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Chapter 1503: Heaven and Earths Spirit of Fate

Although they were drooling and wanted to devour them, thehalf-resurrected stone statues controlled their desires.

Their gazes intensified but they did not step nearer.

This was because they were still waiting for the Barbarian Kings order on how to deal with them.

They were tormented as they waited for the voice from the hall.

Looking through the palaces door, they could vaguely make out the king sitting on the black dragon throne in the dark.

His figure resembled a mountain.

His head was lowered in thought and an invisible pressure continuously surged out from his body like a wave.

It made them admire him.

The five peak Rulers from the West Desolate as well as the ambitious commander of the Dark Night Tribe were all feeling bitter.

They thought that entering the imperial tomb would be their opportunity to break through into the King realm…but this was all a trap and they were the prey.

All their ambitions had come to naught and they were now suppressed by the Barbarian King and did not see any hope of surviving.

But when they realized they could not even commit suicide, they were even more miserable as they faced their unknown future.

The truth was that the new Barbarian King was also having a difficult time deciding what to do with them.

Normally, killing them would be the simplest way.

But if he killed them, there would be a huge problem.

The Dark Night Tribe contained numerous strong barbarians.

Almost half of all peak cultivators were in this tribe.

If he killed them all, it would be like cutting off his own arm – after all, Qin Yu was the new Barbarian King.

Although he had to shoulder the responsibilities, he never thought that he would be able to lead the entire barbarian tribe to rise up by himself.

He needed helpers.

The second point, also the most important one, was that killing five peak Rulers from the West Desolate would certainly cause them to take revenge.

Putting aside the fact that he might be afraid, Qin Yu did not wish to reveal his identity too early.

The mysterious being had paid a huge price to temporarily cover Qin Yus aura.

But once the humans learned it was him, they would do anything to kill him as quickly as possible.

So it was best that he did not confront the West Desolate directly.

He could not kill them, and locking them up was not practical either.

Hence, he could only release them.

But how to let them go was a difficult question.

Qin Yu was now thinking about how to gain the most out of this situation.

But thinking about it, everything felt like a mess and he could not come up with a solution.

Just when Qin Yu was struggling, a power descended.

Buzz –

The air vibrated and an invisible shield fell, blocking perception from the outside.

Externally, there seemed to be no change in the palace and it appeared the Barbarian King was still thinking.

They did not know that this was an illusion.

Qin Yu suddenly stood up and looked into the hall.

Now, as the space collapsed, a big smiling sun appeared.

Years of practice had allowed him to exercise superb acting skills and be able to greet people with a smile even if he was harboring murderous thoughts.

He could control his expressions extremely well.

But in front of it, Qin Yu did not need all this.

“You are finally willing to appear.

Hurry and look at this.

Is this useful”

He extended his hand and the lantern flew in front of him.

There was a huge flame burning within it that was dancing crazily.

It felt as if the flame would fly out if it did not calm down.

In the sun, a silhouette appeared and looked at the lantern, “Imitation product.

The craftsmanship is a bit rough but it has comprehensive knowledge.

I wonder what kind of person in the Barbarian Clan could have made this all those years back.”

There was nothing else.

Qin Yu frowned, “Thats all If this lantern is only worth this standard, I dont believe that you would have descended.”

The silhouette amidst the sun fell silent and nodded after a few moments, “Thats right, I took the risk to descend today not because of this lantern.

“I am here to remind you that I was silent not because it is not precious, but there is an aura within it that makes me jealous.”

Qin Yu suddenly recalled that this being in front of him had almost nothing to fear.

The aura that made the little blue lamp jealous was most likely referring to it.

His heart froze and he felt a slight fear.

To make the little blue lamp behave carefully and not dare to appear…its power must be a lot stronger than he had imagined!

And no matter which angle one looked at it from, the way Qin Yu had treated it was definitely not respectful.

If he accidentally made it angry…hisss, just thinking about the consequence made him shiver!

Calm down, dont panic.

He would just watch his attitude in the future…then it would most likely be fine.

After all, the mysterious being seemed to have a high tolerance for him.

The little blue lamp looked at Qin Yu and seemed to be able to read his thoughts, “Master Qin Yu, that being is not the same as you, and I have to remind you that its high tolerance towards you means that it has more to ask from you in the future.

“Overall, Master Qin Yu, you should just be careful, I cannot understand it…the other one is the Ruler.

Her aura is very strange as well, and you should watch out.

Dont get too close to her.”

Qin Yu felt himself turning into a plank of wood.

As if the mysterious being from space time wasnt enough, now the Ruler was also mentioned.

The truth was that at this moment, the two of them were Qin Yus strongest cards.

The former was still okay as they were not that closed.

However, the Ruler was already entangled with Qin Yu.

It was not so easy to cut her off.

Hmm…no, now that he had become the Barbarian King, Qin Yu and the mysterious being were like ants on the same string.

It meant that the little blue lamps warning was too late!

Rubbing his face with his hands, Qin Yu gritted his teeth, “Couldnt you have told me this earlier”

The little blue lamp fell silent and the silhouette in the sun paused for a while before saying slowly, “I just did not think that your luck would be so good.”

A deeper meaning to this was basically saying that Qin Yu was unlucky.

Could he blame anyone for it Sigh! I have a bad temper and cannot take this anymore.

Qin Yu glared, but before he could speak, he was cut off, “Although the imperial tomb will hide my aura, there is still a risk and I cannot stay for too long.

I shall get to the point.”

So angry!

Seeing how solemn the silhouette looked in the sun, Qin Yu could only grit his teeth and bear it.

After all, this was all just for him to be able to live better.

He was a man and would endure it!


The little blue lamp said, “The lantern is a replica.

The handle of this lantern is the real value.”

His gaze fell and seemed to sigh, “Originally, your cultivation level reached a bottleneck and it would be difficult to grow stronger in a short period of time.

But with this, there is a chance.”

Qin Yus eyes lit up, “Continue”

In the sun, the little blue lamp reached out and the lantern flew into its hands.

It moved extremely fast and a clear enthusiasm could be felt.

Picking it up and throwing it to the side, the little blue lamp allowed it to be swallowed by the flame in the sun.

The flames consumed all the decorations and add ons on the surface, and all that was left was the lanterns handle.

As the ashes fell, a long curved horn appeared in the hands of the little blue lamp.

The lanterns handle was actually made of a single horn!

Its whole body was a pure golden color.

It dazzled, revealing an upright aura.

Endless honor.

Supremely majestic!

As ones eyes fell on the horn, a reverence subconsciously grew within.

The little blue lamp spoke, admiration in his low voice, “Sky Cow, the spirit of the previous generation of the heavens and earths fate.

This horn is the last thing it left behind after its death.

“Holding the Sky Cow Horn will give you the blessings of the heavens and earth and unfavorable situations can be turned around.

But the most precious thing is the bloodline of the Sky Cow running in it.”

Qin Yu looked at the little blue lamp, “What is the use of the Sky Cows bloodline”

“Endless life, turning decay into miracles, reversing all damage…” the little blue lamp replied, “Master Qin Yu, you have a huge secret and the source of this secret is most likely the reason why you appeared.

By absorbing the Sky Cows bloodline and obtaining the traits of the spirit of the heavens and earth, it may allow you to untie all this…moreover, this was something that was set a long long time ago.”

Qin Yu frowned and said slowly, “Are you referring to that clan”

“Thats right.” the little blue lamp replied, “The alternation of the spirits of the heavens and the earth is the normal reincarnation.

But after variables appeared, everything has been disrupted.

And that clan made a wrong decision.

They will have to pay for their actions.”

Qin Yu spoke lowly, “Little blue lamp, what do you know Are you going to tell me everything”

In the darkness where the space had collapsed, the sun slowly dimmed and the silhouette became vague, “Master Qin Yu, with regards to your fate, I am unable to see it clearly, just like that mysterious being and the Ruler.

So I can only give you some vague warnings but cannot fully understand everything.

“The wheel of fate is ready.

When you absorb the last of the Sky Cows bloodline, perhaps you will understand everything…as for what you are facing now, Master, you can send this lantern out with my power infused within it.

Without my permission, no one will be able to use its power.”

The sound faded as the darkness vanished and the sun was nowhere to be found.

The little blue lamp had left!

Although he said a lot and gave some plausible explanations, Qin Yu felt as if he was avoiding some things.

This brat must be hiding something that he was not willing to say.

Qin Yus fate…the mysterious being…the Ruler…it seemed like there was something he was missing.

Taking a deep breath, he controlled his emotions.

Qin Yu looked at the lantern and the Sky Cow Horn that flew back to him.

On the surface, it seemed as if there was no change to the lantern.

However, the connection between Qin Yu and it was extremely weak to the point of not being there.

Other than him, no one would know the truth about the lantern.

This was clearly the little blue lamps handiwork…send out Send to whom How would he send it The way this guy talked was really asking for a beating.

He would ignore it for the time being.

Qin Yus gaze fell on the Sky Cow Horn.

Its surface looked even more golden now, as if its energy had been activated after the little blue lamp smelted it.

Bom –

Bom –

His heart beat vigorously in his chest, seeming to convey a strong desire.

The Abyssal Titans bloodline seemed to be reacting once more.

But as before, Qin Yu suppressed it before anything could happen.

He wanted to make his own decision instead of being coerced.

That clan…spirit of fate…the secret of his birth…more hidden secrets…perhaps it was time for him to find out!

Booom –

The door of the palace was slammed shut, cutting off all gazes.

Qin Yu lifted his hand and grabbed the Sky Cow Horn.

In the moment that he touched it, a golden light shone brightly like pure gold.

The single horn that looked like a swords shadow quickly melted away.

It turned into gold fluid and entered Qin Yus body.

Gold rays then shone, covering his entire body.

Crack –

Crack –

It was not a breaking sound but more like the sound of ice being formed.

A gold-colored egg shell appeared and surrounded Qin Yu!

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