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The chess game lasted for forty minutes and as expected, Zi Yi lost.

Leader Zhang who was seated opposite her asked with a smile, “Little lass, do you accept defeat”

Zi Yi touched her tummy.

She became hungry halfway through the game.

She was originally not skilled in this type of chess and she only learned the basics just moments ago.

It would be strange if she didnt lose.

“Is that so Lets have another round then.”

Elder Dou who was standing next to Zi Yi said, “Old Zhang, stop bullying a child.

Yiyi only lost to you by a bit when its her first time playing chess and its considered pretty good already; Im starting to get hungry, Yiyi lets go back now.”

“Ok.” Zi Yi stood up and held Elder Dous arm before she waved at the elders.

“Grandpas, Uncles, bye-bye.”

Having said that, she followed Elder Dou and returned to the Dou Familys residence.

Old Zhangs voice sounded from behind.

“Little Zi, come play chess with me again when youre free~”

Zi Yi replied cheerily, “Okay~”

When Zi Yi and Elder Dou returned home, the First Madam had already prepared a big bowl of red bean soup for her.

Zi Yi took a seat and scooped the soup as she sucked up to the First Madam.

“The red bean soup First Aunt makes is so yummy.

I feel that I can eat another two bowls.”

The First Madam was amused by her remark and said, “If you like it, Ill cook it for you again when youre here.

But dont drink too much, else youll be too full for dinner.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.


Just then Dou Yurui came in through the doorway with hasty footsteps.

“Grandfather, Mother, Cousin Yiyi.”

Dou Yurui was obviously in a hurry as she headed further inside after greeting them.

The First Madam asked, “Yurui, why did you come back at this time Are you going out later”

“I came back to get some things.

Ill be leaving right away.”

Dou Yurui headed to the backyard after saying that.

The First Madam stood there and shook her head.

“Why is she so busy these days Shes so busy that I barely get to see her every day.

Even if I do see her, shell leave right away.”

Zi Yi looked at the First Madam.

She came and sat down next to Zi Yi while grumbling.

“There were several times during the middle of the night when I saw her leaving after getting a call.

I wonder whats going on these days.

Why is there so much work to do in her department Im really worried that her body cant take it.”

Zi Yi held the bowl of red bean soup and said, “Eldest Aunt, dont worry.

Ill write a prescription to boost ones health.

All of you can drink it then and I guarantee that all of you will be in good health.”

The First Madam smiled and nodded her head.


Just then.

Dou Yurui came out with a black bag in her hand and she said to them, “Grandfather, Mother, Cousin Yiyi, Im off.”

She left after having said that.

After Zi Yi finished the bowl of red bean soup, she wrote a prescription while the First Madam went to make arrangements for dinner.

There were not many people who came back for dinner today.

After dinner, Zi Yi received Lu Jingyes call, telling her that he would come to fetch her at around eight in the evening.

As such, she sat in the living room with everyone and chatted.

They mentioned the military exercise Country A had conducted recently.

Dou Jingning said, “If the intercontinental missile they took out was really successful, it would be a great threat to our country.”

Dou Xiaoyong nodded his head.


The missiles range can reach the moon and as long as the time and location are set, it is basically impossible to defend against.”

Dou Zerui said, “At that time, I prayed for someone to come out and intercept their missile.

I didnt expect there was really someone who managed to achieve this feat.

At the very least, their arrogance has been diminished by half and this was simply so refreshing to see.”

The First Madam laughed and said, “I wonder who was the one thats so skilled.

Right now, Country As military exercises have become an international joke and they most probably hate the person who interfered to death.”

The Third Madam said, “I hope that Country A cant find the culprit.

I also hope that this person is from our country.”

Dou Zerui said, “How is that possible How could there be someone so skilled in our country I feel that they should be someone from the international hacker alliance or perhaps this was done by a group of people.”

Zi Yi sat there and listened to their guesses without interrupting.

Just then, Dou Jingning asked Zi Yi, “Little Zi, did Little Lu do anything that night”

Zi Yi considered for a moment but thought that it was better not to reveal anything.


Father didnt allow him to do anything.”

Dou Jingning nodded his head.

“Its also good that Little Lu didnt do anything.

Look at how Country A has issued an international wanted order.

Im sure they wont give up until they find the culprit.”

Zi Yi responded with a nod.

Looking at everyone who was smiling, she asked, “If you accidentally discovered that the culprit was someone around you, what would you do”

“Of course, I will pretend not to know anything,” Dou Zerui said with a laugh, “Theyre a hero and if I accidentally discover their identity, I will definitely be friends with them and protect him secretly.”

Zi Yi sized him up and down after hearing what Dou Zerui said.

Her gaze seemed to be saying: “With your body, do you think you can protect them”

Dou Zerui glared at her with displeasure.

“Whats with your gaze Do you think that I cant protect him Cousin Yiyi, dont underestimate intellectuals alright.

Intellectuals can protect people even without using force.”

Zi Yi nodded reluctantly but still said, “Well I hope that you wont discover who the culprit is.”

If he does discover the culprit, she would still have to protect him when the time comes.

Dou Zerui was unhappy with Zi Yis words and just as he wanted to say something, Zi Yi changed the topic.

At eight in the evening, Lu Jingye arrived and picked up Zi Yi.

After he arrived, he first greeted the Dou Family members.

The First Madam said, “Little Lu, come in and take a seat.

Ill go pour you a cup of water.”

“Eldest Aunt, theres no need for the trouble,” Lu Jingye said, “Everyone is busy tomorrow and its best to rest early for the day.”

Since Lu Jingye said that, the Dou Family members did not ask them to stay.

The car drove back home.

The Dou Familys residence was located near M.Uni, but Mrs.

Lu was alone at home and so, the both of them got the driver to drive back to the Lu Familys residence.

The city was filled with lights at this time and was filled with bustling activity.

Zi Yi told Lu Jingye about how Dr.

Ellis assistants came looking for her in the neighborhood.

“These two people actually came looking for me at the Dou Familys place.

I feel that Dr.

Ellis has other motives for looking for me.”

Lu Jingye thought for a moment and said, “This person should be sent by Country As military department to test you.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“As long as its from Country A, its possible that they have something to do with that male worm.

I know how to get rid of their people.”

Lu Jingye was still worried about her.

“Ill accompany you to meet this Dr.

Ellis when the time comes.

No matter if he wants to test you or not, just rejecting him will do.”

“Mhmm.” Zi Yi put her hand into his palm and Lu Jingye interlocked their fingers.

Just then, Zi Yis wristwatch vibrated.

She tapped on it and Little Lolis image appeared.

Little Loli was clearly standing outside the bar.

There were many people crowded in front and from the looks of it, something had happened.

Zi Yi asked, “Whats the matter”

Little Loli said, “Several incidents of poisoning happened in the bar street tonight.

Im outside right now to watch the show.”

Zi Yi asked, “What poison”

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