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Chapter 30: The Witness

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Now Lu Ming was made to look like he was delusional.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and said, “When did I go to the hospital with you Was there a medical diagnosis Which doctor diagnosed me”

Lu Yaohua panicked. He was just spouting nonsense without any proof.

He had never even been to a mental hospital, so he did not know the diagnostic process.

Fortunately for him, Tang Wenyi swiftly responded, “The medical report is at home—why would we carry it with us As for the doctor, isnt it Dr. Zhang He said that your condition is serious, and that you might need to be hospitalized for observation!”

“Her storytelling is well done,”

Lu Ming thought.

“But then its an undeniable fact that you guys want my kidney, right If you guys didnt put obstacles in my moms way secretly, shed definitely still be alive, like you guys, right”

Tang Wenyi moved her lips but could not say anything.

She reckoned that since the fact that Lu Ze had diabetes was now disclosed, the Victor brothers would be suspicious. They could easily find out the truth.

She wondered what she should say now.

Her mind was a complete mess.

Lu Yaohua quickly said, “We had a discussion with you. Can you bear to see your brother die like this”

He looked at the Victor brothers and asked, “If anything happens to your brother, will you stand aside and watch”

The brothers, who were born in a Christian family, naturally would stand by each other.

Their parents had taught them to be kind since they were young. Or perhaps it was because they had never experienced such things that they said these words.

“We will save…”

Lu Ming interrupted them. “Youd save each other because you have a good relationship. When I first met my half-brother not long ago, he said that I was a beggar!

Isnt it obvious what kind of people his parents are to have raised such a son”

He clenched his fists. “When Lu Ze was born, the whole of Shanghai knew about the banquet for his 100th-day birthday. Mom and I could only hide in our shed and eat plain noodles. When you were enjoying yourselves, you didnt think of us. When something happened, you came to find me

How can there be such a thing in this world Who do you think you are”

He sounded much more like Lu Yaohua and Tang Wenyi.

By now, the Victor brothers were starting to have doubts, but they were still looking forward to their partnership.

To them, the couples affectionate behavior just now could not have been faked.

They wondered if the young man in front of them really had delusions.

Just as they were vacillating, a burly man walked over.

“Mr. Lu”

“Ah Er”

It was Tang Er, whom Lu Ming had met at the hospital previously.

When he entered the place, he heard a commotion.

And there was a familiar male voice.

To confirm his guess, he walked over.

It was really Lu Ming!

“Mr. Lu, are you here to discuss business”

Lu Ming spread his hands. “I am the boss here. From what you said, you are here to discuss business”

Tang Er looked at him in surprise. “So Ocean Manor is also your property Youre really young and promising! With your current assets, youre a big boss!”

He paused for a few seconds and said, “Old Master had a business discussion here not long ago. He forgot to take something. I came to take it away.”

The Victor brothers widened their eyes.

“This young man actually knows the Tang family!”they marveled.

“And they seem to be friends”

They looked at each other!

Previously, when a certain financial magnate held a gathering, they were fortunate enough to meet Tang Mingkun. Naturally, they knew his driver and bodyguard, Tang Er.

That was someone that they could only look up to!

Whether it was now or in the past, they had wanted to establish connections with the Tang family, but they had no way of doing so. So they could only watch from the side.

Putting two and two together, they thought that since Lu Ming knew Tang Er, that might mean he knew Tang Mingkun as well.

They felt that they would have to reassess Lu Ming!

Just knowing Tang Mingkun would be enough to give them an edge.

If they could collaborate with Lu Ming, it would only be beneficial to them.

At this thought, Ryan stepped forward and asked, “Mr. Tang, can you please explain the situation The boss said that Mr. Lu and Mdm. Tang killed his mother and that he almost starved to death on the streets. Yet these two said that he is delusional.”


Tang Er looked at the couple in front of him with a strange expression. “I think you guys are the ones with delusions, right Mr. Lu is very normal and his brain works very fast. How could there be a problem Are you guys trying to frame Mr. Lu”

He had checked Lu Mings information when he went back from the hospital. He knew how difficult it had been for him to get to where he is by himself. Therefore, he naturally took a dislike to Lu Yaohua and Tang Wenyi.

“Everyone knows that Lu Yaohua abandoned his wife and son and fell into the arms of a rich lady.”

Tang Er summarized everything that happened back then.

“He knows Lu Ming. Isnt it normal for him to speak for Lu Ming! You must not listen to their side of the story!”

Lu Yaohua did not know Tang Er, so he thought that he was just an ordinary person.

Ricks face had turned cold. “This person doesnt know you. Why would he frame you”

“Because he knows that little bastard, Lu Ming!”

Tang Wenyi was so angry that she blurted out her nickname for Lu Ming!

There was a tense silence.

The Victor brothers were even more convinced by what Tang Er said now.

“This woman called her husbands ex-wifes child a bastard” they thought.

“This was probably not the first time.”

Lu Yaohua did not react at all. It seemed like he was used to it.

Instantly, the Victor brothers felt that they had been deceived by the couples display of affections earlier!

Rick, who had the most fiery temper, said bluntly, “You guys are really hypocritical! In order to get the position of supplier, you actually put on a show! How shameless!”

Ryan nodded in agreement, then took back the documents on the table and said, “We were wrong about you guys! Lets forget about the cooperation. If we hand it over to you guys, it will definitely be a mess!”

Lu Yaohua wanted to die on the spot.

Everything he had worked so hard to achieve had been denied!

It had gone down the drain again!

Tang Wenyi said weakly, “Well, we can talk about this again. The environment here is not good. Why dont you come to our house”

“The environment here is very good. I think youre the ones who are not good, right Youre so evil! Your character is terrible. Is your place still considered home!”

Rick reprimanded.


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