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Divine Diary Ch 33 Thundering Means

November 26, 2022 hugabugabee My Divine DiaryEnglish, Light Novel, My Divine Diary

Amid the cheers of the crowd, Su Hao led He Qingqing and little fatty out of the restaurant.

The two money bags that Su Hao had swiped didn’t have much, a total of 10 silver yuan. 

He Qingqing and little fatty’s eyes were filled with undisguised admiration.

They knew that Su Hao was amazing, but they hadn’t thought that not only was he amazing, he made it look simple.

Recalling the series of events, after a while, He Qingqing suddenly said: “Xiangwu, we’ve already gotten the money back.

Breaking his other hand, will it…”

Su Hao good-naturedly smiled: “It wasn’t your money that was stolen, so you think I went too far If you ask little fatty, little fatty, do you think I went too far”

Little fatty first looked at Qingqing, and hesitantly said: “How do I say this.

I think breaking one hand was proper.

Breaking both hands was a bit much, but it doesn’t really matter.

As long as the money was found, it’s okay.”

Su Hao pouted: “You guys don’t think so because you guys don’t know the value of money.

Two hands was getting off easy.

If they stole from me, I would have broken a leg too.” 

Thinking back to how Su Hao had broken the hands, the two of them shuddered.

Su Hao said to them: “We’re no longer in Cha Mountain Outpost.

Everything relies on ourselves.

We won’t provoke trouble, but if there are people provoke us, you have to use thundering means to hit those that dare to provoke us so no one else will have any thoughts on us.”

“Because once your hands are gentle, others will think you’re easy to bully.

What comes after will be very annoying.


He Qingqing and little fatty obediently nodded their heads. 

Little fatty asked: “Xiangwu, what’s thundering means”

Su Hao revealed a smile: “That huh.

In different circumstances, thundering means will be different.

I’ll give you guys an example! You really like to eat steamed stuffed buns.

If I have a stuffed bun, and I let you trade it for an arm, will you make the trade”

Little fatty shivered and hid his arms behind his back and took two steps backward: “Of course I won’t.

Xiangwu, don’t think about hitting me.”

Su Hao was speechless: “I was only using an example.”

He added: “Why won’t you trade”

“It’s obvious I won’t trade! Only an idiot would trade!”

Su Hao smiled: “It’s not fools that would trade.

Even an idiot probably wouldn’t trade.

Why Because it’s a very unequal exchange to trade an arm for a stuffed bun right”

Little fatty nodded: “Right!”

Su Hao pointed a finger at He Qingqing and little fatty: “So, you guys only have to understand this one point.

That is, as long as the people that get any ideas about you recognize their bullying of you will cost them far more than any joy they receive from bullying you, no one will be willing to bully you.”

Seeing He Qingqing and little fatty’s thoughtful expressions, he made a closing remark: “So, the price the other party must pay is what you can call thundering means.”

Done speaking, and not caring if the other two understood what he was talking about, he brought the two of them to casually search for a diner and ate dinner.


After Su Hao’s group of three left, at the previous restaurant’s second floor, a group of 10 or so year olds began to discuss.

“Big Bro Dayan, just now that short-haired boy was really amazing.

It looks like he’s a new student” A ball head hairstyle girl spoke while approaching a nearby stern long-haired boy.  

The long-haired boy’s handsome face calmly stayed further away and coldly said: “Should be! Pretty amazing.”

The long-haired boy was called Jin Dayan.

In Lingyun Town there were three big clans, one was the Jin family.

He was the third young master of the Jin clan known as the most genius warrior of the Jin family.

At just 10 years old, he had broken through to high-level common warrior, more outstanding talent than both his elder and second older brothers, causing a sensation in the whole city for a while, and currently he was rather famous in Lingyun Town.

But very few people had actually met Jin family’s third young master, Jin Dayan. 

The other little girl with pink clothes couldn’t stand it anymore so she hurriedly stood up and yanked the ball head girl and loudly said: “Mo Xin, stay a bit further from my big brother.”

The pink-clothed girl was called Jin Xiaohan.

She was the biological younger sister of Jin Dayan.

The Jin family generational names were very interesting.

The males were called “Da” and the females were called “Xiao”, something that people found funny.

(TLN: Da is big, Xiao is small)

Ball head Mo Xin dissatisfied said: “This isn’t far enough Xiaohan you’re too sensitive!”

Jin Xiaohan stared: “Your face is almost on top of my brother’s face!”

Mo Xin giggled and turned to Jin Dayan to ask: “Big Bro Dayan, just now that kid looked to be younger than us, but he beat up those three mid-level warriors in a second.

Could he also be a high-level common warrior”

Jin Dayan shook his and said uncertainly: “It’s not too clear, but if it was me, I probably wouldn’t be able to beat down those three so cleanly.”

Jin Xiaohan’s and Mo Xin’s smiles froze.

They said: “No way! That kid just got lucky.”Jin Dayan’s mouth twisted up.

He lightly said: “Perhaps! We’ll meet again.”


At this time, it was already dark.

The academy only had a few dim lanterns.

Fortunately the moonlight shone down like a drizzle.

After sending He Qingqing back to her dorm, Su Hao specially dragged little fatty to meet her roommates, directly showing He Qingqing had people watching over her so that the girls in the dorm wouldn’t isolate her. 

Su Hao might claim to be well-informed, but he wasn’t clear on the complexities of living in a girls dormitory.

Since it was He Qingqing’s first time out of the outpost, she didn’t understand many things and it was very easy for her to become a target of bulling. 

When Su Hao and little returned to their dorm, they discovered their roommates were both there. 

One was tall and burly with a tanned black face.

He was taller than Su Hao by a head.

His muscles were bulging.

He looked to be at least 12 years old.

It looked like he had barely passed the requirements to join the school. 

The other one was shorter, 10 or so years old.

Compared to his peers, he looked a bit malnourished, skinnier than He Qingqing.

At this moment, the smaller one was tucked in the corner of his bed, cowering away from the tall black-faced one.

It looked like these two weren’t companions.

The tall black face saw Su Hao and little fatty return and revealed a bright smile: “Hey! Welcome back to my dorm.

I’ll first introduce myself.

I’m Kong Yang.

You can call me Brother Yang.

From now on I’ll be the boss, whatever I say goes.

Okay, your turn shorties!”

Su Hao’s head hurt.

These kind of dumb matters happened everywhere.

He glanced to little fatty and discovered he was already shaking. 

Littly fatty was saying: “Yang… Hello Brother Yang.

I’m Li Cunzhi.

You can call me Cunzhi.”

Kong Yang made a face: “What Cunzhi.

Hmph, obviously you’re a dead fatty.”

Little fatty dared to be angry but didn’t dare to say anything.

Kong Yang saw little fatty’s cowardice and revealed a triumphant smile.

Pleased, he turned to Su Hao: “You Shorty!”

Su Hao adjusted his clothes and turned to little fatty: “Watch carefully.

This is called thundering means!”

Little fatty nodded in confusion.

Su Hao gestured with his finger at Kong Yang: “Come, let’s go outside to talk.”

Done speaking, he turned around and began walking out. 

Kong Yang chuckled “Got balls”, and also prowled out.

The two stood still, their expression unclear in the moonlight.

“I am Wu Xiangwu.

Are you ready” Su Hao prompted.


Come over here first.

We’re all roommates.

I’ll go easy on you.” Kong Yang’s muscles began to bulge. 

“Watch carefully!” Saying this, Su Hao moved his foot and disappeared from his spot. 

Kong Yang was shocked: “Where’d he go”


Su Hao had circled behind and sent Kong Yang flying with a kick.

Kong Yang got up with a blank expression.

After he figured out Su Hao was standing where he had just been, he angrily said: “You sneak attacked!”

Su Hao added: “Then watch more carefully.

I’m going again.”


A punch to the face, knocking him to the ground.

“You…” Kong Yang had just got up but he didn’t even get the chance to accuse Su Hao.


Another kick sent him flying a few meters.

“This master…”





After a while, Kong Yang was no longer moving and was just lying on the ground, his face full of tears: “Big Bro! Don’t hit me.

I lost.

In the future, you’re my Big Bro.

I’ll listen to you!”

Su Hao only then stopped.

Then he looked to the eyes wide in a daze little fatty and asked: “Do you understand what thundering means are now”

Little fatty stammered: “Got… Got it!”

At this time, the short roommate rushed out and said to Su Hao: “Big Bro Xiangwu, I’m Hua Wanli.

Can you teach me I can pay for tuition.”

Su Hao smiled: “No need for me to teach.

You’ll learn it in the academy.”


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