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Chapter 1395: Mechanical Core

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As Xia Fan discerned more and more information from what he was seeing, the context regarding the Skywing Clans invasion of the Ashen Moon Universe forty thousand years ago grew more and more vivid.

The Ashen Dragon and Hidden Moon had suffered a one-time heavy assault.

Perhaps a frightening opponent like the Skywings existing in the world was the reason that caused them to make the ultimate decision to research the technique to become physically invisible.

As for why they had suddenly disappeared later, it was most likely related to the Skywings, as well!

No matter the case, Xia Fan had found proof that his kin existed, and though the Skywing Clan had actually come looking for someone with the same name as him forty thousand years ago, something he still could not wrap his head around, at least he was now assured in knowing he was not alone in this world!

As for how he would get back to their side, that would depend on the mysterious Skywing Token.

However, Xia Fan had no idea where it could be, nor did he have any idea if it could pass through the Cosmic Gate.

Thus, all he could do was pack up his curiosity and focus his attention on the present.

Xia Fei abruptly sniffed the air.

He had caught the scent of the two demonic puppets, and it was getting stronger by the moment.

It meant that the two creatures were swiftly making their way toward him!


‘Just how did they find me! Xia Fan wondered to himself.

He quickly came to the realization that the question was no longer important anymore.

The only thing important now was how he would deal with the two puppets coming after his head!

Continue to flee

No! Xia Fan immediately rejected this thought.

Trying to escape by relying on his speed would not solve the problem at hand.

What was destined to come would come, and what he needed to fight he would fight!

Once he understood that, Xia Fan immediately grabbed Cheyenne again and ran out the rooms, arriving at the open area in the hall outside.

To a speed ability-user like himself, being in an open area was far more conducive to his combat style.

“Whats the matter” Cheyenne asked, nonplussed.

“Those two demonic puppets have caught up to us.

While youre protecting yourself, try and use your Wind special ability to hamper the speed of the enemy,” Xia Fan quickly told Cheyenne.

Cheyenne turned very focused, able to feel a strong sense of danger.

She nodded solemnly, adopting a fully defensive stance.


Two shadows came hurtling through the passageway in front of them.

They were none other than the two demonic puppets, with their ashen skin that was rotted all over.

Xia Fei charged forward, as well!

In just a moment, Xia Fan and the two small puppets were locked in battle!

A very intense sense of pride blossomed in his heart.

He had witnessed just how brave and strong his ancestors from the Skywing Clan had been, fighting by putting their lives on the line right till the end, not retreating an inch, even in death.

He must not be a burden to his clans name, either!

The blood of the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade that flowed inside him had been energized, and Xia Fan could feel the power of his bloodline pushing him, and he grew more focused.

Speed was king out of all martial arts, and only the brave were undefeated in all battles!

Because there was no way to solve any problems by forever escaping, only the strongest offense became the best defense!

The demonic puppets leapt into the air, opening up mouths filled with jagged teeth.

They viciously bit Xia Fans arm, but Xia Fan did not have any intention to avoid them.

Instead, he welcomed them with fists of his own!


Though the demonic puppets ended up biting Xia Fans fists, his fists were even more ferocious than before.

Despite his injury, he sent his punches right into the mouths of his enemies, shattering their mouths full of jagged teeth! The punches did not stop.

He continued to direct them at his enemies throats and heads!

“This is a treasure,” In a room where a giant machine was in operation, the Little Night warriors small and skinny frame crawled into the machine.

He took out a delicately built metal ball and held it in his hand, unwilling to let go.

Deacon did not understand.

He asked curiously, “What is this thing”

“A mechanical core,” The Little Night warrior wiped the ball clean and raised it up, saying to the Deacon, “The trial area depends on this thing here to maintain everything in operation.

You wouldnt have guessed it, would you A small mechanical core like this can actually contain so much power! Now that Ive retrieved the mechanical core, the entire trial ground will very quickly be put out of commission.

“Anyway, a mechanical core is a type of precious radioactive metal.

It is completely harmless to humans, but it can maximize the performance of a machine.

“Steel will rust, that is a rule of nature, but if a mechanical core is placed next to steel, even if a hundred thousand years pass, the steel would still be as new.

“Spaceships, after voyaging through space for years, might see their performance gradually decline, and metal fatigue is a thing as well.

But if the ship has a mechanical core, even if said ship were to fly for tens of thousands of years, its performance would still be the same as when it was just made.

“This trial ground by Ashen Dragon and Hidden Moon has been up for several tens of thousands years, yet it has suffered no damage whatsoever, and it is still in operation.

Why That is for no reason other than because it had this mechanical core.”

The Deacon was surprised, “Its so amazing Then this mechanical core must be worth a lot!”

“Worth A mechanical core isnt an issue of money, but that no matter how much money you spend, you cant even buy one!

“This mechanical core is uniquely radioactive, and only the Ashen Dragon and Hidden Moon could create one! Furthermore, it has been forty thousand years since their secret disappeared.

Any mechanical core is a much sought-after item in the Ashen Moon Universe, so if youre thinking of selling it, making several dozen billions should be no problem.”

Deacon was elated.

A small metal ball that could be sold for several dozen billion Union dollars That was a true windfall! Even if he bought a new cruiser every few years, he would still not be able to spend it all!

It was at that moment when Deacon suddenly froze, his gaze turning strange as he looked out into the distance.

“Whats the matter” the skinny Little Night warrior asked him.

“My girls have located Xia Fan, and the fight has already begun,” Deacon said.

“Isnt that good Whats with the worried expression on your face”

Deacon bit his lips and said in a serious tone, “Its because… theyve lost…”

That skinny Little Night was startled.

The demonic puppets of the notorious Bloodfather Deacon actually lost to Xia Fan That was practically unbelievable!

Still, that was not the worst part of it, because he and Deacon heard an electronic voice sound off from the huge machine that controlled the trial ground at the same time.


The mechanical core had been removed, self-destruct sequence initiated.

The trial ground will self-destruct in thirty minutes.

All staff members should leave immediately in an orderly manner! I repeat, all staff members should leave immediately!”

The two criminals got goosebumps.

It turned out that the mechanical core was connected to a self-destruct system, and the moment it was removed, the trial ground would explode!

That was when something rolled in from outside the room where the large machine was situated.

They glanced over, and saw that it was the heads of the two demonic puppets.

They were torn to pieces, falling apart even as they rolled in.

One of the heads had even been caved in!

Xia Fan and Cheyenne entered, smiling at the two.

They positioned themselves in such a way that they blocked the way for Deacon and the Little Night warrior.

Such speed! After slaying the two puppets, Xia Fan had rushed right over here!

Xia Fans hands were bleeding, but his head was lifted up proudly, a sharp gaze.

The aura he gave off seemed completely different from before.

It was like he was a new person, turning from a teenager to a brave and fearless warrior! He had deleted the two demonic puppets, despite his injuries!

In doing so, Xia Fan had basically chopped off Deacons left and right arms.

Without the aid of his two demonic puppets, Deacon had lost a good chunk of his combat strength!

Xia Fan laughed, “You were close, Deacon! Had you fought me with your demonic puppets, the result would have been completely different.

But its too bad that you were too arrogant, and felt that these two things were enough to kill me.”

Deacon frowned.

Though Xia Fan was bleeding from both his arms, he could very clearly tell that Xia Fans muscles were fine, and his injuries were superficial, at best!

‘Such tough muscles and bones.

Just how did he get them, Deacon could not help but wonder to himself.

Of course he had no idea that Xia Fan did not drink milk when he was a child; what he consumed were Grade Nine energy crystals! That was why even though he was a Skywing, he was made of tougher stuff than his father or his grand ancestor!

That was when Cheyenne yelled out angrily, “Youre already dead meat! Tell us, why did you all kill those innocent children and dismember their bodies so cruelly!”

Little Night first froze, but soon laughed loudly.

A fierce glimmer shone from his two black eyes.

“Oh, you mean those kids.


I killed them because they ought to die in the first place,” that Little Night warrior said in a sinister tone.

“Youre a bunch of scum that deserve death!” Cheyennes sense of justice was strong, and she reprimanded him vehemently.

“Forget it!” Xia Fan held Cheyenne back.

“Its useless to speak anymore.

The place is about to self-destruct now.

Well leave them to die, and that will be revenge for the children.”

Cheyenne was shocked, but proceeded to nod in agreement.

Let them be buried with the Ashen Dragon and Hidden Moons trial ground, forever buried deep under the sea.

That was also a fitting punishment!

Xia Fan and Cheyenne prepared to leave, when they heard the Little Night warrior yell, “Wait! Dont you wish to avenge those children Im giving you a chance right now! But remember, this is all on you!”

Struggling until the bitter end With no demonic puppets, Xia Fan was not in the least bit afraid of Bloodfather Deacon.

Promptly turning his head around, he glared at the pair threateningly.

Xia Fan and Cheyenne were completely stunned when they saw Bloodfather Deacon suddenly tear off his right arms sleeve.

There was a huge wound on his exposed arm that ran from his wrist to his shoulder, stitched together with black thread.

The Deacon reached over and ripped the stitching on his arm out.

The moment the wound opened up, organs fell out from the open wound, one after another.

There were feet, all four limbs, a heart, and a liver, and more!

They were all childrens organs!

Speechlessness was not enough to describe how terrifying this scene was! Bloodfather Deacon had actually hidden the organs of those children inside his body!

The horrid demon! To think he would actually do something like that!…

The Little Night warrior said frigidly, “Do you know why the Deacons nickname is The Bloodfather

“It isnt because he uses little kids as his demonic puppets, but because the demonic puppet needs to first gestate inside the Deacons body.

Back then, even I stayed in the Deacons body! The demon-type blood flowing inside his body is really delicious!” The Little Night warrior happily licked his lips in remembrance!

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