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Chapter 1409: Two Hundred and Forty-Seven Meters per Second!

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Every weekend, the Blue Boiling Point Training Camp would conduct a large-scale examination.

The third weeks small test mainly assessed their theoretical knowledge, gathering the cadets to do test papers and answer questions.

On the other hand, the big exam was much more intense.

It was a practical competition that pitted cadets against one another.

The topic of this weeks exam was confrontation, and the Combat Division was in charge.

Xia Fan and Soul Flying Bird arrived at the sparring grounds together.

The place was like a sports center, divided into different areas in accordance with their function.

The biggest area was still the arena, where there were three big rings and over a hundred smaller standard rings.

Soul Flying Bird rubbed his hand on his chin and said, “We need to first head over and take the system evaluation results.

Special abilities are split into two types: measurable and immeasurable.

This so-called measurement refers to power, and speed-types are a special ability they can very easily get measurements of.


“As for the immeasurable special abilities, those are a bit more trouble.

Take, for example, the many types of mental abilities, which are all considered immeasurable.

That is why well need to use a simulation cabin.

A simulation fight will be set up in the cabin, and our level and combat power will be measured based upon the results of the simulation.

“Well each go our own way here.

You need to go to the speed testing center, while I need to enter a simulation cabin.

Lets meet again in the arena later!”

And so, Xia Fan and Flying Bird went their separate ways.

Xia Fan arrived at the speed testing center, to find it was a huge circular track that ran for five kilometers, specifically used for speedsters training and testing purposes.

Xia Fen looked around and saw there were between three and four hundred people gathered.

It was not considered a lot, given that the strength testing center nearby was even more ridiculous and over twenty thousand people were gathered there.

After all, strength-based ability users were the most numerous in the universe, bar none!

“A speed of 74 m/s, Advanced Starlight rank! Not bad.

You need to work harder!” A slim and enchantingly graceful woman left the track as the teacher in charge of testing speed immediately praised her.

Next was a very big and burly dark-skinned individual who had crocodile tattoos covering his arms.

Xia Fan watched as he got into his stance at the start position; his muscles tensed and green veins appeared as he launched himself forward with great power.

“A speed of 65 m/s, Intermediate Starlight rank! Youre not too far off from Advanced Starlight rank, so you should be able to make the breakthrough in several more months!” the teacher in charge patted his stocky shoulders, and the tattooed individual grinned.

Xia Fan watched for a while and came to the realization that the Speed ability users results here in the camp were on average fairly weak.

There were only a scant few who could reach Advanced Starlight rank, and as for Star Base rank, not a single one had appeared, according to the names on the display screen.

There were two sides to everything; while the Speed-type special ability possessed insane combat strength, it was also the hardest special ability to train in the known universe! These cadets must have undergone grueling training since they were children, but had barely gotten past the Starlight rank.

After all, people who could make it into Blue Boiling Point were at least considered elites of the universe, if not geniuses!

There was an ancient saying in the Ashen Moon Universe: Star Domain becomes the limit for Speed Bloodlines!

What this saying meant was that the Speed special ability was different from other special abilities.

While other special abilities could reach Star River or even Eternal Rank, the Speed special ability was considered to be at its limit once they hit Star Domain Rank.

Speedsters with cultivation above Star River Rank were extremely rare, given just how difficult it was for them to cultivate the Speed ability.

“Next, Xia Fan!” an advanced cadet wearing a black uniform yelled.

The Advanced cadets had been temporarily asked by the teachers to help assist with the process.

Xia Fan stepped out from the crowd, his usual smile resting easily on his face.

He got on the track and loosened his muscles a bit.

“Youre Star Base rank!” the teacher with the goatee who was in charge of the speed test exclaimed in surprise after he checked Xia Fans data.

Through the data sharing system the Union had, anyone could see that the last official test result Xia Fan took on Brenia had clocked a speed of 153 m/s, reaching Primary Star Base Rank.

Xia Fan nodded.

“Heavens, Star Base rank!”

“He doesnt seem to be any older than me, yet hes already so fast!”


Truly youll only be angering yourself when comparing yourself to others; Ive trained hard for twelve years, yet Im still far away from Star Base rank!”

The cadets broke into chatter, most likely expressing their shock at hearing Xia Fans past result.

As Speed special ability users, they of course knew just how hard it was to improve in their special ability, and how grueling it was to train it.

Xia Fan was about the same age as them, yet his results had already broken past the Star Base Rank, which was why he had created such a topic of discussion among those present.

At the same time, Xia Fan noticed there were several unfriendly gazes from the crowd.

A handful of cadets seemed to be prejudiced, staring at him coldly.

“Huu~…” Taking a deep breath, Xia Fan crouched low as his entire body arched, looking like a cheetah ready to go.

Speed ability, activate!

Strength pumped from his legs and surged throughout his entire body.

Every single muscle fiber he had was pushed to its limit!


Xia Fan had worn a set of black training tights, so he became a black blur as he shot forth! In a very short span of time, Xia Fan reached his top speed!

Other speedsters needed some time before they could reach their top speed, but Xia Fan was different.

Ever since he was young, Xia Fan had been fed top-grade energy crystals while growing up by those scoundrels from the Holy Tomb, and he had a body that was at least a hundred times stronger than the average human being.

His skeletal structure was also as hard as titanium, and his muscles were denser than high-strength carbon fiber.

Xia Fan could immediately reach his top speed from his first steps!

The sound of the wind howled in his ear as everyone watching was left flabbergasted.

Xia Fan came to a halt after running a little bit over a kilometer, and slowly walked back.

“A speed of 247 meters per second!!! Oh my God!!” the goateed teacher yelled excitedly.

Before now, the fastest cadet in the camp had merely clocked a speed of 110 m/s or so.

Xia Fan was more than twice the speed of that person!

Even more incredulous was the fact that when he first had his speed tested, he was on Brenia as a trainee, and that was just two months ago.

To improve his speed by more than one hundred m/s in just two months! Was that not a bit too fast Was it not said that the speed ability was very difficult to improve Why did that eternal truth not apply to Xia Fan

Increasing his speed by a hundred m/s in just over two months.

That was practically faster than a rocket!


Everyone in the speed testing center was completely stunned by Xia Fans results.

A speed of 247 m/s Just what did that mean

It meant that he clocked at 889 kilometers an hour!

That was nearly nine hundred kilometers in an hours time! Most land vehicles were nowhere comparable to his speed!

It was scary!

A freak!

Those were the terms floating in the heads of the cadets present.

“I remember now.

On the first day of the camps start, one of the six individuals who discovered the ion bomb was Xia Fan! He even earned himself 500 points as a result!” someone shouted from the crowd.

Instantly the cadets were looking at Xia Fan with even more searing gazes.

What frightening speed, while also being one of the more outstanding cadets in the camp! Xia Fans individual prowess left everyone amazed.

“Anyone with the surname of Xia isnt a good person!” a discordant voice suddenly came from the crowd.

Those people that had been staring coldly at Xia Fan the entire time promptly left after someone made that statement.

A hundred thousand cadets gradually converged in the arena.

Soul Flying Bird had already taken a good spot prior, and he called Xia Fan from afar as the latter arrived.

“Done so soon” Xia Fan asked, somewhat surprised.

Flying Bird shrugged and said nonchalantly, “Its just a battle simulation, and it naturally ends the moment you eliminate all the enemies.

But the evaluation isnt what matters here.

Whats important is if you wish to obtain a thousand points and become an Intermediate cadet, you really have to go up and do it with your own two hands!”

Xia Fan asked curiously, “So do you mean to say youre prepared to go up and compete”

“Why wouldnt I Besides, it isnt our choice if were going up to compete or not.

There will be a draw,” Flying Bird explained to Xia Fan.

In no time at all, Combat Division Head Lin Xiaowu got up and addressed the cadets present, “Alright, everyone settle down!

“This weeks big exam will be hosted by us, the combat division! The requirement we have here in the combat division is simple and straightforward: just fight! Right now, I will open the test evaluations everyone just had.

Please look above your own heads.”

Xia Fan raised his head and saw a virtual image was shown above his head: he had a big letter A floating above him.

Flying Bird also had an A.

Hei Bolong, who was sitting not too far away, got a C.

He even smiled brightly and waved at Xia Fan and Flying Bird when their eyes met.

Hei Bolong was mainly focusing on reconnaissance, which was why his combat strength was not very high.

He was much weaker than Xia Fan and Flying Bird.

But next week, when it was time for the Reconnaissance division to host the big exam, he would be able to demonstrate his skills.

The four divisions took turns hosting the weekly competitions, so everyone in the camp would have a fair chance to demonstrate their own talents.

After a pause, Lin Xiaowu continued, “The letter above your head is the combat evaluation each of you received.

A is the highest, and F is the lowest.

Right now, the system will randomly pick who youll be going up against, but all of you need not worry.

Someone who was evaluated with an F will not be chosen to fight against someone of a higher rating than them, unless it is your desire to skip a rating class.

“People who are chosen have to immediately fight in the ring.

Lose the fight, and ten points will be deducted, giving up is twenty points deducted! Winning will earn you ten points, and as for the three bigger rings, that is reserved for free battles.

The rules are the same with the random battles, but youre not allowed to pick someone of a lower rating than you, either.”

“Alright, let us all begin! Each battle will be limited to three minutes! Beat your opponents and earn yourself points!”

At Lin Xiaowus command, the system immediately began its random drawings and displayed the chosen names on the central monitor in the arena.

Anyone who saw their name displayed had to immediately get in a ring and fight, or the system would regard it as a forfeit and deduct twenty points.

Almost immediately the entire arena came alive.

A hundred standard rings simultaneously started 1v1 battles.

The moment the fights ended, the next battle would immediately begin!

Such an intense battle arrangement made it so that anyone watching the fights could not help but feel excited and nervous at the same time.

Flying Bird suddenly whispered into Xia Fans ear, “Look right across.

Jaden and those people with their unfriendly gazes.

They might be targeting you, so you better be careful.”

Xia Fan was startled.

He looked across the arena and spotted the bald Jaden in the lead, with several dozen others seated near him.

None of them were watching any of the matches, and were solely staring daggers at him.

Xia Fan shrugged helplessly.

Sure enough, they had set their sights on him!

He saw Jaden suddenly smirk, and the people beside him lowered their heads as he said something.

A powerfully-built blonde cadet who stood almost 1.9 meters tall promptly patted his chest, as if guaranteeing something.

He then leaped down into the big ring right in the center of the arena and swiftly made his way in the direction of where Xia Fan was standing.

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