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Chapter 4124: The Other Side 93Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Get lost!”

A deep growl of anger.

Gong Jies piercing eyes swept over them unhappily.

The surrounding people were terrified by his gaze!

Gong Jies eyebrows were shaped like the blades of a sword.

Normally, he was expressionless and appeared relatively calm.

When he frowned, he looked dignified and inexplicably regal.

Coupled with that frosty gaze, it was enough to send chills down the spine of these people on a sunny day.

Instantly, the surrounding crowd fell silent! Everyone was terrified of his icy gaze!


Super hostile.

This man was super hostile! TAT

He looked dashingly cool, but when he lost his temper, it was like a mighty thunderstorm! Wherever his gaze fell, the people retreated a few steps back.

Hua Jin was equally stunned.

Not that he was intimidated by Gong Jies aura, just that he didnt expect… the power and impact of the mans gaze.

It could accomplish more than what ten bodyguards could do!

However, he finally found a sort of resonance!

If it hadnt been for the limitations of his identity, he would have asked those people: Isnt it true that hes really fierce!

His glare was like a pair of vicious daggers!

Right, right

It really wasnt him being cowardly! Seriously!

At this point, however, it was fortunate that Gong Jies gaze was too intimidating.

Otherwise, he wouldnt know how to get out of this predicament.

Behind them, Youyou and Yun Shishi were basking in the glory.

With Gong Jie, the “Slayer”, leading the way, the road before them was naturally smooth and uninterrupted.

Yun Shishi did not have to worry about being recognized by any passers-by!

The group of five smoothly entered the Ferris Wheel.

Natalia was seeing the Ferris Wheel for the first time and was full of anticipation, but at the same time, she was anxious.

To her, the Ferris wheel and hot air balloon were probably the more exciting rides.

The hot air balloon was fine.

This Ferris Wheel, however, was really tall.

It was so tall that even if she looked all the way up as far as she could, she could not see the highest point.

All throughout her childhood, apart from the welfare home, most of her time was spent in the hospital.

She only knew the discriminating looks that the other children had given her, and the smell of disinfectant.

Although her purple eyes were beautiful, the other children in the orphanage treated her as an anomaly and called her “monster” or “strange beast”.

The children were young and immature.

Most of them thought that it was normal to have black or brown eyes.

And her purple eyes made her look like an evil spirit.

The children were afraid of evil spirits, so they were unwilling to play with her.

As a result, Natalia had a lonely childhood.

Even the amusement park, let alone the Ferris Wheel, was a first for her.

Hence, she was feeling all sorts of emotions including unease, excitement, nervousness, agitation…

Youyou could see the anxiety on her face.

“Dont worry,” he explained.

“The Ferris Wheel is safe!”

“Its so tall.” Natalia craned her neck and looked up for a long time.

Hua Jin asked her gently, “Do you wish to go on the ride”

Natalia nodded and said, “Yes! I do.”

“Then, lets go together!”

Natalia nodded, satisfied.

Each ride compartment could seat four people, so Yun Shishi offered to wait for them in the rest area.

She didnt really like riding on the Ferris Wheel.

Shed only come to the amusement park to spend time with Natalia.

Hence, the four of them used their VIP cards and entered the ride compartment directly.

Hua Jin then personally buckled Youyou and Natalia in.

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