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Chapter 13 – Single Aristocrat Wants To Refresh

“Heading out for lunch.”

Noon, the next day after the dinner party at the mansion.

As I was working on plans for the air conditioner in the workshop, Tristan’s listless voice echoed. 

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I’d been focusing on work since morning and it was already noon.

Tristan shoved his wallet into his pocket, put on a jacket, and went outside.

Rouge is making her rounds, so she’s not in the workshop today.

I was the only one left in the room.

Even if I wanted to continue working, my progress is poor.

I’m done with material selection and deciding the form, but I’m completely dissatisfied with the magic circuit that connects the ice and wind magic stone. It should be possible to make it more efficient with a simpler shape. 

To achieve that, I’ve been constantly pondering over the magic circuit, but I can’t get an answer that I’m happy with. 

“Should I also change up my mood a little”

I feel as though somehow my thoughts have gotten a bit stuck.

In times like this, I should take a short break from magic tools and refresh myself.

It’s just nice for lunchtime, so let’s take a walk around the city.

A human can only stay concentrated for around an hour and a half at most.

Spending any more time than that won’t get you any better performance. 

Making this and similar excuses in my mind, I put on my jacket and went outside. 

The air in the workshop was stuffy, but the air after I stepped outside was refreshing. 

If Rouge was here, she would have probably paid attention to ventilating the room, but the two of us men were no good for things like that. 

Stretching my legs towards the central district, I came to a street of food stalls.

The street was lined with food stalls on both sides and my stomach was stimulated by the drifting aromas. 

Among those, particularly strong was the smell of seafood tomato soup. 

Looking into a large pot from afar, one could see that it was filled with a variety of seafood, including giant king squid, queen prawns, and scallops.

Each individual ingredient was huge.

Soup steeped in such luxurious ingredients must be exquisite.

At six hundred soros per bowl, the price is fairly high for a street vendor, but even so, there are quite a few people lined up.

Considering the ingredients used, it’s a reasonable price.

That so many people are not afraid to buy it is also proof of how delicious it is.

Not long after getting in line, my turn comes.

“Hey, welcome!”

“One bowl of seafood tomato soup.

And also one grilled armour crab skewer.”

‘Nine hundred soros.

Thank you.”

Next to the pot was a large net that displayed grilled skewers of various seafoods.

Among them, the bright red armour crab skewer looked very delicious so I ended up unconsciously ordering it.

After paying the owner, he handed me a bowl of soup and a skewer.

The bowl for the soup was deeper and larger than I had imagined.

It looked like it would be quite filling.

Conveniently beside the stall was an empty space where you could stand and eat, so I slipped in there and took a spot.

“First, the armour crab skewer.”

I wanted to have the soup, the bowl was steaming and seemed a bit too hot. 

That didn’t make me feel like eating it right away, so it would be better if I tackled the slightly warm armour crab first.

Armour crab, as the name suggests, are crabs with shells that develop a strong armour.

They’re said to be high in defensive power and difficult to defeat, but the insides are firm and tasty. 

I put the red meat with grill marks into my mouth.

In my mouth, the savouriness of the crab spreads.

The moderate sprinkling of salt was outstandingly compatible.

Because it was charcoal grilled, there was also an added pleasant aroma. 

When I bite into it, the elasticity of the meat pushes back against my teeth, and at the same time, the savouriness of the crab and the taste of the sea are released.

It was as delicious as I’d expected.

After devouring the grilled armour crab skewer, next is the seafood tomato soup.

While I was eating the armour crab, the hot steam from the soup had settled down a little, and it’d become just good to eat.

Using a wooden spoon, I scoop out a ring-shaped giant king squid and scallops. 

Entering my mouth, first I feel the rich flavour of the seafood. 

The flavour of the many seafood ingredients has infused into the broth.

Combined with the umami of the slowly simmered tomatoes, this is irresistible. 

With the addition of what tasted like abundant chilli spices, the soup also kicked a strong punch. 

And then, these flavours were soaked up by the king squid and scallops.

“This is tasty.”

How could something like this not be delicious

Every scoop is filled with a large portion of ingredients, making it a very substantial meal.

I’d been thinking of going to a proper restaurant, but it’s not bad to taste street food like this every once in a while.

With my stomach swollen from street food, I randomly walk along the streets.

I wasn’t interested in going back to work right after lunch.

I was in the mood for wandering outside a bit more. 

At times like this, after all, it’s good to be alone.

It’s hard to do aimless things like this with someone else around.

“If you have some time, please do come–“

As I walked mindlessly down the street, a person suddenly came up to me and handed me a flyer.

After I received it, the woman handing out the flyer smiled and left.


I took the flyer out of reflex.

I must have caught her eye because I was walking around in a daze. 

Anyhow, it’s got to be an advertisement for some boring store.

I ended up getting wastepaper filled with information that I had no interest in. 

It’s also too much trouble to go looking for a trash can.

For now I’ll just leave it in my pocket and throw it away when I find one. 

As I thought that and was about to fold it, I see that what’s written is an advertisement for a concert.

According to the information, an orchestra comprising various species would be performing.

On the flyer, black silhouettes of various species were lined up with musical instruments.

“Hoh, there were such events organised in the Royal Capital’s Opera House, huh…….”

I’d known that there was an opera house, but till now, I’ve yet to visit it.

I’m curious about the interior and also simply what music is like in this world.

Just looking at the duration of the performance, it’s a good length.

It’s well past my lunch break, but right now I’ve only got the designs of the air conditioner and no urgent work. 

Even if I’m not there, Tristan’s work won’t be hindered, so it probably won’t result in any trouble. 

“Shall I take a look”


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