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“Oh!” An Guangyao nodded, then he asked, “Do you plan to make it public”

“Since he has agreed to make a public apology and pay the compensation, I wont do that.

As long as he stops causing Shenghua Real Estate trouble, Ill keep it a secret,” said Gu Ning.

She cared about her reputation.

So since she made a promise, she would keep her word.

“But dont forget to double the compensation.

We must make him pay a high price,” said Gu Ning.

Even though she gave Zheng Shenghui a light punishment, he had to pay for what he had done.

The loss to the construction site, the company reputation, and the staff would be about two million yuan.

If the number doubled, it would be about four million yuan.

“No problem.” An Guangyao agreed.

He didnt think it was wrong to double the amount of compensation, after all, Zheng Shenghui deserved it.

After dealing with that it was time for dinner, so they went to a restaurant.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting booked plane tickets to the capital for the next morning, and An Guangyao would handle the following things.

Because Gu Ning wanted a news conference, Zheng Shenghui didnt dare to waste time.

Once he was out of the police station, he ordered his secretary to contact the media.

The news conference would begin at 7 pm.

It was nearly 5:30 pm, but one and a half hours was enough.

Although he agreed to make a public apology, he was reluctant to do that, because his and Chengfeng Real Estates reputations would be completely ruined afterwards.

He would suffer a lot of public criticism.

He was also mad, but he wasnt just mad at Gu Ning.

He was more mad at the result and the following influence on his life.

However, he caused it and dug his own grave.

If he had known that Shenghua Real Estate was supported by Gu Ning, he wouldnt have schemed against them.

At 7 pm, Gu Ning and the others finished the meal.

Because it wasnt a business meal, they didnt need to drink and ate quickly.

After the meal, An Guangyao drove Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting back to the hotel.

At the same time, outside the hall of Chengfeng Real Estate, the news conference had begun.

Originally, people thought that Zheng Shenghui was going to say what happened to Shenghua Real Estate had nothing to do with Chengfeng Real Estate, but unexpectedly he admitted that the accident was caused by Chengfeng Real Estate.

It shocked the crowd!

It wasnt surprising that Chengfeng Real Estate caused the accident, because the majority already believed that to be the case when Kong Lixuan was taken away.

They were only surprised because Zheng Shenghui apologized publicly.

However, after thinking about it again, they understood.

After all, the Shengning Organization supported Shenghua Real Estate and no businessman was willing to mess with the Shengning Organization.

If he didnt apologize, it might cause a more serious problem.

“Chairman Zheng, why did you frame Shenghua Real Estate” asked a reporter.

“Because I wanted the same piece of land which Shenghua Real Estate bought.

I was supposed to buy it at the auction, but Shenghua Real Estate offered a higher price.

I was reluctant to accept the result, so I made the mistake.

I am really sorry and I want to apologize to Shenghua Real Estate.

I hope that Shenghua Real Estate can forgive me this time,” Zheng Shenghui said sincerely.

The next moment, he made a deep bow to the cameras to show his sincerity.

“Chairman Zheng just made a public apology, but will Shenghua Real Estate accept it I heard Shenghua Real Estate is owned by the Shengning Organization.

Will such a large business group accept your apology” asked a reporter.

“Ive met Miss Gu, the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

Shes a very tolerant person.

I already admitted my mistake and agreed to pay the compensation.

Shes willing to give me a chance.

From now on, Ill have a higher standard for my behavior in the construction industry.

And I also hope the public can give me a chance to learn to be a good man,” said Zheng Shenghui.

Even though he was threatened into doing it by Gu Ning, he had to compliment her.

If he dared to play any tricks at this moment, he would only anger Gu Ning.

Since he agreed to make a public apology, he didnt mind flattering Gu Ning.

Anyway, Zheng Shenghui said that he already met Gu Ning, so everyone realized that him making a public apology was Gu Nings idea.

“If you didnt meet Miss Gu and didnt know that Shenghua Real Estate is owned by the Shengning Organization, would you refuse to admit it” asked a reporter.

Normally, reporters asked harsh questions and werent afraid of offending other people.

They couldnt just ask about anything they wanted to know, but some questions were necessary.

In addition, only when they asked harsh questions would the audience be interested.

Hearing that, Zheng Shenghui was embarrassed, because the answer couldnt be more obvious.

If Shenghua Real Estate was just a normal company, not a subsidiary of the Shengning Organization, he would have just made Kong Lixuan the scapegoat, but it wasnt what he wanted.

“I have to say I was still struggling before Miss Gu met me.

But I do know its my fault and Im determined to behave myself from now on.

Alright, this is the end of my public apology.

Thank you all so much for coming,” said Zheng Shenghui.

He was unwilling to say more about it and quickly left.

The reporters wanted to know more about it, but Zheng Shenghui walked away under the protection of his bodyguards.

Only his secretary was left to walk them out.

They were paid to come here, so they knew that they should stop now.

Since Gu Ning was willing to give Zheng Shenghui a chance, that was the final result.

Therefore, they walked away as well and reported it truthfully.

When the news came out, it was about 9 pm.

Everyone was surprised to see that, but soon understood.

Because of that, both Chengfeng Real Estate and Zheng Shenghui were heavily criticized, especially by Gu Nings fans.


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