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Chapter 446: Sweeping Through the Stone Formation!

The world of Laws and Law Adepts was too far away from Xia Fei.

He had some vague inclination that he had probably used Law energy to kill Uti; alas, Xia Feis mind had not been very clear at that time, and his fragmented memories were not enough to piece together the mysterious Law of Primal Chaos.

He looked at the points he earned displayed on the points counter.

His current problem was how to exchange these points for actual items.

He had been through the most difficult of battles, and it was high time that his efforts were rewarded.

“Brother Blackie, I heard that I can exchange points for items on the fifth floor of the Holy Realm” Xia Fei raised his wrist as he asked.

The black parrot grimaced, while Whitey was much more straightforward.

“Keep dreaming! The items in the temple are graces the Black and White Gods left for the insectoid race.

Unless you prove that youre an insectoid, theres no chance!”

Xia Fei was very embarrassed.

It was truly very difficult to prove that he was an insectoid, and Xia Fei neither had the ability nor the desire to turn himself into an insect.

After a momentary daze, the black parrot extended a wing and pulled Whitey far away from Xia Fei.

“This human has a connection to our master.

How could we refuse his request of exchange Back then, our master said nothing about forbidding other sapient lifeforms from participating in the trial and exchange.

Doing it this way doesnt seem very reasonable.

After all, its the insectoids themselves who were foolish enough to let him in the realm.”

Whitey tidied her feathers and said, “Master did not say anything about forbidding other races from participating in the trial, but did he say anything about permitting them inside Moreover, this realm was opened jointly by your master and my master.

You alone cant decide things.”

The black parrot clearly could not out-talk Whitey.

He helplessly said, “Then what do you say we should do In any case, I agree with letting him exchange his points for an item.”

The two birds were in a stalemate.

In the end, Whitey slyly said, “Have this human enter the stone formation.

If he can reach one billion points before the realm closes, I will also let him exchange his points.”

The black parrot rolled his eyes, saying in shock, “One billion points! None of the insectoids who entered here for the trials has ever reached one billion points before! Furthermore, hes all by himself.

Arent you clearly bullying him”

“Then its very simple.

If you dont agree, just have him go back to where he came from.

In any case, hes not an insectoid, and our master will not blame me,” Whitey unreasonably said.

The black parrot and his clumsy tongue were clearly no match for Whitey, and even after chatting for a long while, he still could not change her mind.

Thus, he could only say, “Very well.

If he really does get one billion points, the temple will be completely cleaned out.

Youd better not have any complaints if that happens.”

The Black God of Night was Blackies master, and Xia Fei was the individual selected to learn the Law of Primal Chaos.

Whitey making things so hard on his masters chosen successor left Blackie very unhappy.

Annoyed, he decided to gamble with Whitey and see if Xia Fei really did have the right to learn the Law of Primal Chaos.

“Its decided then, but this is just between the two of us.

Youd better not tell that human,” Whitey craftily said.

Turning around, the birds went to Xia Feis side.

Blackie said, “Next to the temple is a stone formation.

The formation will automatically produce numerous stone monsters, and by killing them, you can obtain additional points.

The more bonus points you accumulate, the more things you can exchange for.

There are still ten and a half days until the Holy Realm closes, so why dont you go out and train a little, accumulate more bonus points before coming back to exchange”

Xia Fei, who had already been thinking about doing exactly that, readily agreed.

After watching Xia Fei leave, Whitey disdainfully said, “He thinks hes something else, but didnt Master Black just give you the Law of Primal Chaos out of pity One billion points Keep dreaming!”

Blackie said in displeasure, “Its not out of pity.

Master has always acted appropriately when it comes to selecting a successor.”

Whitey met the black parrots simple explanation with derision.

Snorting, she turned and walked into the temple.

“The test has only begun.

Where are you going”

“To sleep,” the white parrot coldly said.

“The thought of waking up to see that humans depressed face amuses me.

I advise you not to watch.

In the past, many insectoids have worked together to capture the stone monsters, but hes all by his pitiful lonesome self.

Even if hes Master Blacks successor, it wont do him any good.”

Blackie was speechless.

At times, he really wanted to charge up and tear away Whiteys harsh mouth.

“Right”—Whitey turned and coldly looked at the black parrot—”if you dare to reveal our bet to that human, dont blame me for getting hostile.”

The terrain around the temple was very bizarre.

The mountains seemed more like savage monsters than mountains, and the water did not act like water, sometimes flowing the right way and sometimes flowing in reverse, seemingly not bound to any particular laws.

Once he was done with a cigarette, Xia Fei threw it to the ground and stomped it out.

He sternly said, “Come on.

Lets go and see what sort of monsters are living in that stone formation.”

Furball appeared very excited.

If Xia Fei got a lot of good items, he would naturally be in a good mood, and if he was in a good mood, Furball would be able to eat a lot of Purple Hearts of Spirit.

The thought of those delicious purple lustrous energy stones made him drool.


Xia Feis body instantly disappeared, appearing next on the nearest mountain.

He looked at the distant stone formation from atop the summit.

On a plain stood thirteen giant white stones, each one several hundred meters tall and forming a circle with a circumference of about five kilometers.

Numerous stone creatures slowly moved about in this circle, their bodies emitting green flames and their eyes blazing flames.

“What sort of monster is that” Phantom curiously asked.

Xia Fei shook his head.

“I dont see any monsters, only countless walking points and numerous Immortal rank weapons.”

Phantom laughed.

Xia Fei was right.

It did not matter what the opponent was.

What was important was the precious treasures these things could be exchanged for, which could be stuffed into Xia Feis pockets.

From time to time, new monsters would emerge from the stone formation.

The more Xia Fei killed, the more monsters would be produced.

No matter how many he killed, there was no end.

The stone monsters seemed immortal, and Xia Fei needed to go to great lengths to subdue them, and while Furball could use his energy balls to kill the stone monsters, his attacks used up the energy in his body, so he could not use them frequently.

However, Xia Fei was a dedicated soul!

Like a madman, he continued to slaughter the stone monsters tirelessly.

When he was tired, he would eat a few White Dews, and when he was thirsty, he would crazily drink up spring water; after which, he would throw himself back into the battle.

For two whole days, Xia Fei killed countless stone monsters.

When Furball was tired, he would move to the side to take a nap and eat several Purple Hearts of Spirit, but Xia Fei never took a break.

For some reason, he had this foul feeling in his chest that he could not vent.

It felt very uncomfortable, but he could only grit his teeth and bear with it.

The black parrot watched from a distant mountain.

He sighed.

“Ah! In two days, hes only obtained forty million points.

It seems that Whitey is right again.

The stone monsters are abnormally tough, and Xia Fei has no means of swiftly destroying them.

Meanwhile, the sacred beast Shatterstar is still young and cant maintain his attacks.

After all, the energy reserves in his body are still very limited.

What is to be done”

As he spoke, he saw Xia Fei jump out of the stone formation.

On the meadow next to the formation, he closed his eyes and began circulating his breathing, though the black parrot did not know for what.

“Perhaps hes just tired.

After two days and nights of fighting, even a body forged from steel wont be able to take it,” the black parrot muttered, disappointment in his eyes.

A few moments later, Xia Feis body suddenly emitted a powerful aura.

When he next opened his eyes, his entire body seemed much more energetic!

“Congratulations! Youve managed to advance your psychokinesis into rank 4 in the middle of battle.You can now perfectly use Fearless and can barely use the Tier 5 technique, Mistdrift,” Phantom happily said.

That suppressed feeling in Xia Feis chest had been because he was on the verge breaking through.

Psychokinesis grew stronger the more it was used, and the constant battle had caused Xia Fei to rise to a new rank successfully!

Standing, Xia Fei stretched and said, “These stone monsters are too tough, and while other combat methods can kill them, its not fast enough, but now that I can use Fearless at full power for a long period, I should be able to gain points faster.”

Phantom pursed his lips.

“Is forty-six million bonus points in two days not enough for you Your appetite is a little too big.”

Xia Fei heartily laughed.

“Its not like I can go into the Holy Realm every day.

Im letting myself down if I dont bring more spoils back with me, or are you telling me that you would be hesitant if this entire realm were to be gifted to us”


Celestial Moon arranged itself into a cross and swiftly slammed into a stone monster!

The speed of Fearless could not be considered fast, but it was incredibly powerful!


The stone monster was pulverized by the powerful impact of Celestial Moon! Stone debris blazing with green flames flew everywhere!

Even more frightening was that Celestial Moon continued to press forward! Only after destroying more than a hundred stone monsters in the same manner did it finally stop!

Each stone monster was worth ten thousand points, and with one move, Xia Fei had gained more than one million! This was several dozen times faster than his previous speed!

Looking at the point counter on his wrist, Xia Fei became invigorated, and he and Furball threw themselves into the point gathering.

No, Xia Feis divine speed could no longer be described as gathering points.

It would be better to call it farming points!

For four days in a row, the formation produced the same kind of monster, but as Xia Feis killing accelerated, small stone fellows less than a meter tall and radiating yellow flames began to appear.

They moved nimbly and struck savagely, presenting quite the problem to Xia Fei.

Fortunately, Xia Fei was a speed ability user and had Crafty Approach, so his killing speed did not slow down at all.

With each yellowstone monster he killed, Xia Fei obtained one hundred thousand points, ten times more than the previous stone monsters.

By the end of the fifth day, Xia Fei broke the one-billion-point threshold set by the white parrot!

However, Xia Fei had no intention of slowing down his farming, and it was impossible to say what his grand total would be.

In truth, Whiteys assessment of Xia Fei had been correct.

A few days ago, Xia Fei truly had no way of gathering one billion bonus points in ten days.

However, Whitey had miscalculated Xia Feis potential.

His sudden advancement in the middle of battle had massively boosted his fighting power!

By the sixth day, besides the greenstone and yellowstone monsters, there was now a giant redstone monster added into the mix.

This fellow stood thirty meters tall, akin to a small mountain.

Alas, against Xia Feis Fearless, it lasted three rounds at most before being wiped out.

Killing the redstone monsters gave one million points! Xia Feis total points soared!

Blackie, who had been watching from a distance this entire time, was no longer worried that Xia Fei might not reach one billion points.

Rather, if this continued, Xia Fei might break the formation and take the top-class item the Black and White Gods had left behind!

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