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Chapter 29: Trial Leave it to me!

When Sun Wei walked in, she couldn't help but be stunned when she saw the table full of rich food.

"I've come to see the Sect Master. Apologies for disturbing your meal."

"It's fine."

Sun Wei turned her gaze to Leng Wuyans side. "Ah, Sheng Zi is also here!"

"Greetings, Elder Sun." Li Ran replied with a nod.

Although Sun Wei was the First Elder, Li Ran was also the sect's Sheng Zi. His was not a position other disciples could match up to. So he didn't need to get up and bow to her.

Elder Sun had a strange feeling. Li Ran had been always present when she had come to see the Sect Master the last two times.

In the past, she had never seen them interact so often.

"Right now, Sheng Zi should be cultivating. What are you doing here" Sun Wei asked.

Before Li Ran could reply, Leng Wuyan took the lead and said, "Ran'er has been extremely diligent recently and has advanced in cultivation quite quickly. I'm worried that he might overdo it, so I called him over to rest."

Li Ran could not hold back his laughter.

Diligence She must be talking about our relationship.

With the existence of the Heaven Seizing Cultivation Method, I can just sleep every day!

However, it was true that he had advanced quite quickly. Leng Wuyan shot him a glance displaying a caring smile on her face.

"Oh" Sun Wei looked over and cried out in disbelief, "Sheng Zi is already at the last stage of the Golden Core realm!"

Last time, he was still at the middle stage of the Golden Core realm. He had broken through in just a day or two

This cultivation speed was too shocking.

Li Ran's expression remained calm. "It might be a coincidence."

Before that, he already reached the pinnacle of the middle stage Golden Core realm. With his formidable talent and Heaven Seizing Cultivation Method, breaking through to the late stage of the Golden Core realm was as simple as drinking water.

"You entered the Golden Core realm at the age of seventeen, but it just took you a year to reach the late stage! This talent is truly terrifying!" Sun Wei finally understood why Leng Wuyan was so close to Li Ran.

With such a powerful talent, as long as he doesnt fall victim to an early death, he would definitely be a Master in the future!

"Its all thanks to Sect Master." As Li Ran spoke, he secretly pinched Leng Wuyan's hand under the table.

Leng Wuyan bit her lip and tried to maintain her calm.

This kid is too presumptuous!

She wanted to break free, but she couldnt use any strength because of a kind of limp and numb feeling. Thinking that Elder Sun wouldn't be able to see it anyway, she just let it be.

"Elder Sun, why did you come to see me" she asked aloud.

"Er… its that," Sun Wei replied, "The sect trials are about to begin. We dont know who will lead the disciples this time, the elders in each peak all care about this matter tightly."

Sect trials. It was an important part of the cultivation of disciples in Youluo Temple.

Every three years, the elders would arrange for the new disciples to go down Mount Xuanling and enter the Grand Myriad Mountains to explore and complete the missions assigned by the sect.

Every time, they would arrange for a senior disciple to lead the team. Although they acted a bit like a nanny, its the best way to discover a seedling with a good personality and aptitude, making it convenient for them to recruit these excellent seedlings.

Therefore, the elders of the various peaks all watched this matter closely.

Leng Wuyan waved her hand. "Elder Sun, you decide."

Obviously, she was not interested in this matter.

"Alright, then…"

Li Ran suddenly said, "I'll do it!"

"You" Both of them looked at him in surprise.

"You're the Sheng Zi, so you should focus on cultivation. You shouldnt worry about this." Sun Wei euphemistically refused him.

Li Ran shook his head. "Ive been cultivating a little too much lately, so I'll take this opportunity to rest."

"But…" Sun Wei hesitated.

"Besides, I had never participated in a trial in the past ten years. As the Sheng Zi, I have to do something for the sect, right" Li Ran said.

As he spoke, Elder Sun was helpless. "Then let's just rely on the Sect Master's arrangements."

Leng Wuyan gave him a serious look. “Are you sure you want to lead the trial"

Li Ran nodded. "This disciple is sure."

In fact, it wasnt because he wanted to take part in the trial, but to take the chance to sneak off to annul his engagement!

"Alright, I will accept that."

When Elder Sun left, Leng Wuyan put down her chopsticks and remained silent.

Li Ran gulped and said carefully, "Master, master…"

Leng Wuyan ignored him.



"Little cutie"


Leng Wuyan couldnt hold back any longer, and she said in embarrassment and a resentful tone, "Youre so shameless. I wonder if there is anything you wouldnt speak of with that brazen face of yours"

"It's because you're too cute. I cant help it," Li Ran continued his shamelessness.

"Stop! Be honest, why did you suddenly want to lead the team down the mountain You've never been so diligent before!" Leng Wuyan asked.

Li Ran's eyes turned. "I miss home."

"Miss home"

"This disciple had cultivated for more than ten years here, and the number of times I had returned home was numbered. I want to take this opportunity to return… Master, you wont blame me, right"

"Of course not!" Leng Wuyan was a little embarrassed. “I'm sorry, I misunderstood you just now. I thought you wanted to…"

"I want to what…" Li Ran asked curiously.

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"You want to hide from me…" Her voice grew smaller and smaller.

Li Ran laughed dumbly.

His master was truly adorable. However, the more this happened, the stronger his guilt felt.

Leng Wuyan believed him unconditionally, but he lied repeatedly…

"But, I cant really tell her about this matter!" Li Ran was extremely helpless.



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