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Chapter 1505A.

The Barbarian King is Dead and the Imperial Tomb is Destroyed

He recalled!

It was when Qin Yu brought Lei Xiaoyu to the imperial capital.

Because the teleporation portal was damaged, they were accidentally transported to a scary place.

There, a Blood Moon covered and shone over the entire area.

Under its rays, all dead creatures were reborn and turned into horrifying creatures.

Today, this crescent Blood Moon gave Qin Yu the same feeling as before.

At this moment, a sense of danger filled him.

Qin Yu looked up to see the radiant Blood Moon.

At the same time, the crescent moon continued to grow as it soon turned into a full moon.

It was about to fall, and its goal was…Qin Yu!

Alas, the two Blood Moons were one.

It still remembered Qin Yu, who had inflicted thousands of slashes on it back then.

“Ah!” A miserable wail could be heard from Blood Flag.

His flesh was rapidly festering and melting.

It was evaporating and turning into blood mist.

The blood mist formed above his head and gave birth to the winged illusion behind him.

It then transformed into the power to summon the Blood Moon.

Qin Yu frowned.

Although he did not know what this Blood Moon represented, instinct told Qin Yu that he could not allow it to complete.

He lifted his hand and pointed above his head.

In the next moment, a big sun appeared in the darkness.

There was an intense scorching heat as if a sea of burning fire appeared.

With a roar, it opened its mouth and swallowed the Blood Moon.

The illusion in the flame, which had wings on its back, looked to be in pain.

Its body curled as it cried out.

It was being forced into a ball and with apop, it exploded.

Along with it exploding, Blood Flag also exploded into many pieces.

Within the Blood Moon, a cold eye appeared and looked at Qin Yu before disappearing amongst the flames.

That gaze was like a sharp ice pick piercing into Qin Yus soul.

Qin Yu groaned as he paled.

There was darkness deep in his eyes.

The most difficult thing to accept in this world was getting hit by stones just by walking past someone.

Moreover, this was a gigantic stone.

One that could turn someone into minced meat easily.

It was obvious that the Blood Moon was this huge stone and it was fixed on Qin Yu.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly let it out.

The Blood Moon would be a thing for the future.

He would think about it next time.

At this moment, everyone was looking at the Barbarian King on the altar, who had raised his hand to summon the sun to kill Blood Flag.

They could not help but tremble in awe.

Whether it was the Blood Moon or the huge sun, they were both things that were way beyond their reach.


A cold and low voice could be heard from Barbarian King.

Thehalf-resurrected statues began chanting more fanatically.

Buzz –

Crimson light shone from the altar once more.

Woosh –

Another West Desolate cultivator was swept away.

Qin Yus order did not change.

He was going to release those from the West Desolate and take the chance to send the lantern away.

With this, he would be able to gain credit from the West Desolate.

Additionally, he would be able to take this chance to make the imperial tomb become athing of the past for the West Desolate and they would not pay as much attention to it.

It would then fade from everyones minds.

And this would be able to help Qin Yu hide his identity as the new Barbarian King.

Although he did not know what kind of system the humans had to hunt him down as the Barbarian King, he knew it would not be easy to deal with.

He had to be cautious!

But even if he was going to let them go, it did not mean that he would let all of them go.

For example, he would take the chance to get rid of Blood Flag, whom he already had a long-standing grudge with.

He was not stupid.

And Ye Qin, a main general of the imperial city Guard Division, was undoubtedly a potential enemy.

Although he had not attacked Qin Yu directly yet, what he did to ask Qin Yu to stay and guard the altar was sufficient proof.

In a dangerous situation, even if someone stepped out to save the situation, it was very normal to not be able to save everyone…some would die while some lived.

In fact, if he did not kill a few off, it would be suspicious.

Since the imperial tomb belonged to Qin Yu, the altar that was built using the tomb as a foundation was naturally under his control as well.

So even if the blood sacrifice had begun, it was easy for him to change the ending.

Cultivators from the West Desolate were being devoured by the altar.

All of a sudden, a huge crimson ray shone over.

Its goal was Ye Qin!

His eyes widened as he roared.

The veins in his body bulged as blood gushed from his nose, mouth ears and eyes.

But he was not Blood Flag and did not have the Blood Moon backing him.

Even if he was on the rank of a Ruler, he was not able to break through the force from the imperial tomb.

The crimson light shone across and Ye Qin was dragged into the altar.

‘Crunch crunch.

Swallowing sounds could be heard.

Zhou Chengshans face was filled with fear.

Someone who was on the same level as her in terms of power had been killed so easily, as if he was an ant.

No one knew who would be next…maybe it would be her!

Where was the Darkness Ruler Ning Qin Was he waiting for all of them to get killed!

Ye Qin really died.

This was also a part of Qin Yus plan.

He could give up on the blood sacrifice altar that the previous Barbarian King had prepared because he was still well and alive.

There was no need for him to be revived.

But thesehalf-resurrected statues were not the same.

They were all extremely strong barbarian cultivators from the Ancient Barbarian Nation.

He would need their help to revive the Barbarian Clan.

So Qin Yu had to help them revive and this was part of the reason why he chose to kill a portion of the West Desolate cultivators.

Ye Qin was not enough!

Qin Yu looked at the remaining four peak Rulers.

The most critical part of the revival was the quality of the sacrifice.

They were hence the top choices.

Qin Yu had chosen Zhou Chengshan so she would be excluded.

That left Ye Ziling, the Night Demon Sect Master, and another unknown peak Ruler.

Qin Yu had not had much interaction with Ye Ziling, but they were at least considered to be on the same side when dealing with Blood Flag.

Night Demon Sect Master…he did not know why, but his instinct told him that the Sect Master would not be a good choice.

Perhaps he would be able to gain something from him in the future.

That left only one.

As the Barbarian Kings gaze fell on him from the altar, the unknown peak Ruler felt as if ice needles had pierced his soul and an immense fear washed over him.

Bam –

With a loud explosion, his body exploded and blood mist filled the air.

The blood mist split and formed hundreds of blood dragons, rushing and roaring in all directions.

What was shocking was that every blood dragon mastered a Space Rule.

As he tried to escape, the space vibrated violently and set off ripples.

Peak Rulers were just a step away from the King realm and were not easily killed.

They had numerous tricks.


On the altar, the Barbarian King snorted as he reached out.

Numerous stars appeared in the darkness above him.

The light from the stars fell and placed a restrictive force extending in all directions!

All the blood dragons that were escaping shrieked as if evaporating from the scorching sun.

Crack –

Crack –

The swallowing sound could be heard from the altar.

It meant that the peak Ruler had now followed the footsteps of Ye Qin.

Under the altar, the kneelinghalf-resurrected statues trembled in excitement.

They could sense themselves reviving.

Almost there!

Two out of five peak Rulers were dead and more than half of the Saints had already died.

Now, it was time for the Darkness Ruler to act.

But it was all about saving people.

How to leave an impression was a technicality.

Shoosh –

A crimson light wave rolled towards Zhou Chengshan!

Her face paled like a sheet of paper.

After witnessing how Blood Flag, Ye Qin, and the other peak Ruler died, she did not think that she would be able to escape.

“Ning Qin!”

She cried out.

If he still did not take action, she would die.

If she died, then there was no point.

So Zhou Chengshan had to force the Darkness Ruler to take action.

This was her last struggle to live.

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