricade was unleashed again!

Xia Fei circled around the huge crater and attacked, not at all going anywhere near his targets but engaged from range the entire time.

Lapis Killing Rain had a very crucial flaw, and that was that the attack range was too short, and there was no way for him to deal an attack from range!


An empty Origin Crystal fell.

Xia Fei had been replenishing his Origin Energy even as he attacked.

The crater had long become a blender, the terrain morphing as a result of Xia Feis constant attacks!

Beyond the battle, Yu Luxuan and the others watching the fight unfold were all speechless and in shock.

Cultivating the extremely difficult rank 3 martial arts technique to stage 2 was an astounding rate of promotion!

The head instructor, of course, knew about the existence of a spatial technique like Chain Blockade, but what he could not make sense of was how Xia Fei had been able to use the rank 3 martial arts technique to produce a rank 4 or even rank 5 martial arts techniques power!

The Xia Fei depicted on the screen located Yu Yuanguang from the pile of bodies and retrieved the spatial weapon Lapis Killing Rain as well as the yellow orb from him.

It was an actual rank 4 martial arts technique!

Yu Qiqi pouted as she spat in dissatisfaction, “This Xia Fei is really like an unkillable cockroach.

Not only did he survive all the fighting in the collection reservoir, he even managed to obtain a precious spatial weapon, including a rank 4 martial arts technique! This is so frustrating!”

This was when a red light flashed above the screen, followed by a loud alarm!

A single white dot of light frantically bore its way in, looking like it was about to enter the sealed collection reservoir!

“Demon Chrysalis!” Yu Luxuan was in shock.

“A Demon Chrysalis has invaded the collection reservoir! Immediately call in the elite squads! Report this to the patriarch!”

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