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“Some got poisoned due to drinks while some got poisoned due to fruits,” Little Loli said, “This is the third case tonight.

Moreover, the cases are not from a single bar.”

This incident sounded rather odd and so, Zi Yi said, “Get A to increase the security in the bar.

In particular, the fruits that we purchase.

Dont let similar situations happen.”

The drinks in the bar were arranged by Lu Jingye and she was not worried about them.

Instead, she was worried about the fruits.

Zi Yi thought for a moment and said to her, “Go closer.

I want to see the characteristics of the person who got poisoned.”

No matter how or why these people got food poisoning, Zi Yi decided to see the victims reactions after the poisoning.

Perhaps she can identify something.

Little Loli followed her orders and walked towards the crowd.

The victim of the food poisoning was carried on a stretcher by the doctor while surrounded by the police.

Little Loli was stopped at around two meters away.

Zi Yi looked at the poisoned individual through her eyes and at the same time, she called out the detection system pre-installed inside Little Lolis eyes and started to check.

Before the individual was carried into the ambulance, Little Loli had finished checking and she retreated from the crowd while returning back to the bar.

Zi Yi said to her, “Send the data to the laboratory.”

Little Loli soon sent the data over to her.

Zi Yi quickly gave instructions to the experimental robot in the laboratory inside her courtyard.

After she was done with all these things, she said to Little Loli, “Initiate the body detection system at the entrance.

From now on, as long as it is detected that the guests have some physical problems, they are not allowed to enter.”

After ending the video call, Zi Yi subconsciously placed her hand on her tummy.

Just then, a large hand pressed on top of hers and held her hand.

Lu Jingye said, “Recently, there have been many strange phenomena in the capital and these cases should be man-made.

The authorities are investigating vigorously.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“These incidents must be related to the last robot exhibition.”

Country D was used to being the top country in robot technology.

The robots which Zi Yi had revealed to the public the previous time must have caused them to panic.

In addition, Zi Yi refused to take part in the international robot competition and the other party would certainly do some small tricks in retaliation.

“They must be thinking of forcing me to take part in the competition.”

When Zi Yi said that, she sneered.

“If I really participated, I will make them incapable of showing off airs in the department of robot technology anymore in the future.”

Lu Jingye squeezed her hand and furrowed his eyebrows together.

“The robot exhibition held in Country D just so happens to be the period where you are three months pregnant.

You cant go.”

No matter if she would be taking out the two babies by that time or not, she would be physically overwhelmed.

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at his side profile.

When she saw his grim expression, she raised her hand and touched his face.

“Dont worry.

If I really plan to go, Ill take out the babies in advance.

Ill be fine if I soak in the nutrient solution for two days afterwards.”

Lu Jingye still had a frown on his face.

Zi Yi continued speaking, “Country D must have joined forces with Country A, or perhaps the worm races have infiltrated into the level of the higher-ups in Country D.

The female worms of the worm race are responsible for reproduction, but there are many skilled crafters among the male worms.

Their ability to create high-end weapons isnt weak.”

The worm race was the most troublesome existence in the interstellar era.

Their reproductive ability was too strong and they were capable of creating weapons and spaceships.

They would often plunder freely across the interstellar and therefore, the organization would organize large-scale removal of the worm race every few decades.

“The worm race is even more disgusting than the pirates in the interstellar era.

The pirates would never create items themselves and only rely on robbing.

But the worm race are similar to cockroaches who cant be completely eliminated.”

Lu Jingye saw how her cheeks were puffed up and held her hand tightly.

“Dont you have any abilities that can destroy them”

“There is, but the worm race is different from humans.

Even if their queen worm is killed, their race can still make a comeback after decades or hundreds of years.

Their reproduction abilities are different from humans.

When the queen worm breeds, she would choose a few eggs each time and conceal them in the meteorite zones.

After a few decades, those eggs will automatically hatch.”

Even though Lu Jingye could not imagine the scene of interstellar humans fighting the worm race, he could still guess that it must be a fierce battle.

Fortunately, they had killed the female worm on Earth previously.

By the time they went back, it was already nine oclock in the evening and Mrs.

Lu had yet to fall asleep.

She was currently on the phone as she sat in the living room.

At the sight of their return, she hung up the phone and said with a smile, “Youre back.

Yiyi, are you hungry”

“Mom, its alright.

Im not hungry.”

Zi Yi walked over to the sofa and sat down.

She held Mrs.

Lus arm and asked, “Mom, what happened to have made you so happy”


Lu said with a smile, “I have a best friend who has been staying abroad all these years.

She told me that she will be coming back to visit me for a few days.

That best friend of mine only has a daughter and her granddaughter is already 4 years old.

When she comes back, she will be bringing her granddaughter here for me to take a look.”

Zi Yi smiled in response and said, “Your relationship with your best friend must be really good.”

“Indeed, we do have a good relationship.

Before we got married, we were neighbors and even university classmates.

A few years back, our two families still kept in touch, but then her whole family went abroad five years ago.

Everyone has been rather busy in recent years and there has been less contact.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“When she arrives, we have to take good care of this auntie.”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and asked, “Will that auntie be staying here”


She will be bringing her daughter and granddaughter here and I dont feel comfortable having them stay outside.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

She did not have any opinions on that.

There were plenty of guest rooms in this villa and it was not a problem for three more people to stay here.

Having said that, the three of them went to rest.

When Zi Yi arrived at the Robot R&D Center the next day, she noticed that Engineer Yang was not around.

Engineer Meng said with a sour expression, “Old Yang went on a date with Team Leader Li last night.

When he came back around 10 oclock in the evening he said that he had sprained his waist.”

Its no wonder they seemed to be jealous.

When it was lunchtime, Zi Yi and the engineers walked into the canteen and they saw Team Leader Li carrying two thermos containers as she came in.

She directly made her way to the engineers and placed one of the thermos flasks in front of them with a slightly embarrassed expression.

She then said with a gentle and sweet voice, “This is the soup I prepared for Engineer Yang.

Could I trouble you to bring this to him later”

Engineer Meng looked at the thermos flask and nearly lost control of his expression.

He quickly nodded his head and said, “Team Leader Li, dont worry.

I will send this to Old Yang after I finish my lunch.”

“Thank you.” Team Leader Li then placed the other thermos container on their table and said, “Here are cakes I made for all of you.

Im not too skilled at it and I hope you dont find it a bother.”

“Of course not, of course not.”

“Thats good.

I wont stop you all from eating any longer then.”

Team Leader Li left after she said her piece.

Zi Yi looked at the engineers whose expressions turned sour in an instant and pointed at the cakes.

“Are you going to eat this”

Engineer Peng said, “No.

I dislike cakes the most.”

The other three also expressed their dislike.

Zi Yi looked at their expressions and held back her laughter as she opened the container.

Inside were strawberry cake rolls.

They werent big, but they looked particularly delicious.

Zi Yi used a fork to pick out one of the cakes.

Just as she was about to take a bite, she suddenly came to a stop.

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