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Chapter 155 Second ability!

Exodus TalesExodus Tales

It was undeniable that Xia Fei was a calm person.

He liked analysis, critical thinking, and gently leaving a red mark on his opponents neck when they were the most vulnerable, but it did not translate to Xia Fei not having a temper.

Any man would have a measure of impulsiveness, a time of anger, for his blood was always boiling, and at this moment, the anger, which had been suppressed deep inside him for long, had finally reached its boiling point.

There was no stopping him.

Anyone who gets in my way dies! Xia Fei angrily declared with the Celestial Moon in his hand.

The ice-cold killing intent filled the air with a trace of menace.

What a horrible killing intent, muttered the man in sunglasses.

Theres no way I can let you go now.

He spat a mouthful of air, which traveled at incredible speeds.

The puff of compressed air shot out like a cannonball.

Although it was invisible, a clear killing intent emanated from it.

Go away!

Xia Feis eyes went bloodshot.

Not only did he not dodge, he also charged toward the pneumatic meteor.

Like a flash of lightning, Celestial Moon slashed downward, destroying that formless air shot.

As the incredibly compressed puff of air was destroyed, a huge explosion followed.

Strong gusts of winds stirred up.

The surrounding land was blown left and right by the shockwave, and the guards nearby quickly covered their eyes; the massive flow of air even managed to knock down some of these well-trained warriors.

Nobody knew how Xia Fei got past that violent flow of air, but when they managed to look at him again, Celestial Moon was already clashing toward the head of the man in sunglasses.

Celestial Moon ripped through the air, whooshing downward in the most barbaric way possible.

Not good! The man in sunglasses did not expect that Xia Fei would be willing to cause losses on both sides by attacking in such a reckless manner.

Celestial Moon was in its most violent form.

There was so much momentum behind it that it was impossible to go head-to-head against it.

Stamping both feet on the ground, the man in sunglasses quickly retreated.

The moment his toes left the ground, Celestial Moon took its place.

The weapon, which had barely missed his body, hit the ground, instead, with the strength of a great hammer that weighed hundreds of catties.

The blow was devastating.

The white stone slab that was the ground instantly turned into dust as countless debris shot forth in all directions, leaving behind a meter-deep crater in its wake.

The man in sunglasses was in so much of a hurry to retreat that he lost his balance as a result.

Just as he was about to hit the ground, he pushed his hand against it, regaining his balance before retreating ten or so steps and stopping.

The rubble had peppered him with wounds and slashes, so the beautiful black suit on him was now in tatters, exposing his beige thigh tainted with blood.

That was close! thought the man in sunglasses as he wiped off his sweat.

Xia Feis hit had greatly surpassed this mans limits; if he had chosen to take it head on instead of retreating, the result wouldve been dire.

Are you all right, Xing bro

The watching guards were utterly stunned.

The Xing bro that they respected so much actually sustained damage from Xia Feis attack, striking fear and shock in their hearts.

Where did this young man come from, and how did he manage to injure their Xing bro

As the dust settled, the guards were even even more scared to see what Xia Fei looked like.

As he was not wearing a combat suit, the short and old Li-Ning brand t-shirt was blown into smithereens.

Now Xia Fei was only wearing tattered shorts, with the rest of his body bare under the sun.

The shorts, as well as, the horrible combat shoes on his feet were part of the Windshade Mark IV combat suit.

Other than these two articles of clothing, everything else was blown pieces leaving behind strips of fabric, barely hanging onto Xia Fei, like a display of flags of different countries

The man in sunglasses suddenly realized that Xia Feis body was riddled with dark red scars, so many of them that they overlapped with one another.

In addition to Xia Feis salt and pepper hair, fierce stance and expression, he gave off a shocking vibe as if he were a demon who had climbed out from the depths of hell.

Impossible! How could someone who isnt even twenty years of age experience that many battles! breathed the man in sunglasses.

By the looks of it, not only did Xia Fei have more scars on his body than he did, his desire to kill was even stronger and more merciless than his.

Perhaps the scars were fake, but this incredible killing intent could not be faked.

He was incredibly uneasy as the thought of being at a disadvantage against a teen who was not even in his twenties sank in.

It should be made known that he was an ability user with pneumatic meteor ability at the intermediate Legendary rank.

There was no way he was fine with losing to someone who was not even twenty years old like Xia Fei, not to mention that the result of their fight would not just be considered a failure, but a complete failure, too

He was not as skilled as Xia Fei, his killing intent was not as strong as Xia Feis, and by the looks of it, he was not even as experienced as Xia Fei in battle.

The youth before him was not even in his twenties yet.

The blood of the man in sunglasses boiled as he began to doubt if Xia Fei was even human.


With a slight smirk, Xia Fei jumped away from the battlefield toward Half Moon Mountain as his lust for fight subsided.

Xia Feis aim was simple; no matter what, he wanted to at least meet Avril.

If anyone got in his way, Xia Fei would find a way through them with no mercy given.

It was obviously not a good time to be fighting the man in sunglasses, so Xia Fei decided to go directly to the villa and seek Avril directly.

Upon seeing that Xia Fei was heading toward the villa, he quickly followed after him.

Unfortunately, his speed was not even comparable to Xia Feis

*Boom boom boom!*

Three bursts of air were fired one after another, hurtling through the air as they headed toward Xia Feis back.

Without even looking behind him, Xia Fei weaved through the three streams of air using his well-practiced Crafty Approach as he continued to go up the mountain.

There was a large old-fashioned building halfway up the mountain as well as a wide platform to let people take in their surroundings.

Just as he was about to set foot on the platform, his body froze as if there was an invisible wall keeping Xia Fei outside.

Get out of my way! yelled Xia Fei, exerting every inch of his body to fight against this invisible wall.

Veins popped out his forehead and his muscles bulged.

This was a battle of energy.

Xia Feis body was expanding and contracting like a spring, and if he gave up, he would be launched to a faraway wall.

Give up Xia Fei had never even considered that.

Avril was not that far away, so why would he give up He was not going to, anyway.

As Xia Fei was struggling for his life, the surrounding air was heavily disrupted.

The invisible wall was all dented thanks to Xia Fei.

At this moment, the man in sunglasses finally caught up, launching three pneumatic meteors from afar.

In the blink of an eye, the shots were right behind him.

Xia Fei bit down on his lip as he took a few steps to the side.

*Boom boom boom!*

The three pneumatic meteors landed right onto the wall, creating a deafening explosion.

Ripples, which were barely visible, appeared on the invisible wall, rippling outward.

Nows the time!

Extending Celestial Moon from his right hand, he pushed it into the wall.

He used all the strength he had in his legs, causing the white rock paving the platform to shatter under him, leaving behind two deep footprints.


The wall had barely recovered from the pneumatic meteors.

Combined with Xia Feis all-out blow, a gap was forced open on the wall.

Xia Fei quickly slipped through the cracks, doing a few somersaults before continuing into the mansion.

Two steps later, Xia Fei was met with yet another invisible wall.

This time, it was not just blocking Xia Fei in his steps but also, like a rectangular jar, trapping him within.

Xia Feis rage brewed as he prepared to rip apart the wall again.

At this moment, an old raspy voice could be heard from afar.

Youre Xia Fei, arent you Accompanying the voice as it traveled down the mountain toward Xia Fei was an old man dressed in black.

He looked to be around seventy; his black suit was similar to what the guards outside were wearing, but his outfit had a black tie with a matching pair of silk gloves.

He was cleanly shaven and his silver hair was neatly combed.

A ray of light could be seen from his foggy eyes as they stared at Xia Fei.

Standing upright, Xia Fei set the nearly four-meter-long Celestial Moon across his shoulder.

Thats right.

Do you know me

The old man approached within twenty meters of Xia Fei and said with a smile, I do, and I dont.

What do you mean Xia Fei took a step forward as he spoke in a deep voice.

The young mistress knows you, and Im the butler, so of course I know you, the old man explained calmly.

So youre Butler Pang.

Thats right.

Im Pang Hai.

The Pang family has been the caretakers of the Jian family for seven or eight generations now, Pang Hai recalled.

XIa Fei did not care to hear about this elderly butler familys history and, instead, went straight to the point.

I want to meet Avril.

Pang Hai smiled as he shook his head.

I understand where youre coming from, but you cant see the young mistress.


Its for your own good.

Xia Fei laughed at that response.

For my own good That must be the joke of the century.

Its none of your concern whats good or bad for me.

At this point the security guards behind him had finally caught up.

Upon seeing Pang Hai, they all bowed and greeted.

The man in the sunglasses, on the other hand, greeted with his fist on top of the other.


Pang Hai nodded and told Pang Xing, who looked untidy, Xing, go change your clothes.

You wont be needed here anymore.

Everyone else can leave, too.

Pang Xing and the other security guards quickly nodded as they retreated down the mountain with tired looks on their faces, leaving Pang Hai and Xia Fei halfway up the mountain.

Turns out theyre father and son.

No wonder their abilities are both air-based, but Pang seniors pneumatic mountain river is way stronger than his sons pneumatic meteor.

Hes quite the opponent, said Phantom.

None of these registered in Xia Feis mind.

The only thing on his mind was to hurry up to the peak and see Avril.

Your son couldnt stop me and you cant either, Xia Fei said in a deep voice.

Pang Hai smiled.

How would I know if I didnt try

Xia Fei clicked the mechanism on Celestial Moon, and the eighteen blades separated from one another.

Using his thoughts, the round blades started spinning in the air.

Pang Hai was utterly shocked.

Xia Fei, turns out you have the psychokinetic ability aside from your speed ability!

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