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Ch 32 Broken Hand

“What should I do” Little fatty cried and looked helplessly to Su Hao and He Qingqing.

Obviously, little fatty’s money had been stolen and it was unknown who stole it.

Where should they go to look for it at this time

Su Hao was speechless: “What else can we do Me and Qingqing can lend a hand.

We’ll get through by eating and drinking a less.”

Little fatty wailed: “I don’t want to!”

He Qingqing’s little face was filled with anger: “If I find out who stole it, I’ll break his hands.”

Su Hao turned to He Qingqing: “Qingqing, you didn’t leave your money in the dorms did you”

He Qingqing shook her head: “My dad specifically told me to carry it on me.”

Little fatty was filled with resentment: “Why didn’t my dad tell me ahhhh~”

Su Hao ignored him.

He said to He Qingqing: “Placing it on your body isn’t always safe.

You have to always pay attention.”

He Qingqing nodded.

Thinking about it, Su Hao consciousness entered the marble room and commanded Little Light: “Extract the data before and after we left the room.”

“Extraction successful”

“Comparing before and after difference”

“Comparing… Comparison successful”

“Found increase in unfamiliar footprints and fingerprints”

“Footprints were recorded successfully.

Fingerprint patterns unclear.

Please collect again”

Following Little Light’s instructions, Su Hao grabbed the object with the fingerprints and placed it before his eyes.

“Fingerprints were recorded successfully”

Su Hao exited the marble room and started walking out of the dorm: “Qingqing, little fatty, let’s go.”

Little fatty listlessly followed and asked with a sigh: “Go where”

“Find someone!” After saying that, he no longer paid attention to little fatty.

He Qingqing curiously asked: “Finding the thief”

Su Hao nodded: “Correct!”

“How will we find him”

“I naturally have my ways!” Saying this, Su Hao once again gave Little Light a command: Search for the unfamiliar footprints and fingerprints.

Soon Little Light gave some feedback, marking the unfamiliar footprint locations with red circles in his vision. 

Under He Qingqing’s and little fatty’s watch, Su Hao brought them along the way.

When the footprint trail broke off, he had to search around for where they resumed, and once again it continued.

After a bit, the three of them arrived at a restaurant outside the Warriors Academy.

The shop clerk warmly greeted them and with a smile: “Three guests, what would you like to eat Our shop has everything.”

Su Hao shook his head: “No need.

We’re looking for someone.

Please continue what you were doing.”

The clerk said in disappointment: “Understood.

Three guests feel free.”

Little fatty and He Qingqing nervously followed after Su Hao, not even daring to breathe loudly.

If it was just themselves, they never would have dared to come in.

But seeing Su Hao’s casual attitude, they felt admiration.

Going up to the second floor, Su Hao found the target.

It was a short-haired guy with a common build.

It could be seen that he had practiced martial arts.

He was probably a warrior.

Because he was smiling too widely, his facial features were crowded together.

He was ordering a table full of dishes.

At the table were another two who were even burlier than him.

Su Hao just needed to identify the fingerprints now.

The short-haired guy was sharing his achievements with his companions at that time, laughing: “It’s been hard these past two years.

I haven’t seen such an idiot kid in a long time.

I took a chance with luck and followed along.

I hadn’t thought I would actually succeed.

Today I really made a killing.”

His companion to the side echoed: “You did it kid.

Your luck is skyrocketing.

We’re no good and didn’t get anything.

Today we’ll have to bask in your light to eat this table of dishes and wine.” 

The short-haired guy was delighted: “That’s right! Just this amount can let me be unrestrained for a month.”

“Come, let’s drink.

To our daily fortunes.”


The three grinned, their wine glasses clinking, and they were just about to gulp it down. 

“Sorry to bother.

I have to confirm something.”

Suddenly a young mature tone came from beside them. 

The three turned their heads, discovering a 10 or so year old boy.

The short-haired guy impatiently said: “Get out of here.

Go to the side.

Don’t bother your uncle from drinking.”

Saying this, he reached out to push Su Hao away.

Su Hao grabbed onto the man’s hand and flipped it upwards. 

“Fingerprint comparison successful.”

Su Hao revealed a brilliant smile: “Found you! Right now, give us back the money you stole!”

The short-haired man was shocked.

He wanted to pull his hand back but couldn’t.

Hearing Su Hao’s words, he yelled: “You little bastard.

What are you trying to do.

Quickly release this uncle’s hand.”

Su Hao sneered: “It looks like you still don’t remember.”

Turning to little fatty he waved: “Little fatty, come and take a look at him.”

The short-haired man only then discovered little fatty standing to the side. 

Without a doubt, this was the original owner coming to find him.

At this time, his two companions began to get up to help. 

The two stood up, reaching out to grab Su Hao, they were yelling: “You kids are trying to find trouble aren’t you.

I’ll give you a fight! Today I’ll help your parents teach you a lesson.”

Su Hao didn’t even look.

He raised his feet and kicked them away, sending them flying.

The two crashed into the pillars, and slid down.

They wouldn’t be getting up for a while. 

At this time, the people eating heard the disturbance and they got up to duck to the sides to avoid being affected.

The clerk hurriedly rushed up but didn’t dare to get close.

He frantically said to Su Hao: “Aiyo aiyo.

What happened.

Please stop.

Please don’t disturb the peace.”

Su Hao turned to him and said: “Just wait a moment.

It’ll be over soon.”

Then he coldly said to the short-haired man: “So, do you know what I’m doing now Take out the money you stole!”

The short-haired man quibbled: “What money.

I don’t know.

You’ve got the wrong person.”

Su Hao didn’t waste any more words with him and flipped his wrist.


The short-haired man’s hand was broken.

He let out a shrill scream.

Little fatty’s heart twitched as his eyes widened.

He Qingqing bit her lips and clenched her fists tightly.

It could be seen that she had received a strong attack.

Her inner thoughts were wondering if Su Hao had broken their hand because she had brought up breaking the thief’s hand

The other guests were half beat slower.

This youth with the clear face, who would have thought he would break the person’s hand without another word.

Such a brutal person.

Little fatty and He Qingqing had large question marks in the bottom of their hearts: “How did Xiangwu know that person was the thief What if he was wrong”

Su Hao didn’t make them wait long.

After breaking the man’s hand, he ignored the man’s pleas for mercy and flipped his body onto the ground.

Then he began to grope around, quickly finding three money bags.

Su Hao grabbed the three money bags and asked little fatty: “Which one is yours”

“This one!!!” Little fatty’s eyes lit up and immediately rushed to hug a hefty money bag, kissing and touching it like it was his baby.

He almost shed a tear.

This feeling of the lost being found made him almost want to hug Su Hao’s leg to express his gratitude. 

At this moment, how could they think that Su Hao got the wrong person

The surrounding diners also understood what was going on.

Their eyes no longer held any pity towards the short-hard man, but instead they were gloating.

They each gathered up and surrounded to point fingers, saying sarcastic words.

The short-haired man was still begging for mercy.

Su Hao tossed the other two money bags in his hands up and down, revealing a smile.

The short-haired man was overjoyed, assuming Su Hao would let him go. 

He hadn’t thought that Su Hao would raise his foot and stomp on his other hand.


The short-haired man squealed like a dying pig.

His other hand had also been broken. 

The clerk was hesitant before saying to Su Hao: “This… The wine and dishes… The cost…”

Su Hao saw his difficulties.

He went over to the two companions and found a couple of silver yuan.

He tossed it to the clerk: “Is this enough”

The clerk smiled and continuously nodded: “It’s enough! It’s enough!”


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