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“How dare he scheme against Goddess Gus company He has no idea what hes doing!”

“Right, who does he think he is Hes digging his own grave by framing Goddess Gus company.”

“I think Chengfeng Real Estate should pay a higher price for that.”

“I agree.

A public apology is barely a lesson.

And he has to pay the compensation, but Shenghua Real Estates reputation is still damaged.”

Not everyone knew the final result after hearing about the accident that happened at Shenghua Real Estates site, so they believed that it was Chengfeng Real Estates problem.

However, it was unavoidable so Gu Ning wasnt worried about it.

Some Internet users stayed reasonable.

Although they were also mad at what Chengfeng Real Estate had done, Gu Ning had decided to give Chengfeng a chance, so they said nothing.

Nevertheless, it was quite pleasant when they read unkind criticism about Chengfeng Real Estate left by Gu Nings fans.

Chengfeng Real Estate had many opponents in the industry who couldnt wait to see Zheng Shenghui get in trouble.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Shenghui easily overcame the crisis.

If they had the evidence, they would have put him in jail.

Honestly, what Zheng Shenghui had done was extremely illegal.

However, he could settle it out of court by making an apology and paying compensation.

Only when the victims refused to settle it out of court would he be punished according to the law.

Not everything could be settled out of court.

If it was a serious issue, it couldnt be settled by money, but what Chengfeng Real Estate had done wasnt very serious.

However, if Zheng Shenghuis tax evasion was exposed, they would be sued and it wouldnt just be a matter of money.

Therefore, Zheng Shenghui didnt dare to hesitate and agreed to do whatever Gu Ning wanted him to do.

He had no choice.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting watched the news about Zheng Shenghuis public apology.

Because Zheng Shenghui apologized, Gu Ning wouldnt sue him, but it didnt mean that she would forgive him.

In the Zheng familys house, Zheng Shenghui was exhausted physically and mentally.

He locked himself in the study and didnt want to talk to anyone.

Today, Zheng Shuo didnt play around outside.

He behaved himself and stayed at home all day.

Because of Chengfeng Real Estates scandal, his friends deliberately kept their distance from him.

No one called him out either.

It was true that Zheng Shuos friends didnt dare to call him out for fun after the news came out, but it wouldnt last long.

Actually, even if they called him out he wouldnt go, because he was afraid that some of Gu Nings unreasonable fans might attack him.

As for the real reason for Zheng Shenghuis confession and apology, only Gu Ning and a few other people were aware of it.

Even the Zheng family had no idea.

They thought he was only afraid of the Shengning Organizations influence.

Either way, it was understandable.

At 10:30 am, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting returned to the capital.

Because Gu Ning had already announced that Shenghua Real Estate was owned by the Shengning Organization, she had to hold a press conference and make it clear when she got back to the capital.

An Guangyao needed to deal with business in City D, so Gu Ning would appear then.

Before they went back to the capital, Gu Ning had asked Chen Cangyi to make the arrangements, so she went straight to the company once she got back.

The news conference would begin at 3 pm, so Gu Ning still had time.

They would have the conference in the Shengning Organizations meeting room.

At 2:30 pm reporters arrived, but Gu Ning didnt show up until it was 3 pm.

When Gu Ning announced that Shenghua Real Estate would formally join the Shengning Organization, a reporter asked, “Miss Gu, Shenghua Real Estate is a real estate company which has been established for years.

How did you become its boss”

They knew very little about Shenghua Real Estate, because it was a local company in City F.

Before it expanded its business around the country, they barely heard about it.

When they came to this news conference, they did their homework, so they learned how Gu Ning became its boss.

However, for the interview, they needed to ask that question.

“It was last year.

After I built Jade Beauty Jewelry, Shenghua Real Estate was about to go bankrupt.

At that time I had the idea of joining the real estate industry.

Given my knowledge of Shenghua Real Estate, I knew it was a very good company ever since it was established.

And it had a lot of fame in City F.

It had been schemed against, so it was about to go bankrupt.

I took it over, because it was easier to build a successful company from one which already has a lot of fame.

However, I needed to study so I had no time to manage it.

An Guangyao was the previous boss of Shenghua Real Estate and he had the ability to manage it well, so I hired him to be the executive.

Reality proves that I made the right choice.

With Executive Ans help, Shenghua Real Estate is developing better and better,” said Gu Ning.

Even though Gu Ning said that she wanted Shenghua Real Estate, so she kept An Guangyao, people still believed that she helped An Guangyao.

“Miss Gu, do you have other companies that havent joined the Shengning Organization yet” asked a reporter.

Because many of Gu Nings companies joined the Shengning Organization in the late stage, they thought there might be other companies that hadnt joined the Shengning Organization yet.

“Yes.” Gu Ning replied, but she didnt say what companies they were.

“Can you tell us what companies they are” asked the reporter.

“Im sorry, I cant tell you right now, but it wont take long before I do.

After all, its very important so I wont make the announcement until there is a formal occasion.” Gu Ning half joked.

She didnt think it was the right time to make Colorful Raw Jade Material Company public now.

She needed Zheng Peng to be present, as respect for him.

She made Shenghua Real Estate public this time because it was hot news.


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