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Chapter 30: Affectionate

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Xiao Ye glanced at her before turning around and smiling helplessly. “Its fine if you dont understand. Quickly go wash up and prepare to eat a delicious breakfast. Peanuts and fish porridge are my specialty.”

“Okay, I have good news for you later.”

This was the most comfortable meal Chi Yaoxi had eaten in the past few days.

When Xiao Ye heard that Sister Ming was helping Chi Yaoxi maintain resources on the periphery, and that many things had a turn for the better, he felt much more at ease.

“Xiao Ye, in order to express my gratitude, Ill cook something nice for you this afternoon, okay”

Looking at Chi Yaoxis joyful expression, Xiao Ye was happy for her from the bottom of his heart. “Ill take an IOU, Im not free this afternoon. There are a lot of things waiting for me to handle at the company. If I dont go now, Ill probably be replaced by someone else.”

Chi Yaoxi stood at the door and watched Xiao Ye leave, revealing a reluctant expression. “Alright, I know youre very busy. Ill cook for you next time.”

Xiao Ye looked at Chi Yaoxi affectionately. “Take care of yourself. Call me if you need anything.”

After sending Xiao Ye off, Chi Yaoxi returned to her room. She suddenly felt that the world had become beautiful again. There were people who cared for her, helped her, loved her, and cared for her. All the important people were by her side. She had a house to live in, food to eat, and a healthy body.

Thinking about it carefully, the heavens were already very kind to let her have so many precious things. Although things were still very messy and hadnt been settled, Chi Yaoxi had already figured it out. Only after experiencing lifes hardships would she be more resilient.

Now, she needed to calm down. She could use her free time to plan and take care of her personal life.

One year ago, Chi Yaoxi wanted to enroll in a film academy training class. It required half a month of full-time study time. She took this opportunity to immediately pay to enroll. To improve her professionalism and improve her acting skills, Chi Yaoxi was never stingy with investing money and time in her studies.

It was the weekend again, and Chi Yaoxi had a lazy nap. She had just finished applying her facial mask at home when she heard a series of knocks on the door.

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When she opened the door, she saw the little guy holding a lollipop and jumping into her arms with a smile.

Chi Yaoxi bent down and pinched the little fellows chubby and pink little face before carrying him up.

“My little baby has grown up again. Mommy cant carry you anymore!”

The little guy obediently leaned into Chi Yaoxis embrace and blinked his eyes like a little kitten. In an instant, Chi Yaoxi felt that she had been hit by his cuteness.

“Mommy, you look even more beautiful today, even more beautiful than when you put on makeup.” With that said, the little fella took the initiative to kiss Chi Yaoxis forehead.

Chi Yaoxis eyes curved into crescents when she heard the little guy praise her seriously.

Seeing that his mommy was calm and happy again, the little guy felt much more at ease. He said that he came to find his mommy to play with her, but in reality, he wanted to coax her to go out and relax.

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“Mommy, its the weekend today. Can you bring me to the amusement park to play I havent been there for a long time.” Chenchen pouted and pleaded.

Chi Yaoxi pinched the little fellows nose and said with a smile, “Sure. Mommy has a lot of time now to play with you.”

The few of them got into the car. Chi Yaoxi kept glancing at the man who was driving silently in front of her. She felt a little embarrassed. She knew that during the period of the incident, Li Qianming had also been very busy, settling things for her, trying to think of a way to deal with it. But up until now, she hadnt even thanked him.

It was not that she did not want to say it, but… Chi Yaoxi did not know how to speak to this cold and silent man.

The weather was getting warmer and the man was only wearing a casual t-shirt. It was flat against his body and one could see the defined muscles under his broad arms.

Chi Yaoxi stole another glance at the rearview mirror and saw that the mans icy face was still as stern as ever. She really could not guess his emotions.

When they arrived at the amusement park, the little fella shouted happily, “Lets go! Daddy, Mommy, lets take the roller coaster and have fun!”

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Chi Yaoxi remembered playing it once or twice when she was young. The spinning made her dizzy and she was overly excited. However, she had no choice but to be dragged by the little fellow to sit on it.

The speed of the roller coaster became faster and faster. Great winds roared by their ears, making them feel dizzy. Chi Yaoxi tightly grabbed the little fellas arm, the two of them screaming loudly.

Only Li Qianming held onto the armrest tightly with a serious expression. He squinted his eyes and felt a different kind of excitement.

After staggering down from the roller coaster, the little fellow quickly got used to it and started skipping ahead again.

Chi Yaoxi felt even more dizzy. Her hair was in a mess, and she couldnt stand steadily. She took a few steps forward, staggering as she fell to the side.

Li Qianming, who was standing at the side, was quick to react. He immediately stretched out his arm and scooped her up easily. “Be careful.”

Chi Yaoxi steadied herself and looked at the man gratefully. She finally said “thank you”.

The little fellow brought them to play a few simple rides. Soon, it was noon. Li Qianming drove them to a private restaurant for lunch.

It was rare for his daddy and mommy to accompany him, so the little guy was very happy and took the initiative to pour a glass of fruit juice for everyone.

The food tasted really good. Chi Yaoxi saw that the little guy was not picky with his food and was eating with gusto, so she was constantly helping him with the food.

Halfway through the meal, the little fellow suddenly thought of a question. He turned to look at Chi Yaoxi and directly asked, “Mommy, when Daddy and I went to your place last night, who was that uncle we saw”

Chi Yaoxi stared blankly. She knew that the little fella was asking about Xiao Ye.

At that time, she was already drunk to the point of unconsciousness. Later on, she heard Xiao Ye mention that that night, Li Qianming brought the little guy over to look for her. They didnt go in and left immediately.

Chi Yaoxi hesitated for a moment and subconsciously glanced at the man. She explained to the little guy, “Its a friend of Mommys.”

The little guy nodded innocently and continued eating.

When Li Qianming heard Chi Yaoxis explanation, his gloomy eyes quickly swept over the woman, then he continued eating, remaining silent.

A friend How simple!Li Qianming felt that Chi Yaoxi wasnt telling the truth. He had already seen that man several times, and they often stuck together at night. How could she have such intimate friends of the opposite sex

The little fella had just finished his meal when he saw a child eating ice cream at the neighboring table. He asked softly, “Daddy, Mommy, look at how fast Im eating. Can you reward me with an ice-cream

The man didnt say anything. Chi Yaoxi nodded at the little fellow. “Go get it yourself. Theres one at the front desk.”

Little Chenchen shook his head and said, “I just saw Uncle Ling Yue outside. I want to buy McDonalds ice cream with him.”

The little fellow followed Assistant Ling Yue and skipped out of the restaurant, leaving Li Qianming and Chi Yaoxi alone.


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