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Chapter 1033: Forming a Grudge

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Enya leaned on the car window and watched Xia Fei leave, concern filling her eyes.

“Its fine.

Boss and Xia Fei are all very good people.

Theyll definitely help redeem you.

You just have to believe in them,” soothed Old Wang hastily.

He could tell that Enya was worried.

Enya fell into the backseat, her weak and thin body curling into a ball as she whispered, “Are Boss Xiang and Brother Xia very formidable, even more formidable than Tai Ning”

“Well…” Old Wang was rendered speechless.

Xiang Beiyang naturally was not as powerful as Tai Ning, who was one of the top businessmen of Red Dwarf Star, only one step away from entering Tang Wannians circle.

Meanwhile, Xiang Beiyang was trying to squeeze his way into the first-class social circle.

As for Xia Fei, Old Wang was unsure about him.

“To get me, Tai Ning had my entire family killed.

While Brother Xia Fei is a very good person, he may be unable to persuade Tai Ning.

This is fine, though.

I already feel content that he was able to save me today,” Enya whispered.

Perhaps because she was really too tired, Enya soon fell asleep.

She seemed to be having a nightmare because she kept moaning in her sleep.

“N-No! Dont kill my dad!” Enya waved her arms in her dream as if she were trying to grab something, sweat appearing on her face.

“Haaa… What a pitiful girl.” Old Wang sighed.

He covered Enya with his jacket so that she would not get cold.

Xia Fei did not know what had happened to Enya.

This girl, who had kept the matter of her entire family being killed deep in her heart, presumably felt deeply aggrieved over it.

At this time, Xia Fei and Xiang Beiyang, who had just entered Tai Nings mansion, saw that the party had already begun.

It was exceptionally lively, and Xia Fei and Xiang Beiyang, one dressed like a beggar and the other dressed like a nouveau riche, drew countless jeers.

Xiang Beiyangs face turned red, and he awkwardly stood around, but Xia Fei casually strode forward, boldly standing in the crowd.

Xiang Beiyang suddenly realized that he truly was not on the same level of existence as Xia Fei.

It must be understood that everyone here was exceptionally wealthy, all of the women bedecked in resplendent jewels, so bright that they could blind the eyes.

Xia Fei was only wearing an old set of exercise clothes, but he stood tall and proud!

This was not a feigned pride.

Only someone who had been through great storms could have an indifferent gaze like Xia Fei.

“Whats going on I suddenly feel uncomfortable.” A young man next to Xia Fei shook his head and sullenly walked off.

He originally intended to stand next to Xia Fei so that he would form a sharp contrast with the others plain attire, but Xia Fei stared straight ahead, exuding a powerful aura that made the opulently dressed man seem like a beggar.

“Brother Xia Fei, Boss Xiang, youre finally here!” Tai Ning smiled as he walked out of the crowd to welcome them.

Many people recognized Xiang Beiyang, but they found it rather absurd for Tai Ning to personally welcome the strangely dressed Xia Fei.

Also, given that he had said Xia Feis name first, he clearly regarded the man with utmost respect.

In high society, every word and action had a deeper meaning.

Tai Ning had put Xia Feis name first and had a meek and respectful attitude, surprising everybody.

Xiang Beiyang hastily came forward to kiss up to Tai Ning, but Xia Fei stood where he was, smiling as he asked, “Boss Tai, I heard that you have a young girl of the Crane Clan by the name of Enya”

Tai Ning was startled, not understanding what Xia Fei meant, while those around him chuckled in understanding.

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In this day and age, anyone with money kept a few beautiful slaves that they rarely spoke of to others.

This was particularly true for the Crane Clans beauties, who all had snowy-white skin and were considered the apex of female slaves.

When Xia Fei spoke, everyone immediately understood that Tai Ning also had this fancy, but it was somewhat improper for him to bring this up in front of so many people.

Tai Ning was someone who had been through many big storms as a businessman, and he quickly reacted and chuckled.

“Brother Xia, why did you bring this up Come, come, come! Lets go and sit in the observatory.

Old Master Tang is waiting for you.”

The observatory was an exquisitely positioned balcony in the Tai Estate, and only the man himself and the select elite of Red Dwarf Stars merchant class could enter.

Not only did Tai Ning personally welcome Xia Fei, he even welcomed Xia Fei and Xiang Beiyang to the observatory Everyone began to view these two in a whole new light.

Xiang Beiyang felt so happy that he shook, but Xia Fei was unmoved.

“Boss Tai, Id like to inform you that I plan to purchase Enya.”

The chattering crowd fell silent instantly.

Xia Fei was brazenly taking this slave! He did not even leave room for negotiation and had bluntly declared it in front of everyone.

Tai Ning paled, and resentment appeared in his eyes, but recalling Tang Wannians orders for tonight, he calmed down quickly and said, “To tell the truth, one female slave isnt much to me, and its unlikely that I cant gift you one, but Enya is an exception.

I have other reasons for keeping her.

As long as its not her, you can choose from any female slave in the estate.

Even if you were to take them all, I wouldnt say a word.”

His subordinates had already reported to him that Xia Fei had rescued Enya while they were trying to capture her, so Tai Ning believed that Xia Fei lusted after Enyas beauty.

This was why he had allowed Xia Fei to take any female slave in his estate, believing that this would satisfy him.

Alas, Xia Fei was unmoved.

“I accept Boss Tais kind intentions, but please forgive me for not accepting the offer.”

These were rather polite words.

Xia Fei was unwilling to quarrel, so he had left some room for negotiation.

In the past, Xia Fei would have already started a fight.

Tai Ning, who had not expected that Xia Fei would not give him any face, felt his face darken.

He sneered.

“Brother Xia, no matter what, Enya is my slave.

Is this something you can really decide on”

“Whatever you say, Im going to take her.

Boss Xiang, pay him,” replied Xia Fei coldly.

It appeared that both parties could not agree.

Xiang Beiyang and the other guests did not know what to do.

As for the Tai houses guards, they were itching to strike, awaiting Tai Nings order to charge in and give Xia Fei a harsh lesson.

Xia Fei remained calm and unruffled.

“Why are you wasting time talking to this guy Just kill him!” said Radix viciously.

At this time, Tang Wannian and another elder, who Xia Fei did not recognize, had rushed over.

The two were all important members of Red Dwarf Stars high society, so the surrounding people all greeted them respectfully.

“Brother Xia Fei, Little Tai, whats going on here” asked Tang Wannian hastily.

Strangely, Song Jinhu, the Soul Hunter who was usually by his side, was not here, replaced by a burly black man.

Tai Ning quickly told Tang Wannian what was going on and begged these illustrious figures of Red Dwarf Star to help him.

After all, Xia Fei was an outsider, and he felt that if they did not do it for him, they would at least speak up for him out of deference to his father.

After hearing him out, Tang Wannian frowned and barked, “Fool! Arguing over a single female slave Youre not worried about being laughed at by others Brother Xia has just come to our Red Dwarf Star, so you should be doing your utmost as his host.

Just give that female slave Enya to him.

If you want money, Ill pay it!”

Tai felt his vision go dark.

Why was it that Tang Wannian was speaking up for Xia Fei over him!”

“No buts! This matter is decided.

I will of course explain things to your father.”

Tang Wannian refused to take any objections, instantly deciding on this matter, and from how pale Tai Nings face was, he had clearly taken a rather hard blow.

Everyone was stunned beyond comparison.

For Xia Feis sake, Tang Wannian had given Tai Ning a slap in the face.

This was far too strange no matter how they looked at it.

Was Xia Fei some big VIP

At the observatory, no matter how unhappy Tai Ning was, he needed to keep these bigshots company.

Xiang Beiyang was here for the first time, so he behaved very stiffly, not even daring to breathe too hard as he watched these big figures converse.

Xia Fei acted as if this was no big deal, sitting on the side and beginning to think.

“Are you think of that girl Enya She really is lustrous, even on par with Avril, and its not like Avril objects to you having other girls, so why dont you just take this Enya Being with you will no doubt be better than being a slave,” Radix said with a naughty smile.

Avril truly did not mind Xia Fei marrying a few more women.

After all, he was a speed warrior, and she always had a tough time after every session.

Xia Fei had no choice but to slow down his tempo.

This situation was somewhat alleviated when Avril began to learn law force, but she was still far from reaching Xia Feis requirements.

At the start, Avril had recommended her close friend, Nicole Sawyer, but Xia Fei found her to be too shrewd and refused straightaway.

Later, there was Xiao Yu, who Xia Fei really did like; alas, he had been too busy at the time to do anything about it.

It seemed like Xiao Yu was determined to follow Xia Fei for the rest of her life, and if Xia Fei did not marry her, this girl would probably remain unmarried until the day that she died.

Even he did not know if refusing Xiao Yu would be saving her or hurting her.

There was already the precedent of Sarah.

It had been several years now, but this girl had refused to get with any other man and just kept waiting for Xia Fei like a fool.

Was she going to wait for the rest of her life Was this fair to her Would it be fair to Avril, though, if she had to share a man with other women

There was also the troublesome Moon Song.

Thinking about all his woman problems, Xia Fei became lost in thought for a brief moment.

Smiling, Xia Fei said, “I wasnt thinking about Enya.

Rather, I was thinking about soul weapons.”

“Soul weapons What about them” asked Radix curiously.

Lightly turning his right hand, upon which Peacock Blue was hidden, Xia Fei said, “After learning the Feather Spirit Codex, I suddenly realized that Immemorial Mystical Armaments may be linked to the creation of soul weapons.

Moreover, my Soul Mark is different from whats described in the book.

It seems like Im not a Spiritualist.”

Radix was startled.

“Peacock Blue is connected to the forging of soul weapons Youre neither a Soul Hunter nor a Spiritualist Xia Fei, are you running a fever Why are you suddenly talking nonsense”

Xia Fei rolled his eyes and ignored Radix.

As he was deep in thought, he failed to notice Tang Wannian sneaking out.

Tang Wannian found a quiet place and turned on his communication device.

The face of Song Jinhu appeared on the screen.

“Old Song, whats so urgent that you called me” asked Tang Wannian.

“I told my master about the October Flying Snow, and my master wasnt sure, either.

As such, he wants the young lady to bring over the soul weapon so that he can take a personal look.

What do you think” said Song Jinhu sternly.

Tang Wannian was stunned.

“Even your master didnt know whats going on with it! Is there truly something strange about Xia Fei”

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