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Chapter 1107 Micro-darkness Thrown into Chaos

Diamond Star was a small superspeed warship.

While that unknown ship, which had been struck down, was a cruiser, it was many times larger compared to Xia Feis ship.

“From the damage, this ship mustve been scuttled through sheer firepower.

These arent the signs of an experts attack,” Radix said.

Xia Fei had already come to the same conclusion.

If this was the handiwork of a being, the damage would not be so consistent.

“So out of the three warships, at least one has superb firepower.

Even if the warriors on board dont head out to space and fight, theyll still have the power to deal a fatal blow on their opponents.

Well have to be careful against such an opponent,” Fuchen advised.

Fighting out in this kind of place was not the scary part; it was that they would be in trouble if their warship got damaged or even destroyed in the process.

Without the support of their superspeed warship and just going by their strength alone, it would take even for the speedster Xia Fei to make it out of this uninhabited region.

This was why it was very important for people to protect their warships even in the Alpha Universe.

After all, one still had to depend on their warships to leave a place after every battle.

“From what Ive observed so far, a large warship might be responsible for the destruction of this warship.” Xia Fei shared his thoughts out loud.

“Thats very possible.

Large warships are of such gargantuan size that they can be fitted with plenty of arsenals.

How should we deal with such a scenario” Radix nodded and asked.

“Give chase but dont engage,” Xia Fei replied firmly.

“Three ships arrived here one after the other, which shows that theyre from three different teams.

Combat will break out if they bump into one another, and from the remains of this ship, all we can do is wait.” Radix was surprised at first, but he soon exclaimed, “We can wait till the other two ships are severely damaged before swooping in and eliminating them all!”

Xia Fei let out a long sigh.

“It wont be that easy.

If one side is too strong and can handily beat the other without incurring much loss, well still have to face that strong opponent at their peak capability.

Come, lets just take things as they come.

It will always be troublesome when it comes to dealing with potential opponents.”

There was no way plans could adapt quickly enough or keep up with the changes.

Just as Xia Fei was tracking down the remaining two warships, an unexpected storm struck.

“Its a Dark Matter Particle Storm! Xia Fei, we must come up with a way to hide from this storm as soon as possible!” Radix cried in alarm.

“No need to panic.

The warship can withstand it,” assuaged Xia Fei.

Dark Matter had a violent nature, and though it was just a minor particle storm, it was still more than capable of inflicting substantial damage to any warship.

Fortunately, Xia Feis warship had a resilient diamond-shaped hull, which could adapt to a storms strength, so it would not have a hard time withstanding such volatile elements.

Fuchen was still a little worried.

“What if the number of these particles increases, intensifying the storm Im afraid that well be in hot soup.”

Xia Fei chuckled.

“What can trouble us can also trouble our opponents! Though our warship is small, it actually has the slimmest chances of being threatened by it.

This is a once-in-a-million opportunity right now!

“Maintain our engines at 100% capacity; full speed ahead!” Xia Fei gave this order to the AI computer.

For some reason, Xia Fei had actually ordered the ship to increase its speed!

The radar had a limited search range, and right now, those two warships still had no idea that Xia fei was secretly on their trial.

The moment he increased their speed and closed in the distance, though, their ship would appear on the rival warships radars, thereby exposing it!

Radix and Fuchen both kept quiet.

It was clear that Xia Fei had his plan, and given their current circumstance, all they could do was place their trust on him.

Their speed kept climbing; Diamond Star was almost forging ahead at full speed.

Half an hour later, a white dot appeared on their radar, indicating a large battlecruiser.

Its speed was not great, but it boasted impressive firepower!

“Sure enough, the ship with the greatest firepower has been sandwiched in the middle.

If my assumption proves to be right, the warship far in front should also be damaged,” Xia Fei stated calmly.

Fuchen and Radix could only express their astonishment.

They had no idea where and when Xia Fei had come up with his speculation.

After all, none of them had even seen that ship far out in front, yet Xia Fei had already guessed that it was damaged His reasoning abilities were simply too ridiculous.

“How did you know all these things” asked Fuchen, curious.

“Its clear to me from the traces left behind that the three ships are all different models.

When we entered the star region, I saw that the three residual trails were not too far from one another.

There could only be two possibilities for that: One, all three warships are about the same size and, two, they entered the region one after another separately.

Because of the time that has passed from the first entry, the trail has gradually dissipated, so now it appears as if the three trails are more or less going on the same route.

“According to the molecular residual theory, of the three ships, one is definitely a battlecruiser with overwhelming firepower.

Its not hard to guess that the huge ship was the first to enter the Micro-darkness Star Region.

It came first, but since the other two ships are smaller compared to it, both have an edge when it comes to speed, so theyd have naturally eventually outrun the big ship.

“One of the small ships mustve received damage from that large ships firepower, and now the small ship in front is having trouble ensuring its safety, too.

Though its in the lead, it has probably sustained damage, too.” Xia Feis analysis was fairly comprehensive.

Radix and Fuchen nodded repeatedly as they listened to him.

Radix was fine, for he had experienced Xia Feis extremely accurate inferences before, but Fuchen, who had only been in Xia Feis company recently, was truly greatly shocked.

“So what do we do Should we take on that battlecruiser by force” Radix asked.


Well speed past it to get in front,” replied Xia Fei calmly.

“Thats too dangerous! The battlecruisers firepower covers a wide area! If we wanna speed past it, then well have to take a wide arc.

In the event its fitted with a super-long-range strike weapon, well find ourselves buried in the stars!” Radix yelped.

He was different from Fuchen.

He was once a soul ships core, so he had a deep understanding of how warships operated, and he could easily tell just how dangerous that maneuver was.

None of the two had expected Xia Fei to smile at this time.

He then contradicted Radixs statement.

“First, the area that the ship in fronts firepower covers isnt that large, or else the other cruiser would have already been destroyed.

Second, the Dark Matter Particle Storm is still raging! Thatll make it extremely difficult for it to target and lock onto our ship, making this an excellent opportunity for us!”

As their Diamond Star got closer and closer, the radar could already clearly make out the battlecruisers outline.

Xia Fei attempted to overtake the ship by circling around it from the outside, but after that cruiser discovered the Diamond Stars presence, it very quickly changed its course and moved close.

“It really didnt open fire! Does it really not have a super-long-range strike weapon” Radix exclaimed.

At this moment, the distance between the two warships had already grown big, while both kept pace with each other.

Furthermore, Xia Feis warship was quickly leaving the other in his engine plume with the Diamond Stars advantage in speed! Seeing this scene, the enemy warship had probably gotten very anxious, but it was useless anyway.

The battlecruiser had amazing firepower, but its speed was average, with it not being in the least bit agile.

Xia Fei had already determined its weakness through logical analysis, so the one on board that other ship could only watch blankly as Xia Fei overtook them!

Speed was everything!

All of them were heading to Aquamarines old lair, and whoever arrived first could gain the benefits that came along with that feat.

Radix felt excited, but the expression on Fuchens face had become somber at this time.

His gaze was locked onto the sight outside the window.

That Dark Matter Particle Storm was extremely scary, capable of puncturing holes the size of sesame seeds on their ships hull if it ever made contact.

Fortunately, the hull was thick enough, so minor damages would not be something they should fear.

“The Dark Matter Particle Storm is becoming even more intense.

We might be getting close to the heart of the storm.” Fuchen gulped audibly.

“Yes, but this is the fastest route.

I already calculated it.

The battlecruiser has an 80% chance of brushing past the eye of this storm,” replied Xia Fei calmly.

Radix was stunned, the excitement he was initially feeling completely gone now.

He muttered, “A chance of 80% That means that theres a 20% chance of encountering danger”

“Thats right,” replied Xia Fei simply.

His eyes were filled with so much determination.

Xia Feis decisive expression brought Fuchen and Radix great confidence.

Without a doubt, he was an expert when it came to piloting warships! In addition, he was great at calculating things!

Two hours had passed, and the warship, which was in front, had also appeared in the radars range, but the Dark Matter Particle Storm was getting even fiercer.

The radar display was filled with static, as the entire ship rocked more vigorously.

“Youre right.

That warship has indeed received damage.

Its signal radius is obviously stronger, but its signal is erratic and unstable.” Radix stared at the radar for several minutes before reporting this.


On average, the smaller and flatter a warship, the weaker the signal radius.

However, after this warship got struck, its shape had become irregular, which was why the signal radius increased accordingly.

Xia Fei had guessed correctly.

When this ship went past that battlecruiser, it had received quite a severe beating.

It was just that its engine was so advanced that it could forcibly increase the distance to escape with the lives of those aboard.

Xia Feis grip on the wheel became firm, as he steered it into the eye of the storm!

“What are you doing! Thats in the direction of the eye of the storm! Were doomed if the particle storm hits us!” Radix shouted in fright.

Xia Fei was unfazed.

“If you got a chance to kill an opponent, would you pass it up” Radix and Fuchen were both startled.

After all that, Xia Fei was actually hell bent on killing his opponent here!

As they drew closer to the eye of the storm, the shaking of the warship became much more severe.

Xia Feis brain was racing, as everyones lives were now in his hands!

Right when it seemed like the warship could no longer withstand it, Xia Fei suddenly controlled the wheel to turn the warship around!

Fuchen and Radix had finally understood at that moment!

The storm was proliferating from the center; Xia Fei had chosen the appropriate angle by which he could borrow the Dark Matter Particle Storms force!


Their speed had become faster than ever! Due to the storms force, the Diamond Star warship was now moving at a speed well past its limit and was now like a beam of light as it shot forth!

Even more amazing was that Xia Fei and the storm were heading in the same direction, so no opponent could lock onto him, and all they could do was wait out the storm!

This was what it was like to sail a thousand mile in a day by going with the river flow!

That cruiser, which had obvious damage in several areas, was presently going at its max speed in hopes of avoiding this fierce assault from Xia Fei.

Unfortunately, everything had been well within Xia Feis calculations, so how easy could it be for them to attempt an evasive maneuver

“Lock on and fire!”

Xia Feis command was very simple.

The most difficult route adjustment had already been accomplished, so now he just had to reap the benefits!


A grand explosion rumbled from afar! That cruiser, which simply had no way of defending against both Xia Fei and the Dark Matter Particle Storms battering, had instantly been turned into smithereens!


As the Diamond Star came hurtling through that conflagration, everyone did a sharp inhalation.

Turning around, the ship was now finally truly heading to the Valley of Wind at full speed.

The only battlecruiser that could threaten Xia Fei had already been halted firmly!

“Whatever is in Aquamarines lair, it all shall belong to me!” Xia Fei hissed through gritted teeth.

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