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Lin’s meaning was to let Lin Zixi take Mr.

Gu on a stroll around the hometown where he was born and raised.

However, an ancient capital of several dynasties and a tourist destination like X City, which also had Gu group’s five-star hotel in it, Gu Zecheng naturally had been there more than once—it was just that during those times, he still didn’t know that his closely related and most beloved person was born and living somewhere in this city.


During the Spring Festival holiday, the historical sites and city landmarks in X City were naturally crowded.

If young actor Lin, a traffic star who was on the cusp of the storm, went there, a real-life battle royal between fans and anti passers-by might be staged on the spot.


Lin Zixi thought about it and set a destination on the car GPS, "This is my grandparents’ house.

I lived here before I went to college."


It was a residential area on the edge of the Second Ring Road.

Twenty or thirty years ago, it was the worker dormitory of a large state-owned factory.

As time flew by, the prosperous factory of those years was long gone, and most of the people who used to live here had moved to better places.

Only these five-story small buildings still remained in place.


Gu Zecheng casually parked the car on the side of the road in this narrow and run-down community and was about to leave.

Lin Zixi, holding a bouquet of roses, glanced at the Ferrari sports car with some worry, "The people living here now are quite mixed.

Is it really okay"


"It's alright.

This is the hotel’s car, all of which are insured." Gu Zecheng said.


"Oh..." Young actor Lin took another glance at the car and the sea of ​​flowers in the car, "A luxury car full of roses is your hotel's special event today"


"It’s for national VIP members...cough..." Big Boss Gu coughed dryly.

He focused his eyes at the building in front of him and asked, "What floor is your house on"


"The first floor." Lin Zixi said and, pulling Gu Zecheng's hand, entered the unit building, which had no security door, and immediately opened the door of the house on the most left side.


But after entering the house, Lin Zixi did not let go of the topic just now, "No wonder that trick is like going to pick up girls for booty calls and not like your style at all."


"Then tell me, Baby, what should be Daddy's style" Gu Zecheng asked.


Lin Zixi winked and smiled mischievously, "Like the domineering president on TV.

He takes out a black card and hands it to me, saying: 'Woman...

Man, swipe my card in the future.

No limit.'."


Domineering President Gu suddenly laughed, "The limit of domestic banks’ black cards is only a few million.

Amex actually has a big limit, but it can't be used in China."


Gu Zecheng hugged Lin Zixi and stroked his smooth earlobe lightly while saying, "But Daddy does have a Valentine's Day gift for you."



um..." Lin Zixi was about to ask when a slight pain came from his right ear.


It was Gu Zecheng who inserted a stud earring into his pierced ear, putting it up for him.


Lin Zixi turned on the front camera of his mobile phone to observe the single stud earring that his dad gave him.

It was a simple black stud earring inlaid with not gems or jadeites, but a small piece of russet and white striped, unpolished irregular rock.


"What kind of stone is this" Lin Zixi studied the screen for a long time but could not figure it out, so he turned his head and asked.


"It’s the rock of Mare Fecunditatis that was brought back when country S landed on the moon.

Some time ago, Sotheby's auctioned it, and I asked a friend to buy it and customize this stud earring." Gu Zecheng gently stroked Lin Zixi's ear with the stud earring and asked him, "Do you like it"


There were not many moon rocks in the world that could be legally traded on the market….


Lin Zixi stared at the extremely valuable yet unsightly stud earring on his earlobe and thought to himself: This is certainly very in line with his dad's style.


Although complaining about its simplicity and ugliness, this only gift in the world that came from the moon also made Lin Zixi's face show an unstoppable smile.


"I like it!" He blinked his big bright eyes and said while staring at Gu Zecheng, "I also have a gift for you."


After saying that, he took out a small square box from his coat pocket, and inside it was a jade ring.

He bought it when he was in country L, and he once thought that he would never have the chance to gift it.


Lin Zixi took the jade ring out of the box.

He originally wanted to imitate his dad to put it on for the other party, but he suddenly realized the special nature of a ring and could not help but stop.


Gu Zecheng, however, smiled and held his hand, guiding him to put the ring on the ring finger of his right hand.


"Although Daddy is very moved that you have this heart..." As if seeing through the ring he just bought on intuition and impulse, Gu Zecheng's words and smile carried a bit of ridicule, "I still hope that you’ll leave it to Daddy to put the engagement ring on you."


Lin Zixi's face turned red, but in the end, he still looked up at his dad and whispered, "Okay..."


Dad Gu gave him a big kiss on the face, "Zixi is so cute.

Daddy wants to ** you here."


Lin Zixi was choked by his dad’s words, but after a while, he licked his lips and said almost inaudibly, "I’ve hired a housekeeping company to clean here twice a month, so even if it’s been unoccupied, it's very clean..."


Lin Zixi's words were like pressing a power switch.

In the next moment, Gu Zecheng, who had been restrained and polite today, raised his chin with his right hand, the one wearing a ring, and kissed his lips hard. 


And Lin Zixi, while accepting the deep kiss, extended his hands to take off Gu Zecheng's coat and threw it into the closet at the entrance before going to untie his tie.


Gu Zecheng let Lin Zixi pull off his tie, but when the other party was about to unfasten the top button of his shirt, he carried him horizontally.


"Which is your room" Dad Gu took a quick look at the small two-bedroom, one-living room house and asked.


Lin Zixi casually pointed to the door on the left.

Then he wrapped his arms around his dad's neck and took the initiative to kiss him.


Gu Zecheng carried his little lover into the room where the other party lived when he was a child while kissing him all the way.



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