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Chapter 30: Ill Get Angry

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Lu Ping returned to his dormitory.

Zhang Biao was cultivating when he sensed Lu Pings return. He opened his eyes and said with a smile, “Lu, how was work today”

“Haha! It was pretty awesome! Let me tell you, Qingzhou Academy is really awesome!” Lu Ping said seriously.

This time, Zhang Biao was also curious.

“How is it awesome”

Lu Ping said in a low voice, “I saw a grade SSS Foundation Establishment cultivation method in the library!”

“What!” Zhang Biao cried out involuntarily.

Lu Ping really didnt think that there was anything to hide about this.

After all, in his opinion, since that cultivation method was openly placed in the library, it wasnt a secret that many people might have already cultivated it.

Zhang Biao immediately lowered his voice, “Really”

Lu Ping said seriously, “How could it be fake Its absolutely true! Unfortunately, that cultivation method doesnt suit me. I found a cultivation method that suits me!”

“What grade is it”

“Grade S!”

Zhang Biao muttered, “Qingzhou Academy is indeed the best academy in Binhai City. Its too awesome. A grade SSS cultivation method that only exists in legends. Its said that its a cultivation method practiced by ancient immortals!”

Lu Ping sighed, “Thats right. The highest cultivation method we usually see is a grade S cultivation method. When I saw that cultivation method, my mind was muddled. If not for the advice of an expert, I might have chosen it. But now that I think about it, that kind of cultivation method might not be easy to cultivate!”

Zhang Biao said bitterly, “Who cares if its easy to cultivate or hard to cultivate, you still have to cultivate it! Lu, youre missing out on an opportunity!”

“Its hard to say whether its an opportunity or not. Everyone has their own choices.”

Lu Ping did not regret it.

After the two of them chatted, Zhang Biao had a serious look on his face. He stood up and bowed to Lu Ping.

“Thank you, Lu, for telling me about this! I will definitely think of a way to enter Qingzhou Academy in the future!” Zhang Biao made up his mind.

The two of them chatted for a while before Lu Pings phone suddenly pinged.

Lu Ping returned to his bed and saw the message. It was from Huang Xiaoqi.

“Hubby, have you returned to the dormitory”

He replied, “Yes, I was so depressed just now. The parents of the students actually complained that I didnt have a flying sword. They even doubted me. Our form teacher insisted on lending me 5000 star dollars to buy a flying sword. I had no choice but to agree to it.”

Huang Xiaoqi looked at the phone in displeasure!

“Hubby, if you want money, you can tell me!”

Lu Ping replied, “Baby, Im an upright man. How can I use my girlfriends money I wont live off a woman! Believe me, I can handle it!”

Huang Xiaoqi, “... I think you dont need to borrow her money. Isnt that Huang Yiyi from your school, rich Why dont you just find something to sell to her”

“Baby, that wont do. Although crazy Huang is a huge sucker, I cant deliberately trick her. Shes a nice person, but shes a little silly! And I suspect that she might have been cheated by a man.”

Huang Xiaoqi was confused. “Huh Why do you say that”

Lu Ping began to tell the story of the abortion hospital. Finally, he said, “I suspect that shes just making a friend out of nothing! In fact, theres no such friend as she said! Shes talking about herself!”

Huang Xiaoqi replied, “... Hubby, I think you are thinking too much...”

“Haha! That is also possible, but I still dont want to cheat crazy Huang. I have a bottom line!” Lu Ping said righteously!

Huang Xiaoqi saw that Lu Ping kept calling her crazy Huang, and she gnashed her teeth in hatred.

“Hubby, she is a lady. You better not give her such a nickname...”

“Ill call her that in private to satisfy me. In reality, I definitely wont say it in front of her! and actually, this nickname is quite cute.”

Cute Cute my ass!

Huang Xiaoqi decided to change the topic.

“Then hubby, are you planning to buy a flying sword”

“Yes, Im planning to buy a second-hand flying sword that costs around 3,000 star dollars. As long as it works, its fine. Ill go take a look at Universe Treasure later.”

“Then go ahead, Ill help you look for it too.”


The two ended their conversation, and Lu Ping opened Universe Treasure.

This was a shopping app, but if it was a planet-to-planet distribution, the shipping was usually very expensive.

Therefore, Lu Ping was looking at the shopping malls in the region of the planet.

But even so, there were so many choices.

And on the other side of the phone, Huang Xiaoqi called another person.

“Go, get me a Universe Treasure shop, and immediately list one.” Huang Xiaoqi fell into deep thought.

“Love X13 flying sword! Selling Price: 2000 star dollars!”

She finally made a decision. Although this thing was trash in her eyes, Lu Ping had enough for now.

Ten minutes later, Lu Ping received a link.

Huang Xiaoqi, “Hubby, look! I found a huge deal!”

Lu Ping clicked into the shop!

In an instant, his eyes widened!

It was a second-hand Love X13 Flying Sword, priced at 2000 star dollars.

Huang Xiaoqi was still very satisfied with her plan.

Unfortunately, she soon received a message from Lu Ping.

“Do you take me for a fool I said, I dont need your help. You deliberately listed such a flying sword. If I spend 2000 star dollars to buy it, then Ill be playing dumb!”

Lu Ping was right. Second-hand flying swords still sold for quite a good price!

Not to mention second-hand, even went through many owners, as long as it wasnt damaged, the price wouldnt fluctuate too much.

Second-hand might be cheaper, but with Love X13s original price, it was definitely more than 2000 star dollars!

Huang Xiaoqi didnt pay attention to the flying swords on the market at all, not to mention second-hand flying swords.

Moreover, even if she wanted to buy something, she would not buy such a low-end item.

Her understanding of the Love X13 was mainly from Liu Qian...

The flying sword that Liu Qian used that day was considered the best. As for the price, she had calculated it according to Lu Pings budget.

She did not expect to be seen through.

Huang Xiaoqi pursed her lips.

She didnt quibble and only replied, “Didnt I see that youre really in trouble now The two of us have known each other for so many years. Whats wrong with me giving you a flying sword”

Lu Ping sighed. It was the hardest to accept the favor of a beauty.

Huang Xiaoqi really had nothing to say to herself.

The Love X13 flying sword was so expensive. She gave it to him just like that.

He didnt know that if he really asked for it, Huang Xiaoqi might not give him anything.

However, Lu Ping still had his own persistence!

“Baby, listen to me. We arent really together yet. I dont want to owe you too much. After so many years, I havent even given you a red packet on your birthday. How can I ask for such a valuable thing”

Huang Xiaoqi replied, “This thing isnt worth much...”

Seeing this message, Lu Ping was speechless.

Thats right, she was a Nascent Soul stage expert!

What was so great about a Foundation Establishment stage standard flying sword

“In any case, I wont take it. If you continue like this, Ill be angry!” Lu Ping replied seriously.

Seeing how serious Lu Ping was, Huang Xiaoqi hurriedly said, “Okay hubby, I wont give it to you.”

She is absolutely do not want to argue with Lu Ping.


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