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< Ding! >

< Do you wish to consume the Rank 1 Beast Core >

< Yes / No >


< Upgrade Stat Points >

< Upgrade Skills>


Lux consumed the seven Beast Cores and upgraded his Stat Points, which in turn upgraded his Special Body Constitution. After the boost in stats, he was finally able to equip the Relentless Warrior set to his "Battle Equipment Page".

Once someone had entered Elysium, their Clothes Inventory would be divided into two categories. The first category was Fashion and the other was Battle.

As the name suggested, the Fashion Inventory would mostly store normal clothes, while the Battle Inventory would mostly store armors that people wore when they went to battle.

Lux could easily swap between two sets depending on the situation. While other people liked to display their amazing armor for everyone to see, the Half-Elf didn't feel comfortable wearing it outside of battle.

After allocating his points, Lux felt more confident about returning to Elysium and challenging the locations around Leaf Village.


Name: Lux Von Kaizer

Age: 16

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: (None)

Health: 225 / 225

Mana: 105 / 105

Strength: 20 ( 3)

Intelligence: 20 ( 1)

Vitality: 15

Agility: 17( 3)

Dexterity: 15 ( 3)

Defense: 100

Special Abilities: Skill Evolution [EX].

Skills: Power Shot, Slash, Dark Arrow


< Immortal Conqueror's Legacy >

Rating: F

Progress: (96/100)

Conquest is not all about claiming lands, and expanding your Domain. True conquest is conquering the hearts of people. Once you gain their loyalty, the path to Dominion will open its doors for you.

Abilities: (None)

Note: Upgrading your special constitution will allow you to unlock its abilities.


< Dark Arrow >

(2 Mana)

– Hurls an arrow of darkness that has a small chance to blind your target.

< Skill Evolution [EX] detected a new Skill. >

Dark Arrow will be upgraded into Void Arrow once the requirements have been met.

< Void Arrow>

– Hurls an arrow of darkness that has an intermediate chance to blind your target.

– Requirement to upgrade: Successfully blind a target 30x

– Progress ( 0 / 30 )


Lux was quite happy to receive the Dark Arrow Skill from the Beast Cores that he had received from his Grandma.

According to Vera, the Beast Cores came from the Rank 1 Monster called Night Shade Crow.

This Crow only hunted at night, and it was notorious for preying on the Beginners who happened to step into its hunting grounds.

Although the skills and the upgrade he received were good, there was still something that troubled the red-headed boy the most.

Lux could feel his liver itching when he saw that his Immortal Conqueror's Legacy only needed four more points before it could complete its first upgrade.

He was very curious about what kind of abilities it would unlock after it reached 100%. Because of this, Lux was hesitating whether or not he should ask his grandma for one more Beast Core in order to complete his upgrade.

Vera could see his dilemma, but she only gave him a smile. She understood that look on her grandson's face, but she didn't want to spoil him too much.

"Lux, I believe in you," Vera said as she patted her grandson's shoulder. "I look forward to the day when you're able to surpass me."

Lux smiled and nodded his head. "I'm also hoping for that day to come, Grandma. That way, it will be my turn to protect and take care of you."

Vera chuckled as she ruffled her grandson's hair. "No need to protect me. I'm already old enough to handle myself."

"Then, Grandma, is there anything you want No matter what it is, I'll give it to you without fail," Lux said with determination, which made Vera rub her chin in contemplation.

After a few minutes, Vera flashed a mischievous grin to Lux and said her dearest wish.

"I want to hold my great grandchild," Vera replied. "It doesn't have to be now, but I want to see them within seven years. Do you think you can grant this wish of mine"

Lux blushed because he didn't expect his grandma to ask him for a great grandchild. Even so, he summoned his thick skin to give the person who raised him a determined answer.

"Don't worry, Grandma," Lux said as he patted his chest with confidence. "Your grandson is very handsome. I'm sure that even if you cut the time down to five years, you'll be holding not just one, not just two, but many great grandchildren in your arms!"

Vera clapped her hands together. "Wonderful. I didn't know that my grandson was so capable. Very well, I'll look forward to holding my great grandchildren. You better work hard in Elysium and find me some good daughter-in-laws."

Lux could feel his cheeks burning after his embarrassing declaration. However, since he had already said it, he would definitely fulfill it.

The only problem was that he still had to wait a year before he could use the Widlgarde Stronghold's Teleportation Gate to connect to Elysium in order to meet with Humans. Although the Dwarven Lands were good, he felt that the Dwarves wouldn't like to have a Half-Elf staying in their Domain for a very long time.


"Grandma, I'm going now."

"Take care, Lux. Come home when you get homesick."

Lux reluctantly took a step back after giving his grandma a hug.

"Be safe, always," Vera said as she waved her grandson goodbye.

Lux nodded. "See you soon, Grandma."

"Open! Heaven's Gate!"


Lux strolled the streets of Leaf Village and saw that the houses that had been damaged during the Monster Outbreak were being repaired.

While the Dwarven children played on the streets, their parents busied themselves with helping their village restore its previous state.

Lux took a deep breath before taking steady steps towards the Adventurer's Guild.

He also wanted to do his part to help Leaf Village in his own way. This was why Lux made a vow to himself.

'It doesn't matter how long it takes,' Lux thought as he walked towards the Adventurer's Guild. 'For as long as my heart keeps beating, I will do the right thing. That way, I can live this precious life given to me without any regrets.'


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