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“Reunion” Jiang Hanfei looked at Su Yunlu with a puzzled face.


“The class president called and told me to hold a reunion next week at the XX Hotel,” Su Yunluo explained to Jiang Hanfei in a warm voice.


It had been 7 or 8 years since high school graduation.

The class group talked about a reunion, but it didn’t work out.

Now the time was set, the class president @everyone.

Most of them responded that they would go.


The class president called Su Yunluo and Jiang Hanfei, who were also in the group.

Still, they didn’t pay much attention to the group.

It was only when the class president called Su Yunluo that she learned about it and asked her to go to the reunion when she was free.


“So are we going” Jiang Hanfei inquired about her opinion.


There was a hint of worry in the man’s eyes, which Su Yunluo understood as soon as she thought about it: Since it was the high school reunion, Xu Xiangchen, who was in the same class, would naturally go as well.

Su Yunluo thought it was nothing.

After all, they were no longer related, and she and Jiang Hanfei were about to marry.

So it didn’t matter, even if they did run into each other.


“Let’s go.

I really want to see them too.” Su Yunluo spoke.


The reunion was held at seven o’clock that evening.

When Su Yunluo and Jiang Hanfei arrived, everyone was almost there.


Those people thought Jiang Hanfei was so busy that he wouldn’t come, but they didn’t expect him to really come! They wanted to greet him but couldn’t.

In the end, the class president greeted them warmly, “Yunluo, Hanfei, you’re here.”


“Class president.” Jiang Hanfei and Su Yunluo shook hands with the class president, respectively.


Seeing that Jiang Hanfei was so approachable and did not put up a front, those people put their hearts at ease and went up to greet him.

Many of them also brought their families with them, and most of them were Jiang Hanfei’s fans, so they couldn’t hide the excitement on their faces.

It was like the reunion had become a meeting of Jiang Hanfei’s fans, and everyone was begging for a photo.


At this time, another couple walked into the banquet hall.

When the people saw them, they had strange expressions, and some couldn’t help but whisper about it.

The class president greeted them, “Xiangchen is here, this is”


“This is my wife, Bai Yunyun,” Xu Xiangchen introduced.


“Oh, oh.

Hello Mrs.

Xu,” the class president greeted.


“Class president.” Bai Yunyun took Xu Xiangchen’s hand and showed a decent smile.


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