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Chapter 1085: Fifty Percent Lightspeed!

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After a long period of rest and consolidation, Xia Fei was starting to get busy once more.

Every day, Xia Fei had to handle the organization of his new school.

For some reason, Aurora Clan Patriarch Wistful Heizus had unexpectedly agreed to allow Xia Fei to use the clans external compound.

This immense estate could hold ten thousand people, and Xia Fei did not have to spend a cent.

It was truly killing two birds with one stone.

Xia Fei had planned to use Courtyard No.

1 to test the waters, and if the effect was good, it would not be hard to use the other courtyards.

Iron Tiger had gone to recruit teachers from the Sebastian Clan.

He reported on his progress daily to Xia Fei through a long-distance communication device.

Xia Fei had to decide who was a good candidate and who was not.

Little Schott and the other youths were all extremely excited about the establishment of this new school.

Every day, numerous members of the clan would visit the external compound to find Xia Fei and ask about the details of the schools test.

Surprisingly, it was not just the young who wanted to enter this academy.

There were also many people who had made a name for themselves a long time ago.

Having already clearly stated that anyone in the Aurora Clan, regardless of age and cultivation, could apply, Xia Fei naturally did not refuse these

older applicants.

At the start, Xia Fei was still interested in explaining to everyone, but as time went on, he could not take it anymore.

Repeating the same thing every day was just too boring.

Thus, Little Schott and the steward of the external compound, Wistview, became Xia Feis ad-hoc representatives.

Whenever someone came to ask about the details for applying, they would take the responsibility of explaining everything to them and of taking down their info as well as contact

information so that everyone could be notified when the time came to take the test.

The Aurora Clan, which had existed for ages, had countless descendants, so many people came to apply.

While Little Schott and Wistview were busy every day, they were happy to work.

Everyone could see that the Aurora Clan had been on the decline recently, and it was obvious that if the clan kept treating people nicely, it would fall into ruin eventually.

However, now there was Xia Fei, the monstrous Xia Fei! Wistview and Little Schott saw a sliver of hope.

Xia Fei, who had come out of nowhere, was very different from the other members of the clan, acting with ruthless resolve.

If Xia Fei could make the Aurora Clan shed off its timid and cowardly hat,

Little Schott and Wistview were sure that it would be a good thing for the clan.

The ambiguous attitude of Wistful Heizus and the other clan elders imbued Little Schott and Wistview with confidence.

Since the clan elders had not stopped them, it meant that they did not mind Xia Fei slightly altering the Aurora Clan.

In the dangerous Alpha Universe, survival was what mattered.

What good would reputation be It was not like one could eat it.

Xia Fei had made up his mind to turn the Auroreans into the Skywings of the Alpha Universe, an existence that was both hated and feared.

Once he was done with work, Xia Fei threw himself into cultivation.

To his surprise, Fuchens so-called formidable instruction plan did not involve providing him cultivation assistance but rather providing him food!

Fuchen explained that the Skywing Clans special training method for its clans specialty had pushed the cultivation method of the Law of Speed to the very limit, and not even Fuchen could do any better.

However, he could give Xia Fei good food that would be better for the body and would increase the

efficiency of his cultivation.

“Whats there to eat for today” Xia Fei asked curiously as he entered the training room.

‘The Aurora Clan had its own spatial training ground, and as a member of the clan, Xia Fei needed only to apply to use one.

It was not far from the external compound and was very convenient.

Fuchen smiled mysteriously as he took out a ceramic jar from his spatial ring.

“Winter bamboo shoot and corn porridge.”

Xia Fei shrugged.

Winter bamboo shoots and corn porridge were very ordinary food often seen on the tables of commoners, but since both were from Fuchen, they should naturally be anything but normal.

Xia Fei reached out to take the food, but Fuchen slapped his hand down.

“Whats the rush If you want to eat, you have to pay me.

Thats the rule we made.

Seven hundred thousand pearls for cooking the porridge, fifty thousand for labor, so seven hundred fifty thousand in total.

Hand it over.”

Xia Fei was speechless.

While Fuchen did provide him three meals a day, he would ask for a labor fee each time, and his prices were not low.

This porridge, which cost seven hundred fifty thousand pearls, was actually quite cheap.

The carp from last nights dinner had been at an absurd price of 1.3 million

pearls! In just three days, Xia Feis wallet had shrunken at an incredible rate and was still rapidly shriveling.

Expensive as it was, Fuchens food boasted impressive effects.

Xia Fei had benefited a lot, so he was willing to fork out the money.

Fuchen took the money and smiled as he stowed it away in his spatial ring.

At this, Xia Fei frowned.

“Tonly have less than five million pearls now.

In the next two days, I wont have any money to pay for food,” Xia Fei said with a bitter smile.

“What You plan not to pay your debts! You dont know how to make money Youre a Spiritualist of Healing, and I havent heard of a Spiritualist in this day and age who has starved to death.

Plus, youre a healing-type monster.

If you want, you can sell any soul weapon you make to the Tong Clan at a

high price,” Fuchen replied casually.

This was true.

Xia Fei still had sixty-seven standard units of Spirit Energy in reserve.

If he could make about a dozen healing-type soul weapons with them, each one would sell for an astronomical price.

However, Xia Fei had longer-term plans, and he had stolen this Spirit Energy.

There was no Spirit Energy in Garde 83s vicinity for Xia Fei to use, so if he wanted to gather Spirit Energy, he would have to travel very far away.

Thus, Xia Fei wanted to keep this Spirit Energy in reserve to use when needed.

After all, Spirit Energy was not just used for making soul weapons, but also for battle.

It was best to make money through other means, but Xia Fei had not decided how just yet.


He drank the porridge.

It was sweet and tasted pretty good.

A warmth soon began to travel through his body quickly, and he cried in contentment.

Standing up, Xia Fei set off for todays cultivation class.

The best time to train was when the foods power was still runing through his body.

Xia Fei continued with the Skywing Clans insane cultivation method: Drawing the pattern while sprinting at high speeds.

It was extremely difficult.

Fortunately, this was not Xia Feis first time using this crazy training method, and he was familiar with every step.

His speed was constantly increasing as the pattern was drawn out.

Xia Fei got faster and faster, and with each redrawing of the pattern, he made significant progress.

Xia Fei currently had the level 5 Law of Speed, and he could travel as fast as four million meters per second! With the power of the Soul Mark, he could double this to eight million meters per second!

While cultivating, Xia Fei did not use the Soul Marks power, so his speed floated between 3.5 and four million.

This was a dizzying speed, and ordinary people could not even see Xia Fei.

They would only feel a gust of wind as he blew past them.

The legendary armor, Celestial Sole Warning, might not have been specifically for speed-type warriors, but it still was able to significantly weaken the wind resistance.

While he sprinted, Xia Fei did not create any powerful sonic booms or winds.

He was like a silent ghost as he traveled through the

training chamber.

The sixth Law of Speed pattern was already in its last phase, and Xia Fei estimated that he would break through today!

Once he got past the sixth threshold, Xia Fei would have a speed of eight million and a max speed of sixteen million!

Sixteen million What was that!

Half the speed of light!2

It was not lightspeed, but it was so fast that he could chase after light!

Time went from dusk to dawn.

Fuchens bowl of porridge had sustained Xia Fei for eight hours! In such intense cultivation, every second consumed an astronomical amount of energy! It was clear that this gourmet food was bursting with power! Not even the finest natural treasures could compare.

Even more valuable was that Fuchens food had been made according to Xia Feis needs.

Putting aside the fact that it was suitable for Xia Feis high-intensity cultivation, it had no side effects on his body.

Medicine could never accomplish the same effect.

Every medicine had a little poison, and even the

most gentle medicines concealed edges that could harm the body.

“Keep going! The foods power is about to pass.

If you cant break through today, youll have to wait for tomorrow night!” Radix said urgently.

“Understood! Watch me!” Xia Fei roared.

He mustered the rest of the strength in his body and began a new round of frenzied sprinting!

A ghostly figure moved through the training chamber as Xia Fei put everything on the line to get past the level 6 threshold!

At the side, Furball watched with eyes full of excitement.

Having grown more and more sick of Peacock Blue, he much preferred interacting with Little Goldie.

Little Goldie, which had never been very smart, was weaker than Furball in combat and was now as small as a caterpillar.

Thus, Furball managed to find some self-esteem from Little Goldie, as he was much larger than the other.

Little Goldie very obediently crouched next to Furball, as if it were the Holybeasts little toad, as Furball watched their master with a very exaggerated expression.

It was truly a very amusing sight.

Through Xia Feis constant treatment, Little Goldie was more than half recovered, but it had yet to return to its domineering size.

Furball was a little fellow that could just not grow any larger.

Xia Fei felt very depressed that the massive Little Godlie had also become so little.

There was one other thing that was very interesting.

Normally, demon chrysalises were more suited for life in dark space, and if they were gone from that type of environment for too long, they would be like fish out of the ocean and grow sick.

However, Little Goldie had completely adapted to

conventional space and did not seem uncomfortable at all.

In the future, it would become an ultimate trump card that could dominate both spaces and would be of much help to Xia Fei!

“Break! Its going to break soon!” Radix yelled.

Laws were very strange powers.

As long as the pattern in the seventh brain region was formed, ones cultivation would naturally improve.

However, right now, Xia Feis advance was being blocked by a wall, but once this wall was shattered, he would be greeted by a brand-new world!

Xia Fei turned savage, gritting his teeth!

“Break! Break for me!”


This sound had not come from the training chamber but rather from Xia Feis 200% open seventh brain region!

After a moment of chaos in the brain region, the sixth law pattern finished forming!

“Level 6 Law of Speed! You did it!” Fuchen stood up and waved his hands in excitement.

“Xia Fei, you can now move at half the speed of light! Chasing light! Youre a real war god who can chase after light!”

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