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Chapter 1063: A Vicious Relative

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Xia Fei arrived at no.

9 house and saw that it was situated at a remote location.

Though the conditions were not shabby, it was still fairly simple.

Aside from the two empty rooms, the rest were filled with people.

Xia Fei could count almost a thousand of them in the courtyard.

After looking at the rooms once, Xi Fei left and walked along the long corridor to inspect the place.

What he saw as he strolled around was not any different from what he saw from the compound outside.

These were all people living off the hospitality of the Aurorean, making a din everywhere.

Taking a corner, Xia Fei arrived by a plot of land filled with grape trellises.

This place was far more serene than anywhere else.

There was an old man seated under one of the grape trellises, helping himself to the produce.

He lifted his head, and the two noticed each others presence at the same time.


tured out that this old man was the chamberlain of this house, Wistview.

Every old servant of the Aurora Clan would have theWist added to their name, to show that there was no distinction between them.

Wistview had been with the clan for many years, so he also had Wist in his name.

Smiling at Xia Fei, Wistview waved his hand.

“Come sit with me.

This is where the people who work here live… How did you end up here Did you get lost because of how unfamiliar the compound is”

Xia Fei did not stand on ceremony and took a seat across from Wistview.

“I didnt exactly lose my way.

The place Im supposed to stay is too noisy; I was a little bothered by it, so I went elsewhere to look.”

Xia Feis appearance was that of someone who meant no harm, a slight smile always plastered on his face.

Old Wistview saw how young and polite Xia Fei was, and he took a slight liking to him.

With a sigh, he poured Xia Fei a glass of wine and apologized, “Im very sorry.

This compound wasn‘ originally

like this.

Its this households goodwill that regardless if someone is truly a relative or not, as long as theyre willing, they can stay here.

In fact, no locals truly come here to cause a disturbance.

After all, the Aurora Clans reputation is evident.

If locals do come in to eat free food, if word gets out, nobody

from around will find it amenable.

“Unfortunately, since the start of last year, for some reason, a huge group of foreign wastrels have come to live in the external compound, feasting at our expense.

They caused so much mess that the actual relatives, who had come to seek refuge, didnt dare to stay anymore, and they now live somewhere


Xia Fei was surprised and asked inquisitively, “Did you say that all these people had just suddenly arrived together”


About three years ago, more than ten thousand of them appeared here.

The place almost exploded from overcrowding.

Forget about them being lazy and good for nothing, they even often gather to brawl after getting drunk.

Even the neighbors were affected, all of them choosing to relocate.


household felt bad for them, so we offered compensation to those who decided to move.

Those neighbors knew of the clans financial difficulty, so not many of them actually took us up on the offer.”

It was quite apparent that those people presently occupying the external compound had come from a distant planet, and it was an organized move at that! Could the Aurora Clan really not see that Xia Fei wrinkled his eyebrows when he thought of this.

After a brief pause, Wistview continued speaking.

“This external compound was built during the Aurora Clans golden era.

Aside from the kitchen, the entertainment area, garden, and ancillary facilities, there are nine houses, able to accommodate more than ten thousand people at the same time.

“When the clan was prosperous, it wouldnt be a problem even if they played host to over ten thousand guests.

After all, the cost of food and lodging is nothing compared to soul weapons, cultivation, and all the necessary courses for warriors.

Theyre cheaper by a whole lot! Alas, in recent years, as the

clan gradually declines, having to feed so many mouths is becoming a serious problem!”

Wistview was heartbroken as he listed off all the troubles the clan was facing.

However, upon seeing Xia Feis displeased expression, he quickly added, “Oh, this is my fault for venting my frustrations on you.

Forget it.

You can rest easy while staying here.

Though these wastrels and drunkards are a mess,

theyre not the sort who can cause any real trouble.

With Little Schott keeping an eye on the place, youll be fine as long as you dont provoke them.

As for the issues of brawling, thats also just their infighting, Otherwise, Little Schott wont let them off.”

From the way he spoke, Little Schott seemed like a young man whom Wistview was rather fond of, and so Xia Fei asked, “Who is Little Schott”

Chuckling, Old Wistview hinted to him, “I told you that the Aurora Clan is filled with good people, upright and genuine, but Little Schott isnt like that.

His eyes are sharp, and the moment these freeloaders overstep, Little Schott will rush out.

This year alone, three miscreants have already been taught a

lesson by him!”

Wistview sounded very excited after saying this, but all Xia Fei felt was a headache.

This external compound was ultimately a property of the Wist family, and the clan would send a few of their disciples on occasion to keep an eye on it.

Little Schott was in charge of this place, but it seemed like the young mans character was not completely in line with the kind elders.

He followed the

rules, and anyone who went against it would get his boot.

However, in a years time, only three of the hooligans had been chased out of the place, which showed that Little Schott was not exactly any better.

Given Xia Feis temper, he would have booted out all these louts on the very first day!

Setting down his glass of wine, Wistview smiled and asked, “Young lad, youre not really here to visit your relatives, are you”

Xia Fei did not deny and answered calmly, “Thats right.

I dont have any relatives in the Aurora Clan.

I just happen to have no money on me right now.

As I was passing by, I heard that I can eat for free here, so I came over in hopes of finding a temporary lodging.”

suddenly, Xia Fei heard a voice, which still sounded young, call, “How could you do something like that Its not appropriate.”

He did not sound like he was rebuking Xia Fei; rather, he seemed to have spoken out of pity.

Xia Fei turned around and saw a short, well-dressed young man standing at the compound entrance.

He had two thick sword-like eyebrows, giving him a very heroic appearance.

“Young Master Schott, youre here.” Wistview hurriedly got up to greet the young man.

It turned out that the newcomer was Little Schott, the one in charge of the external compound.

Little Schott jogged over in two steps.

He showed a respectful attitude that made it seem like he was Wistviews grandson.

The three sat back down, and Little Schott told Xia Fei, “Since you didnt deny your identity, it means that youre not bad, unlike those drunkards.

I have some money here, you can have it first.

Il help you think of other solutions if thats not enough.”

With that, Little Schott actually handed Xia Fei a deerskin pouch filled with pearls.

Xia Fei weighed the pouch and estimated that there were at least a hundred or so pearls inside.

Xia Fei smilingly placed the pouch into his pocket, thinking,Silly boy, its one months worth of allowance for you, isnt it

Xia Fei did not expect Little Schott to hand over money to him without any heartache; the latter even asked for more details about the difficulties he was facing, showing plenty of concern.

Xia Fei pouted as he told Radix, “This is the most atypical member of the Aurora Clan I think that this clan of my grandfather cant ever be saved.

Its as the old saying goes:Ripe persimmons are soft when picked. Honest people are ripe targets for bullying.

The Aurorean are all pushovers! Theres no

need to pluck them, for theyre already ripe!”

Radix hated that he could not make a personal statement and sighed.

“Well, that cant be helped.

This is the attitude and characteristic of everyone in the clan.

Your grandfather is even kinder than Little Schott here.

If he heard your words, he wouldnt openly tackle the topic but would, instead, very

secretly put the money under your pillow.

Thats to avoid making you feel awkward.”

Xia Fei was speechless.

Did such people really exist!

From the way Little Schott spoke, though he was a very kind soul, he could not be considered a fool.

There was no way for Xia Fei to extract any relevant information from him, and he just ended up arousing the young mans vigilance.

Well, at least hes not a complete fool.

It means that he can still be saved. Xia Fei mused.

The sky gradually darkened.

Little Schott mentioned that it was time for him to depart, so he bid Old Wistview farewell and left the external compound by himself.

Xia Fei trailed after him.

“Whatre you following me for” asked Little Schott curiously.

“Though we, Auroreans, dislike attacking others, that doesnt mean that we are afraid of anyone, either.

There are rules in the clan, and were allowed to retaliate if attacked.”

“What nonsense! If you cant retaliate when attacked, arent you just waiting to die” Xia Fei rolled his eyes and scoffed.

“You! How could you say that”

“Why couldnt I Come with me; I have something to discuss with you.” Xia Fei did not even care to reason with him, leaving Little Schott livid as he glared at Xia Fei.

“Whyre you just looking at me Dont you understand what Im saying when I ask you to come” demanded Xia Fei.

“Tm not going.

You have ill intentions.” Little Schott finally replied with this after some time.

Xia Fei did not care to waste any more time, so he immediately said in a low voice, “Nine nights for the sun, a peaceful river against the currents, a majestic river in the valley, a mysterious green rainbow…”

Xia Fei had just uttered lines from the Aurora Clans secret soul art, which would be impossible to know if someone was an outsider.

Little Schott was first stunned when heard those words before he asked hurriedly, “Just who are you Why do you know the precepts only known to us, Auroreans!”

Xia Fei smiled and spoke in a serious tone.

“In a way, you can really call us relatives, but as for who I am, theres no need for you to know that.”

Little Schott was young and hardly had any experience of the world.

Xia Feis words had piqued his interest, and so he followed him all the way to a rather luxurious restaurant on a street.

Xia Fei ordered a table of dishes, and Little Schott sat there awkwardly.

He had given all his money to Xia Fei, and right now he did not even have a pearl on him.

What would he do if they had to settle the bill later

“This meal is my treat.

Have this back.”

Xia Fei proceeded to return Little Schott his money, who was absolutely floored by this as he took it back.

He simply could not fathom what he should make of Xia Fei.

“No questions!” Xia Fei quickly waved his hand dismissively before Little Schott could open his mouth.

People who were too kind tended to be pedantic, and Xia Fei had no desire to waste time getting him to understand.

“Tl just ask you one thing: Do you wish to chase away all the wastrels staying in the external compound” asked Xia Fei.

Little Schott was silent for a good while before answering, “I do… but there are rules in the clan—”


Xia Fei reached out and stopped him again.

“Dont mention rules to me.

Yours truly here has never once cared about rules my entire life! Let me ask you: Of the hooligans living in the compound, whos the leader”

“Someone called Lazlow,” answered Little Schott.

Xia Fei nodded.

“I see.

Wait here for a few minutes.”

With that, Xia Fei swaggered out the door and left Little Schott all alone in the restaurant.

Xia Fei soon returned.

With a swift brush of his finger over his spatial ring, he took out a bio-storage container.

Inside was neither an animal nor a plant but a still living and breathing human being! It was none other than Lazlow, whom Little Schott had just mentioned!

Taking a sip of tea, Xia Fei opened the container and fished Lazlow out as if he were grabbing a kitten.

Without a word, Xia Fei used force right between Lazlows legs a few times.

*Crunch crunch*

This sound of bones breaking filled the room! Regardless of any clarifications, Xia Fei had instantly broken the bones of this man!

Little Schott watched this with cold sweat trickling on his back.

Xia Feis ability to recite the Aurora Clans secret soul art meant that he was a member of it.

Never in his wildest dream did he even imagine that someone from his clan could do something so ruthless!

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