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“Why are you sleeping here”

Hua Jin paused, then suddenly slapped his head.


He immediately pretended to be calm.

“I remember now.

Yesterday, Natalia couldnt sleep and wanted to pester you.

You sang to her.

Then, I fell asleep listening.

But why are you sleeping here too Didnt you tell me to bond with Natalia”

Gong Jie understood that Hua Jin was deliberately trying to come up with an elaborate explanation for Yun Shishi so that her imagination wouldnt run wild.

The man played along.

“She wouldnt let me go, so I lay down.

I was exhausted and wasnt thinking.

Why, do you mind”

“Its not that I mind… No wonder it felt like such a squeeze all night.” He quickly continued, “But what was the name of the song you sang yesterday It was so good.

Ill download it and listen to it.”

Gong Jie replied gravely, “Did I sing”

Yun Shishis attention was immediately and successfully diverted.

“Xiao Jie, you sang”

Her stunned expression surprised the actor even more.

“Eh You make it sound as though he never used to sing”

Yun Shishi nodded.

“Xiao Jie doesnt like listening to music, so he doesnt like to sing, but I think he will sing well.”

Gong Jies face darkened with embarrassment.

“No such thing!”

“No way! I thought it sounded great!” Hua Jin turned to Yun Shishi and said, “I was amazed to hear him sing yesterday! But Ive never heard that song before.

Is it an old song”

Gong Jie ignored him.

He actually wrote the song when he was bored.

He didnt like to sing.

But one day, sitting by the sea, for some reason, a melody came to him.

The lyrics were formed naturally with the melody.

There was no one beside him, so he sang it to himself, and it stuck in his memory.

To be precise, he created the melody and lyrics at random.

The actor was at first surprised to hear the song.

He was surprised by his charming voice and even more surprised that he had never heard this beautiful song before.

Presumably, an arrangement of this standard should have shot to popularity overnight! Why had he never heard the song before

The actor had no idea that this was Gong Jies random composition.

He would have been shocked.

Natalia woke to the sound of their voices.

She happened to have had enough sleep as well, so she opened her eyes and blinked.

When Gong Jie realized she was awake, he gently pinched her cheek.

“You awake”

“Uh huh…” Like a kitten, Natalia snuggled into his arms and put her arms around his waist.

“Daddy…” Gong Jie put an arm around her too, and gently smoothed her hair.

Their intimate postures made Youyou especially uncomfortable.

Why was she clinging to Gong Jie so much but unwilling to play with him He wondered what sort of capability his uncle had.

Could he have secretly bewitched Natalia!

Gong Jie suddenly realized that the boy was staring at him with an inexplicable expression of hatred.

Hua Jin wanted to laugh when he noticed that.

This uncle and nephew pair was too cute! It was the first time hed seen the boy jealous!

Yun Shishi noticed this, too, and tried not to laugh.

She had never seen the boy jealous before, either, and for a moment, she found it novel!


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