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A cold intent that penetrated right down to the bones!

The moment Xia Fei entered the palatial property, he could feel all his hairs stand on end.

Though the exterior of the building was well preserved, there was still quite a bit of damage.

He could see that the inhabitants were once massacred, but for some unknown reasons the interior of this palace was left untouched.

The murals and carvings on the walls were all in perfect condition, not looking any different despite who knew how many tens of thousands of years had passed.

However, the gloomy atmosphere inside the palace, as well as the crazed humanoids depicted on the murals, made Xia Fei feel a sense of oppression.

This place was not a residence for some important figure of their society, but more like a memorial hall for some great person.

The murals and the sculptures all depicted the life story of that individual.

Generally, the story of this person could be summarized and described in one word: Massacre!

Killing, and then more killing!

Every mural depicted a kill, and the sculptures were all of him, raising a white longsword killing others.

Everywhere Xia Fei looked, all he saw were images of death and carnage!

“Could there be nothing else to have recorded of this persons entire life, except for killing people” Xia Fei muttered to himself.

Though Xia Fei was still alive, there were already countless statues and sculptures erected of him.

There was one of Xia Fei riding an automated car making deliveries in Beijing, and there was a grand sculpture of Xia Feis war against the Insectoids commissioned by the Human Alliance, as well as the touching declaration of love that he had said to Avril.

It was not hard to say that while everyone knew of Xia Feis craziness, they also knew of the goodness in him.

But everything about the person in this memorial hall was just killing, killing, and more killing! It was like he had not done anything worthy of note aside from killing!

“Could the personality of the Fiends really be this violent Thats not right.

I recall the Fiends were known to be war strategists, and not just pure killing machines,” Xia Fei wondered to himself out loud.

“I dont know, but I feel that weve inadvertently arrived at somewhere incredible,” Radix shook his head in agreement.

All of a sudden, a series of banging sounds came from outside the hall, and Xia Fei hurriedly hid himself as he took a peek outside.

All he saw was the Great Spiritualist Zumi, kowtowing at the hall! Both his hands were raised as he muttered something under his breath.

“Did this person really come here to pay his respects Just what exactly is this place” Xia Fei wondered to himself.

He watched Zumi approach the hall once he was done kowtowing.

The Spiritualist arrived at the center of the hall and knelt down in front of the sculpture of that killer god and kowtowed once again.

Once he was done with his obeisance, Zumi returned to his feet and gingerly made his way to the back of the sculpture, his hand softly feeling the stone, searching for something.

All of a sudden, a keyboard-like console extended out from behind the sculpture.

Zumi proceeded to enter a password into the console.

Xia Fei hid in the darkness, watching everything as it transpired.

It was a good thing he did not make a move against Zumi, otherwise he would not have had an easy time finding the location of that mechanism.

He also didnt know who Zumi was or where he came from, yet he had actually managed to locate the trigger here in the ruins of the Fiend race.

While he was busy thinking to himself, something strange happened!

He heard the sound of wind coming from behind him.

Was someone attempting a sneak attack on him!

Without a second thought, Xia Fei flipped his wrist and sent out a palm!

The sound was heavy.

Xia Feis palm had slammed into a fist, and it was a fist that held great force! Xia Feis sleeve looked as if it was cut by scissors as it tore into shreds!

That was when Xia Fei made out that the one ambushing him was a masked individual.

He was decked out in black war armor, and even had a cloak that seemed to be made of black silk.

The immense impact forces sent Xia Fei and that masked warrior away from one another at the same time.

Xia Fei subconsciously clenched his hand into a fist, because a severe pain had shot up his arm from that exchange.

While he had been in a hurry, Xia Feis punch was nevertheless filled with the subversive power of his Law of Primal Chaos! This enemy had actually managed to resist this attack, which indicated that his level was much higher than Xia Feis!

“Hmm” the masked man exclaimed in surprise as he was pushed back.

First was the impressive power from Xia Feis Law of Primal Chaos, which had managed to let him trade evenly in that exchange, but what shocked him even more was when Zumi came leaping out with a look of barely hidden anger after hearing the scuffle, when the ambusher thought he was Xia Feis ally.

Three men stood equidistant from one another, forming a triangular standoff, each of them suspicious of the others.

Zumi had no idea who Xia Fei or the masked individual were, the masked man thought Zumi was in cahoots with Xia Fei, while Xia Fei had no idea why he had been on the receiving end of a sneak attack.

The situation was a little strange.

The three men were in a stalemate, and none of them took the initiative to make the first move.

Furball, Little Goldie, and Nirvana were all in flight, hovering behind Xia Fei, waiting for his orders.

Zumi and that masked individual both appeared to have misgivings, constantly darting their eyes everywhere, looking like they were very unwilling to make a move in here.

‘Are they hesitating Xia Fei took note of their trepidation and an idea came to him.

With a slight smirk, Xia Fei turned toward Zumi, “Zumi, lets work together and kill him right now!”

Zumi was stunned, asking in his puzzlement, “Who are you How did you know my name”

Xia Fei hastily urged, “This persons an expert, its time you give up on the act right now.

Given how smart he is, theres no way he would fall for it.

Well only have a chance to get out of here alive if we work together!”

The expression on Xia Feis face was animated, showing a sense of urgency and sincerity to make it appear like this was a conversation between good friends.

Even Zumi himself was a little confused.

Could this human really know me

Throwing a side glance sy the masked man, Zumi nearly burst out with a curse.

Xia Fei was clearly trying to pull a fast one over on that man, so this strange interloper would treat him and Xia Fei as if they were in cahoots.

That masked man let out a long sigh as he said in a suppressed voice, “This here is the Cenotaph to the Broken Wing Sky Devil.

If were fighting, then let us do so outside.”

Xia Fei was at a loss now.

After all this time, hed found this place was actually a tomb!

The dead would not be able to crawl out from their graves, not to mention this was a cenotaph, which meant there was no corpse even here.

There would only be the clothes this Broken Wing Sky Devil had once worn interred here to commemorate him, so why would this masked man be so concerned Could there be something strange about this place

Xia Fei eyed the masked man closely and suddenly felt himself shudder.

He realized that he had seen him before!

“Brother Zumi, do not be fooled.

This persons a Dragoon! Well be dead if we get out of here!” Xia Fei warned Zumi as he feigned concern.

“A Dragoon!” Though Zumi was surprised, he had also intentionally suppressed his voice lower, not daring to shout loudly here in the Cenotaph of the Broken Wing Sky Devil.

Xia Fei was finding this situation to be more interesting by the second.

Evidently, both Zumi and this masked Dragoon understood particular details that left them afraid of this Broken Wing Sky Devil.

Neither dared to make a din here in his Cenotaph, much less fight!

Recalling that punch he had received from the masked Dragoon, XIa Fei suddenly understood what had happened.

The assassin had been afraid of making too much noise, which was why he did not go for a lethal strike.

Xia Fei had only managed to withstand the blow because he possessed the Law of Primal Chaos and superspeed.

Had this man been putting in his whole strength into that blow, the situation would have been extremely precarious for Xia Fei!

After all, the man was a real Dragoon.

He was the one whom Xia Fei had worked together with to break the Spirit Mountain Soul Array that day on Spirit Mountain!

When the masked man saw that they were in a deadlock, he proceeded to draw his sword while whispering a salutation to the Broken Wing Sky Devil.

The sword was three meters long, forged like an extra large saber, the blade long and slender, gleaming in a cold black phosphorescent sheen.

“Before the Sky Devil, I, Ling Boyu, have no choice but to kill here in this revered Devil Cenotaph! If thou art in heaven, please forgive this lowly ones transgression!”

The Dragoon Ling Boyu made his strange salute as Xia Fei took note of his name while trying to come up with a stratagem.

Suddenly, the long black saber thrust right at Xia Fei.

While in mid air, it abruptly transformed into countless black shadows that were directed at Xia Fei and Zumi without making any sound at all.

It all looked like it was an illusion!

Xia Fei quickly retreated, and at the same time Radix steered the Fiendish Blade Nirvana to block for Xia Fei.

The edge of the illusory blade clashed with Nirvana, yet there was still no sound! But Xia Fei did hear a pained howl from Radix.

“Radix, are you okay!” Xia Fei asked anxiously.

“That sword is very weird! I nearly felt my soul flee from me!” Radix exclaimed in fright.

On the other side, the color on Zumis face grew even worse.

It seemed he had been hit as well.

Xia Fei had no idea just what was so strange about Ling Boyus saber to actually be able to injure Radix inside Nirvana.

Had it not been for Xia Feis remarkable body technique, he might have suffered the same fate!

“Devil Shadow Dragoon!” Zumi hissed in his suppressed voice, “So youre a Devil Shadow Dragoon! That saber you wield is a soul weapon from the Fiend race!”

A single line that could wake even those asleep! Xia Fei suddenly had an epiphany.

It turned out that he was going up against a Fiend Soul Weapon!

The soul weapons forged by every sapient lifeform were different, and the masked man was using a soul weapon that came from the same place as Fiend Scar and Fiend Lock!

Zumi looked to have studied the Fiends in great detail, as he was able to recognize what type of soul weapon Ling Boyu was using so quickly.

Xia Fei could not have imagined that he would be going up against an Devil Shadow Dragoon! As a Neophyte of the Devil Shadow Dragoons, he had taken three soul weapons from the Fiends treasury.

But Ling Boyu was an official Dragoon, and he might have a lot more strange and rare Fiend soul weapons!

This was really not good!

Xia Fei had always prided himself on having plenty of trump cards, but the Devil Shadow Dragoons have three whole warehouses of legacy soul weapons from the Fiend Race.

It would be troublesome if Ling Boyu were to randomly pick out some.

That was why his soul weapon might perhaps be more plentiful and of higher quality than Xia Feis!

There was no way Xia Fei could beat him in terms of cultivation, and his enemy had even more soul weapons than him.

This was going to be a very grueling match!

Gritting his teeth, Xia Fei promptly shouted, “PEACOCK BLUE!”

Peacock Blue burst out from the ground loudly, creating a mess in the Broken Wing Sky Devils Cenotaph!

“Dont disturb the esteemed Sky Devil!”

Ling Boyu and Zumi both seemed extremely afraid as they bellowed loudly at the same time.

They were afraid, but Xia Fei did not care! Using everything that could be used as a weakness was Xia Feis principle!

Peacock Blue opened its large leaves, trying to surround Ling Boyu, while Furball, Little Goldie and Nirvana were ordered by Xia Fei to charge right over!

The originally oppressive atmosphere was replaced with one of chaos.

Xia Fei did not care about this Sky Devil.

All he cared about now was survival! For the sake of staying alive, Xia Fei would become a Devil!

Xia Fei used his full strength, with Little Goldie and Furball charging forward with him! There was no room for discussion as they began their barrage of attacks on Ling Boyu! Xia Fei was creating the maximum amount of sound possible!

Ling Boyu was in a very awkward spot.

He watched as this Cenotaph for the Broken Wing Sky Devil began to crumble, and he was even more panicked than Xia Fei.

Warriors were ultimately born to kill, and they could not have even the slightest bit of hesitation in their hearts.

Ling Boyu had made the biggest mistake a warrior like him could make by having reservations.

He instantly found himself stifled by Xia Fei, and he was now at a disadvantage.

“If you want to live, then come kill him with me!” Xia Fei turned his head and bellowed at Zumi.

Zumi did not acknowledge him, when a dull sound suddenly rang out from under the memorial hall!

Zumis hair instantly stiffened straight up!

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