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Chapter 1092 A Pack of Ruthless Fellows!

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The appearance of a Holy Beast and a stranger had given Xia Fei quite a bit of trouble.

Moments ago, the Flamechain Tail had almost succeeded in striking Xia Feis face with its infamous tail, and now, his master had

silently appeared.

It was a distance of less than one hundred meters.

For this person to risk being this close to Xia Fei, a speed-type warrior, meant that he was extremely confident in his reaction speed being enough to fend off Xia Feis

high speed.

The White Dragons Screech was slowly unsheathed, and with a slight exertion from his hand, the legendary sword let out a mournful screech.

“Who are you” Xia Fei asked grimly.

“My surname is Sun; you should know now who | am,” replied the ashen-faced man.

It was clear that he was very angry, as his mouth had been twitching this entire time.

Xia Fei smiled and said disdainfully, “Oh, so youre Sun Xiaojin, that guy working for Chaos Society.”

Xia Fei felt disdainful not because he was looking down on his enemy but because this person was not Aquamarine.

After all, that woman was the most sinister and most well-concealed enemy of his.

It would not be

good if he fought to the death with Sun Xiaojin right now, for the real enemy was still hiding in the shadows.

Alas, Sun Xiaojin did not think the same way.

With his mouth curving into a small, he began to exude pride and arrogance.

Xia Fei did not understand Sun Xiaojin; in actuality, not even many of the latters colleagues in Chaos Society understood him.

The sounds of their names, Sun Dajin and Sun Xiaojin, made them seem like nouveau riche,

not people from respected clans.

Moreover, the Sun Clan had never been respected.

Even though Sun Xiaojin now had a seat in Chaos Society, his clan was still unable to get onto the universes big stage.

Sun Dajin had not imagined that Sun Xiaojin would one day get famous when he was deciding on his sons name.

He just felt that it would be enough if his son could study hard and inherit his pharmaceutical business.

Unfortunately, this universe had something called genetic mutation, and the ordinary merchant Sun Dajin ended up fathering a very extraordinary son.

From a very young age, Sun Xiaojin exhibited an astounding

talent, and in his forties, he would turn out to be an Intermediate Soul Hunter with five Soul Marks! A level 5 Founder!

Sun Dajin was a minor businessman, who calculated everything meticulously, and his sudden wealth could not correct the bad habits built up over many years.

The refined descendants of great clans would rarely do

something like shamelessly refusing to repay a debt over a little profit, but Sun Dajin felt like it was a glorious thing to take advantage of the Aurora Clan, which had resulted in him suffering the great misfortune of his

entire estate being flattened by Xia Fei.

This matter should not have been a big deal, as if it was not like the Sun Clan had any sort of deep resources.

Even if Sun Dajin had an outstanding son, he could not possibly do anything to the Aurora Clan, so he had

basically accepted his fate.

The problem was that, when Sun Xiaojin heard of what had happened, he immediately marked the Aurora Clan and Xia Fei as his mortal enemies!

As he grew up under a businessman father, Sun Xiaojin had come to have a very narrow mindset, always thinking that other people were targeting him.

Fortunately, he had good potential and was also lucky enough to

get a Holy Beast as his companion, so he had smoothly climbed to his current position.

Alas, a few days after Sun Xiaojin had gotten his new job, Xia Fei used a soul cannon to blast off the estate, which Sun Dajin had

only bought recently, thereby forming this grudge.

“Whos commanding you I just know that those scoundrels are directing things from behind the scenes; I didnt think that theyd work this quickly! Tell me: Who is it!” Sun Xiaojin roared.

Xia Fei was instantly rendered speechless.

Sun Xiaojin seemed to have a case of paranoia.

It was one thing to attack him, but he should be the one asking such questions, not Sun Xiaojin.

“No one commanded me.

Your dad owed my clan money, so its only natural for me to collect payment for the debt,” replied Xia Fei, shrugging.

“Impossible! It must be… It must be those guys who couldnt stand me even when I was still a kid! Theyre in disbelief that I was able to enter Chaos Society, and now that Im a patrolling inspector, those guys must

have gone crazy!

“What even is your Aurora Clan Its just a clan in decline! You must have been hired! Someone ordered you to deal with me in exchange for helping your Aurora Clan keep its second-tier spot.

Am I right!” Sun Xiaojin

continued to spout baseless accusations.

This was undoubtedly a senseless argument.

It was wholly through Xia Feis efforts that the Aurora Xiao Clan had been able to keep its second-tier spot, but Sun Xiaojin had somehow linked it to some under-the-table


To think such a person could become a patrolling inspector for Chaos Society; it would probably only take him a few years in his position before he built up a small mountain of false charges.

Frowning, Xia Fei decided to stop arguing with this conceited maniac.

It was not the bulls fault that it failed to appreciate zither music when played to it; someone of Xia Feis judgment could not possibly out-argue

someone who had a problem in their head.

“If you wanna die, no ones stopping you,” said Xia Fei softly, his voice exuding an irresistible majesty!

This was no longer the recuperating Xia Fei.

Having returned to his peak combat strength, he did not need to fear anyone!

So what if the other had five Soul Marks He was just a level 5 Founder, and Xia Fei, who had one and a half Soul Marks, was already about to become a level 2 Founder!

Fighting above his level was something Xia Fei had spent his entire life doing!

“Alright! Since you wont talk, Ill beat it out of you!” Sun Xiaojin pulled out a trailing chain blade, which had an azure luster, and said this viciously.

“Fiendtail, strike!”


The Holy Beast Flamechain Tail and level 5 Founder Sun Xiaojin attacked in unison!

Holy Beast versus Holy Beast!

Founder versus Founder!

Sun Xiajins weapon was very strange, so Xia Fei had treated it with wariness right from the start.

Using his high speed, he first approach the battle defensively.

The chain blade was less than three meters long and was wrapped around Sun Xiaojins waist via a thick chain.

The blade was like a scythe, while the hilt, which was 2.5 meters long, could be folded; he kept it around his

waist when not in use.

Sun Xiaojin was tall and bulky, so this weapon rather suited him.

A chain blade was one thing, but a trailing chain blade was something else entirely.

The two had entirely different forms; besides that, this was a soul weapon!

A Holy Beast and a soul weapon! Sun Xiaojin getting his hands on these two trump cards despite coming from a merchant family meant that he possessed some truly incredible luck.

Of course, this was just because he had never met Xia Fei, for Xia Fei was an even crazier person! His equipment had long ago reached the very highest level in the universe!

Xia Fei was in no rush to attack, observing Sun Xiaojins movements.

In addition, Xia Fei was also worried about whether or not Furball could hold out against the Flamechain Tail.

Xia Fei and Sun Xiaojin were still warming up, but the two Holy Beasts had been fighting at full power all this while!


Aroar! A plaintive roar!

Furballs furious roar was already like a roaring tsunami, and as these two Holy Beasts roared, the sound was enough to break a man!

*Whoosh whoosh!*

Furball might not have been as powerful as the Flamechain Tail, but Furball was more cunning!

The little ball dodged left and right in the narrow space, seizing a chance to bite viciously that Flamechain Tail!

Holy Beasts were naturally stubborn creatures! Moreover, in the years Furball had spent with Xia Fei, he had learned cunning and madness! Furball had long ago surpassed the common qualities of a Holy Beast!

He was perhaps the most cunning and smallest Holy Beast in the universe!

While the Flamechain Tail was larger and clearly of a higher rank, in this apex clash between two Holy Beasts, the Flamechain Tail held no advantage at all.

On the contrary, Furball had even been able to seize a few

chances to take a few bites off him!


The Flamechain Tail howled in pain.

Furballs small body served him as an excellent weapon, and though the Flamechain Tails tail was fast and sharp, it had a difficult time hitting the agile Furball.

As the two Holy Beasts fought to a draw with each other, Little Goldie charged in.

The demon chrysalis was an existence many times smaller than Furball.

ff Furball was a tennis ball, Little Goldie was a needle, and this lethal golden needle jabbed into the Flamechain Tails body!

Sun Xiaojin was stunned!

He did not know what sort of creature Little Goldie was, but he knew that it was not normal!

Beasts had a strict hierarchy, and even top-ranked Divine Beasts would have to back down in front of Holy Beasts.

However, this Little Goldie was not at all daunted by his Flamechain Tail! What was the reason for this

Either Little Goldie had a level on par with Holy Beasts or it was not part of the universes hierarchy of life!


Little Goldie was born as a demon chrysalis, but it was also not a demon chrysalis.

It was a monster that had been modified by Xia Fei using the Law of Primal Chaos—a stubborn little lifeform that had crawled out from

the underworld!

A stunning scene played out!

Catching the Flamechain Tail off guard, Little Goldie burrowed into its body and did not come out! He burrowed into the Holy Beasts body and began to bite and tear!

ormal creatures would be left shivering in fear when facing a Holy Beast, but not Little Goldie.

He had elected for a surprisingly cruel method, starting to eat the enemy Holy Beast from the inside!

This was just insane!

Furball howled, growing even more crazed and more proud than before!

Furball had fallen behind in his contest with Peacock Blue, leaving him feeling very frustrated, and now, even Little Goldie had started to eat away at the Flamechain Tail from the inside.

Where was his pride as a Holy

Beast Furball had to take the top spot in the contribution ranking for this battle!


Furball went mad! Utterly mad!

He had completely forgotten about his ability to use energy attacks, doing nothing but biting away at the Flamechain Tail!

Sun Xiaojin was so angry that he wanted to throw up blood.

Furball and Little Goldie were like two rogues, using the most insidious of methods to beat up his beloved Holy Beast!

ormally, Holy Beasts were too proud to resort to sinister methods, but Furball and Little Goldie were different.

Xia Fei had not taught these two freaks to be gentlemen, only how to kill their foes, and they were willing

to use the most sinister of methods to do so!

“Fiendtail!” Sun Xiaojin watched as his Holy Beast was being eaten up alive, but he was unable to do anything to help and could only shout in anxiety.

At this moment—

Xia Fei shifted from passive defense to frenzied attack!

Immemorial Mystical Armament Peacock Blue!

The vampiric fiendish blade Nirvana!

The legendary sword White Dragons Screech!

Xia Fei unleashed all his treasures!

“Fiendtail Whatever tail it is, it shall die!” As Furball and Little Goldie fought in an unreasonable fashion, Xia Fei roared in an even more frenzied manner!.

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