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Chapter 14 – Single Aristocrat Enjoys Music

Relying on a simple map drawn on the flyer, I headed for the theatre. 

The place where I’d been walking around was not too far from the theatre, and I arrived there without taking more than ten minutes. 

Located slightly north of the central district is the Royal Capital Opera House.

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It’s a four-story building with pure white walls and a light green roof. 

A majestic structure that could be mistaken for the residence of a high-ranking aristocrat, it was obvious that quite some funds had been spent on constructing it. 

The people that looked as though they were being sucked in through the entrance are all dressed exquisitely. 

Most of them are probably wealthy people living in the Royal Capital. 

From afar, even though there were some commoners that looked like they were also attending the performance, they seemed to be intimated by the grandness of the opera house and those wealthy people going in. 

Well, you’d be nervous if you’ve never been in that kind of building before. 

I was also the same way at first, but you get used to it.

Fortunately, today I wore a three-piece suit today, so I didn’t feel out of place going into the opera house.

Besides, I do actually have money on me.

That gives courage.

I proceeded to the opera house as if I were following the flow of the high society people.

Entering the theatre, the floor is covered with white marble.

It was so shiny that the clothes of the people walking on it reflected slightly.

Towards the back are the ticket counter and admission entrance. 

I showed the flyer at the counter and was promptly shown the options for the orchestral tickets. 

Perhaps the seats had already been filled up, the only ones available were farther in the back. 

Seats started from 3,000 soros to the premium seats costing more than 100,000 soros.

The seats on the higher floors were also quite expensive.

I guess it’s because you can get to see the performers and hear the sound better.

However, it’s not like I’m a fan of the orchestra mentioned on the flyer, so I chose a normal seat at the back. 

Since I had no baggage to leave, the ticketing process went smoothly, and an employee led me into the hall.

Once inside, I see that the hall is in a circular shape, and the seats were arranged in curved rows.

There were seats on the second, third, and fourth floors, and the premium seats on the second floor were really close to the stage.

A red curtain was hanging over the stage, indicating that they were still preparing.

I looked at my ticket number, searched for my seat, and settled down into it. 

There were a good number of people in the hall, but it was strangely quiet.

I could feel the high level of cultural awareness of the people who’d come to this opera house.

This was nice.

After relaxing for a while, an announcement was made and the lights in the hall went out.

The curtain is lifted and the performers enter the stage one after another.

The performers were of various species, humans, beastmen, lizardmen, elves, and dwarves, and also of different genders and builds.

The differences in their silhouettes are interesting.

They sit down at their respective seats and begin to ready their instruments.

Violins, cellos, double basses, flutes, trumpets, and the like are ones that I’d seen even in my previous life, but mixed among them are some instruments that looked to be unique to this world. 

I caught sight of one that looked like a horn but with a really long tube that wrapped around to the back, and one that looked like a customised trumpet much longer than the usual ones. 

To these unknown instruments, I was very much looking forward to hearing what they would sound like. 

All the musicians took their seats in chairs on the stage.

Finally, an elven man, who appeared to be the conductor, entered the stage.

The audience applauded, and shrill voices rose from the front rows.

Some people had come here with their eyes for the conductor.

Though I was taken a little aback, I too gave him a welcome clap, too.

The conductor bowed politely to the audience and took his place on the podium.

Applause ceased, and the hall was enveloped in silence.

It was as though the entire hall was engulfed by the spirit of concentration from the conductor and the musicians. 

Now, it seemed as though even the slightest footstep would echo loudly. 

Then, a blonde woman began to play the violin alone.

A gentle, delicate tone as the other musicians also started to chase her. 

Soon, as those sounds went on, they blended together, uniting with the tones from other instruments to suddenly produce a complex sound.


I’d occasionally listened to orchestral music in my previous life, but the sound quality and impact are completely different when you hear it up close.

The delicate tones were very comforting, and even though it was music I didn’t know, I ended up enraptured listening to it.

This is good. 

Listening to the music in a dream-like state, before I knew it, the piece was over.

The hall erupted in applause.

The tone was so beautiful that I felt unfortunate that it was over. 

After the applause ended, the hall became quiet again, and they entered the next piece.

The conductor waved his arms violently, and suddenly a heavy bass rang out that resonated with my stomach.

Completely changed from the gentle and delicate tones of the previous piece, this piece was like a sprint, a furious sound. 

Precisely because of the lingering remnants of the first piece, this destructive force  stood out. 

Particularly the trombone played by a plump lizardman.

His belly was so swollen that it could have been mistaken for a balloon, and it was from there that wind was blown into his instrument. 

Lung capacity that humans could never reproduce.

I see, his trombone was that long not only because of his stature, but also because it was customised to suit his lung capacity. 

Though, against this kind of low-pitched instrument, the sounds from the higher instruments resolutely sounded out. 

The higher notes from violins, violas, flutes, and other instruments mix with the heavy bass and combine into a single sound.

As they mixed, what stood out to me was a horn-like instrument with a shape I had never seen before.

Just when you thought it was playing the bass, it then joined the treble part.

Normally, horns are characterised by their clear tones or the soft tones unique to woodwinds, but this one had neither.

It somehow sounded like it had quite a wide range and was beign used for many different parts. 

Furthermore, its structure was curious.

Although it was curved, the tube was able to extend and wind all the way to the back.

Exactly what kind of structure does it have It’s complex like a magic circuit.

“Magic circuit”

I wonder if the magic circuit of the air conditioner could be made more efficient by bending it and folding it onto itself like that.

There’s no rule that says the circuit must be flat.

As long as the magic power from the magic stone is transmitted properly, it is all right.

“This might just work.”

I found my thoughts had completely shifted to magic tools.

I can’t wait to get home and try it out.

However, it would be bad manners to leave in the middle of a performance, as it would disturb the musicians and the audience.

At the very least, I would have to wait until this piece ended.

“Finish quickly.

The idea’s going to fly away.” 

While making sure this idea that flashed into my head didn’t disappear, I waited, then left the hall behind after the piece finished.


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