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Chapter 164 Death Club

Exodus TalesExodus Tales

Venal-24 was brightly lit during the night, illuminated by countless projected screens.

People filled the streets as various nightclubs and casinos opened their doors late at night, welcoming the more hormonal customers, who were looking to spend their time and money in the red light district.

With money, one could buy anything they wanted in the most glamorous capital ring.

Legal or illegal, the only difference was how much cash one would take out from their pockets.

the fancy, black hovercar drove around the city for a bit before arriving in a shady alleyway.

There was no hustle and bustle here; in fact, it was exceedingly calm and quiet.

In truth, the red light district was only there to accommodate patrons who wanted to release their bodily fluids yet did not have much in their pockets to do so.

Those with the money in society would never visit these kinds of places; the extremely rich and famous had specific places that they would patronize.

After setting Barty down, the hovercar left the narrow alleyway and stopped at the corner of a parking lot near the end of the street, next to many other fancy hovercars.

If anyone accidentally walked past this, they would most certainly be in shock.

Silver Angel, Planet, White Dwarf this place was filled with the most luxurious hovercars in the Alliance.

The prices of these hovercars were sky high, not something the common folk could afford even if they saved money for a lifetime.

All these rare and expensive hovercars were everywhere in this lot.

It was evident that this seemingly normal alleyway was not as normal as it might seem.

Barty did not have any guards.

If one had to bring in security guards to enter Bliss Club, who knew if there would be anywhere else safe in the Alliance

After adjusting his clothes, Barty revealed a sinister smirk as he entered a normal-looking bar on his hover wheelchair.

There was only a tiny sign outside the bar.

The inside, which was less than two hundred square meters, was completely empty.

An old bartender at the bar was drinking beer by himself.

Upon seeing Barty enter the bar, the bartender nodded at him.

Barty then turned a corner to arrive at an alloy door in the bar.

The door was about three meters tall and wide.

There were two guards in suits stationed at the door; they let Barty in without any questions asked.

Anyone who had never been to Bliss Club would be unable to imagine that this normal-looking bar had such incredible opulence hidden underneath.

A melodious tune filled the air.

The floor was made using the fanciest jade-rabbit stones.

The lights were dim and there was a fragrant smell in the air.

There were rows of what seemed to be a few hundred girls wearing clothes that left little to the imagination.

As Barty entered the room, all the women went on their knees, raising their heads to acknowledge Bartys presence.

Without question, these women were incredibly beautiful with perfect figures.

If they were in school, they would most certainly be prom queens.

One might not even see these many beautiful women in a beauty pageant; it was almost surreal how many there were here.

However, the smiles on their faces looked quite forced, which made them appear like a group of walking corpses with beautiful yet soulless eyes.

Barty approached these girls on his hover wheelchair.

He then pointed at a tiny lady with dark hair.

His face was expressionless as he made his choice, as if he was picking out an animal.

This girl did not look any older than fourteen as her body was still developing, a pert and smallish chest that withheld a still blossoming figure.

Her incredibly dark hair extended all the way to her waist, but she had a deathly pallor behind her empty eyes.

The girl, who was picked stood up, awkwardly followed Barty deeper into the hall.

The silence during this process would be deafening if it were not for the melodious music filling the still air.

A fat woman in her fifties walked out of a dark corner.

She did not have heavy makeup like one would have expected but only light foundation to match her evening gown.

She looked like someone from the upper class, especially with her incredibly expensive earrings.

Your room has been prepared.

As usual, everything you need is in there, the fat lady said with a smile.

Barty nodded.

Is she a virgin

The fat lady laughed.

You must be kidding; everyone knows that every lady in the Bliss Club is a virgin.

Very well.

A fierce smile formed over Barty as he led the tiny girl into the room rented to him all year round.

Once Barty was out of earshot, the fat lady muttered, D*mn cripple.

Theres no way youll be able to tell if shes a virgin, anyways.

Her words were filled with sarcasm and disdain.

She turned around and returned to her dark corner.

Still, that girl actually is a virgin.


Hes rich, so he can do all he wants.

Ill need to get the next batch of girls ready; we are going through them so quickly as of late.

There were two, burly men standing in Bartys room, waiting.

Both were wearing black singlets, which exposed their muscular frame.

The black masks they had on concealed their facial features except fortheir eyes.

All in all, their getups made them seem like executioners.

The girl had no idea what she was about to face, standing awkwardly there as she thought, I should probably be taking off my clothes now

The girl was filled with warmth when she thought of the food her parents and siblings would get at home and how spacious their house would become.

She convinced herself that what she was about to do was worth it; what was a bit of sacrifice if she could give her family a better life The girl bit down on her lower lip and stood up straight, causing her chest to bounce slightly.

She appeared quite calm.

Barty poured himself a glass of wine before saying softly, You may begin.

Just as the last syllable left his lips, the two men lifted the girl off the ground like she was a weak and skinny little chicken.

They violently threw the girl onto the bed before starting their round after round of horrific toture.

The girl gritted her teeth as the pain broke her mind.

She was a fourteen-year-old girl who had not faced the realities of the world.

Even a forty-year-old would be unable to take the intensity of their actions, but the thought fixated in her heart made her incredibly strong.

A harsh, crisp slap landed on her beautiful face, leaving behind a bloody handprint on her tender, pale skin.

Blood flowed from the corner of her lips as two of herwhite teeth rolled under the bed.

Keep beating her.

Bartys arms were jittering as he gave his order in a deep voice.

Beat this whore to death.

About an hour later, Barty left the room looking invigorated.

His face was flushed from the alcohol and the excitement.

The fat lady left her dark corner and met with Barty again, telling him with a charming smile on her face, You look quite happy; does the girl suit your taste

Yeah, not bad.

Its just that shes a bit too old.

Prepare a mother-daughter pair for me next time.

The fat lady nodded as she maintained her smile.

Dont worry; Ill get that ready in three days.

How should we deal with the girl inside

Barty continued outside on this hover wheelchair without turning around.

As usual, bury her in a nice cemetery.

Dont worry about saving money.

As for those two, feed them to the dogs.

The fat lady bowed to Barty from a distance, sending that demon-like figure off.

This was Bliss Club, satisfying the darkest desires in humans hearts in indescribable ways.

Everything that happened in the city did not escape the investigation of the Ling brothers.

Xia Fei, who was sitting in a room, quietly listened to Ling Xiaos report.

Through the projected screen, Ling Xiao could be seen gritting his teeth.

He looked incredibly angry as his breathing was a bit abnormal and his voice was raspy.

No human would feel well after witnessing such a horrendous eventthat was if they could still be considered human.

If it werent for the task at hand, Id storm in there and killed Barty before burning the place to the ground, Ling Xiao said through gnashes teeth.

Xia Fei lit a cigarette as he spent some time thinking.

Just hearing about this had made him feel uneasy.

Evil did not begin to describe how twisted Barty was, and Xia Fei could not think of a single word that would fit to describe that crippled man.

If possible, Xia Fei wanted to kill that b*st*rd without a second thought, too, but doing so would not change Avrils situation one bit.

Even with all the rage he was feeling, he still had to endure and hold it in for the innocent and pure Avril.

I plan to report this to Mr.

Thuram; we cant let that guy continue with what hes doing, said Ling Xiao in a deep voice as he grew pale.

Xia Fei shook his head.

That might not be a good idea.


This is the incredibly well guarded capital ring.

It takes someone with incredible power to create a shop like that in the Alliance capital.

Judging by Mr.

Thurams personality, he wont leave this matter until he deals with it completely.

If he keeps investigating deeper into it, he may get in hot waters with someone whom he cant afford to offend.

If they really do have incredible power, Mr.

Thuram might be dragged into this hot mess, said Xia Fei after some thought.

Ling Xiao was shocked; what Xia Fei said made sense.

The capital was no ordinary city.

It took someone powerful to be able to toy with human lives without restraints or repercussions.

If this was made known to Mr.

Thuram, the knowledge might do harm to him, then it would be like treating their benefactor as cannon fodder.

Xia Fei, thank goodness you reminded me of that.

Itd surely turn into a big mess if I told Mr.

Thuram about this.

Its just that us three brothers cant let this continue without doing anything, Ling Xiao complained.

Xia Fei thought for a few moments.

Lets do this; well secretly gather info on the Bliss Club toying with human lives, then we hand that information over to a broadcasting station.

Once this is made known to the public, the great figure who owns that place will have no choice but to give it up.

Ling Xiaos eyes lit up, slapping his chin as he said, Thats a great idea! If everybody finds out about their evildoings, well be able to defeat that great figure from behind the scenes.

Not necessarily, Xia Fei was skeptical.

Since theyre some sort of a great figure, they probably have safeguard measures; at worst, theyll just give up what they have now.

Plus, who knows how many other shops like that one exist in the Alliance As long as humans exist, evil will also be present.

Ling Xiao was left speechless, suddenly impressed by Xia Fei.

This nineteen year old had demonstrated his ability to adopt a broad perspective be it in his speech or his analysissomething that would puzzle anyone no matter their age.

We need to investigate this thoroughly in order to get this result.

We cant act rashly and alert Barty.

Ling Xiao nodded.


Ill continue to collect evidence; Ill also let you know before I act.

All of a sudden, the micro-communicator in Ling Xiaos ear rang.

He cup[ped his ear for a few moments before saying in a confused tone, Barty didnt return to Sunset Villa but went to another one in the city outskirts.

According to third brother, theres a middle-aged woman and a boy in the villa.

The boy addresses Barty as father

Xia Fei tensed up.

What! Barty has a son!

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