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Chapter 30: My Master is truly sweet!

"The trial will proceed for over a month. Plus, if you go home, wont I be away from Ran'er for a long time" Leng Wuyan felt disappointed.

Originally, with her cultivation, a closed-door cultivation session would take decades. This little period of time was just a flick of her finger.

But now, she felt that one month was extremely long and arduous.

Li Ran pinched her hand and said, "I will definitely return as soon as possible. I'm still looking forward to my second date with Master."

"Hmph. You cheeky brat, who wants to go on a date with you" Joy flashed across Leng Wuyan's eyes as she spoke. The gloom in her heart dissipated quite a bit.

"Sigh, the thought of not being able to see Master for such a long time made this disciple's heart ache… Maybe I shouldn't go" Li Ran sighed.

"All right, there was no time for cultivation. It's just a short period of time for you and me. The days ahead are still long." Leng Wuyan comforted him instead.

A trace of craftiness flashed through Li Ran's eyes as he turned his back to her and said, “Then before I leave, can you satisfy this disciple's small wish”

Leng Wuyan asked curiously, "Wish Tell me"

Li Ran cleared his throat. "The name I just mentioned to you. I really want to hear you say it."

"Ah" Leng Wuyan was immediately at a loss for what to do. She said with a panicked expression, "No, I can't call you that!"

"All right…" Li Ran was filled with regret.

Leng Wuyan looked at him and hesitated for a long time before she said in a low voice, "If I call you that, can you come back earlier"

"Of course!" Li Ran's eyes lit up. "I promise to finish up quickly!"

"All right…" Leng Wuyan covered her face and her voice was like a mosquito, "H-husband~"

Through her fingers, he could see her scarlet cheek. Before Li Ran could respond, her figure instantly disappeared. She was so bashful that she immediately fled.

Li Ran sat in his chair in a daze. He hadn't recovered for a long time. He clutched his wildly beating heart and muttered, "My master is truly sweet…"

Wuyang City.

This was the imperial capital of the dynasty, the most prosperous city.

At this moment, everyone gathered in front of the Dao Seeking Platform's hathpace, taking a glimpse at various immortals.

Immortal Ascension Conference!

This was the day that the mortal world was closest to the cultivation world. All the great clans would send out their most outstanding disciples to test their talent on the Dao Seeking Platform in order to obtain a chance to enter the sects.

As for the various sects, they would continue to pay attention to them to avoid missing seedlings with good aptitude.

Back then, the eight-year-old Li Ran talent was measured to be of the Saint grade, triggering the competition among the top sects.

In the end, he was brought under the doors of Youlou Temple.

At this moment, the deacon who presided over the meeting said, "Now, the Xiao family's disciples will get on the stage to be examined."

A group of young men and women walked up. The youngest of them was only six or seven years old.

In the order listed, they touched the stone.

"Xiao Feng, inferior talent.

Xiao Yun, inferior talent.

Xiao San, mid-grade talent."

Up to the last person, the best was just a mid-grade talent. It could be said that it was extremely miserable.

The girl at the end of the line took a deep breath and placed her right hand on the stone. After a while, there was no reaction.

The deacon said loudly, "Xiao Qingge, no cultivation talent!"

She withdrew her hand and lowered her eyes.

"As expected, no miracle has happened… My talent has really disappeared…"

It was not her first time participating in the Immortal Ascension Conference. When she was young, it was discovered that she had a super-grade talent. Although it was a bit inferior to Li Ran, it was still a once in a hundred years talent.

On the spot, she was accepted by the Supreme Dao Palace as a direct disciple at the age of ten. She reached Foundation Establishment at the age of fifteen. At the age of eighteen, she had already reached the Golden Core realm.

Her cultivation speed was so fast that she was only beneath Li Ran, who was known as the reincarnation of an immortal emperor.

In addition to being renowned in the city, she was also known as “Fairy Qing” throughout the whole world and had various followers.

If nothing unexpected happened, she would become an expert and lead the Xiao family to prosperity. However, all of this had changed not long ago.

Half a month ago, her cultivation suddenly disappeared, and ten years of painstaking cultivation turned to nothing.

Even her original super-grade talent had become the worstno talent'. The sects and clans tried everything they could to find a solution.

In the end, it could only be attributed to "The Heavens Will”. She didn't even have the qualifications to be a servant in the sect.

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After confirming that she could not recover, she was expelled by the Supreme Dao Palace. How high she flew back then, and how miserable she felt now.

Everyone looked at the stage, discussing spiritedly.

"F*ck, I didn't expect Xiao Qingge's talent to really disappear"

"That's right. I thought it was a rumor, but this time, it hit like a stone hammer!"

"My god. After consuming so many resources, she turned into a cripple. This time, the Xiao family has lost a lot!"

"I heard that she had been expelled from the Supreme Dao Palace…"

"Not only that, even the Li Family is clamoring for an engagement annulment!"

"The Xiao Family and the Li Family have an engagement Why haven't I heard of this"

"Its a long story. It was…"

Xiao Qingge walked down the Dao Seeking Platform and quietly passed through the crowd, turning a deaf ear to all the commotion.



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