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Divine Diary Ch 31 Can’t Find the Money

The streets of Lingyun Town were very clean and tidy.

It wasn’t the dirty and messy medieval city that Su Hao had been expecting.

There was no smell of garbage or manure either.

The streets were paved with stone slabs, the houses on both sides were varied, but neatly arranged, extending into the distance. 

Countless people entered and left the small town, most were villagers from the surrounding villages bring their goods to the city to sell.

Large carts, small carts, entered and left.

It was all very lively. 

To He Qingqing and little fatty, this was their first time seeing so many people.

Their eyes were filled with “person, person, person…”.

They curiously watched this and that.

“Little sugar beast cry~ two copper yuan for one!”

He Qingqing and little fatty stared at them with wide eyes, swallowing their saliva.

“Wild mountain boar buns, freshly baked wild mountain boar buns, one for three copper yuan.”

He Qingqing and little fatty smelled the fragrance and changed their minds. 

“Hot biscuits~”

He Qingqing and little fatty wanted to eat that too.


He Jianyong and Old Li today were both very generous.

Anything that their children liked, they paid for.

Of course, they gave Su Hao a portion too. 

Su Hao tried everything.


Then He Jianyong brought them to the tailors and ordered two sets of fashionable clothes each for the three kids, which were made quickly.

With only a short wait, the clothes were ready for pickup.

Su Hao imitated the locals and didn’t cause any problems for the tailor and chose a style that looked comfortable and natural.

The top was divided between inner lining and an outer jacket.

The inner lining was white and the outer jacket was light blue.

The style was a bit retro.

Then tying it with a belt, it looked pretty cool. 

He Qingqing chose blue clothes with some white.

She looked very good wearing it, turning into a slim and delicate looking lady.

Little fatty chose the most high-profile style.

At first look, one might think he was the young master of a wealthy family.

It gave a very mismatching impression.

This time Su Hao didn’t have the nerve to ask He Jianyong to help with the money and he paid for it himself, spending two silver yuan.

He suddenly discovered that he was close to being broke again.

Then He Jianyong brought them to a weapons store to pick out armor and a sword.

The weapons store was very large.

Su Hao circled around and discovered various types of armors and a variety of blades.

There were also hammers, axes, long blade, spears, etc.

and all kinds of weapons, but he didn’t see a sword. 

Hi dream of being a swordsman shattered.

This world’s humans opponents were mainly ferocious beasts with huge bodies and strong defenses.

Perhaps sword-type weapons weren’t as good to use as blades.

Su Hao’s armor was changed out a year ago so there was no problem with what he was currently wearing.

But his knife was a bit damaged and short.

So he sold his knife to the weapons store and earned two silver yuan, then he spent five silver yuan to buy a blade with a 70cm long edge, for a total loss of three silver yuan. 

The more he looked at the blade, the more he liked it, and only then did he discover that there was nothing wrong with liking the new and disliking the old. 

He Qingqing and little fatty chose their favorite blades and armor, and everyone left the weapons store together.

After shopping around, they bought their daily necessities, they went straight towards Lingyun Warriors Academy. 

Today was the day of enrollment for new students at the Warriors Academy.

It was busy both inside and outside the academy and was fairly crowded.

Registering was very simple.

The requirements were warriors who had found blood qi before the age of 12, fill in the basic information, and pay 1 gold yuan, equivalent to 100 silver yuan.

The requirements seemed simple, but there weren’t many people that could achieve them.

First was finding blood qi before 12.

This was enough to reject a majority of people.

Then 1 gold yuan tuition was a sky-high price.

Not every family could afford so much money at once. 

Su Hao dug through his money bag for a while before he pulled out 1 gold yuan.

He reluctantly handed it over to the registrar and received a special plaque with a cloud on it.

“This plaque is proof of being a Lingyun Warriors Academy student.

Don’t lose it.

If you lose it, you’ll have to buy another one.” The registrar solemnly explained.

Su Hao thought for a long time and couldn’t figure out where to put this thing to avoid losing it.

In the end, he put it in his money bag. 

After successfully registering for school and arranging their living quarters, He Jianyong and Old Lie returned to Cha Mountain Outpost.


The academy’s dorms could fit 4 people in a room.

Little fatty and Su Hao were placed in the same dormitory, and there were two other roommates that hadn’t shown up yet.

The number of girls was low.

Their dorms were placed on the other side of the academy.

After Su Hao and little fatty put their stuff away, they brought He Qingqing to find her dorm and waited for her to put her stuff away.

At this time, little fatty turned to Su Hao: “Xiangwu, what’ll we do after this”

Su Hao confusedly: “What do you mean what’ll we do”

Little fatty said with a complicated expression: “The parents already went back.

Now it’s us three, it’s a bit…”

Su Hao understood.

Little fatty was scared.

It was the first time leaving his parents, spreading his wings to live alone.

Imitation is human nature.

Su Hao patted little fatty on the shoulders: “No need to do anything.

We’ll wait until the academy arranges it.

Didn’t you get a list of things to watch out for Just follow its directions and we’ll be fine.”

Little fatty still was uneasy: “But… It’s still a bit empty.

Xiangwu, don’t you feel anything”

Su Hao laughed: “What can I feel Isn’t it all the same Relax little fatty.

It’s the first time going to school.

Just get used to it and you’ll like it here.”

Little fatty nodded and didn’t say anything else.

After a while, He Qingqing came out.

Although He Qingqing hid it well, Su Hao also felt that He Qingqing and little fatty were restless and confused.

Involuntarily, he shook his head and sighed: “Indeed their kids.”

“Let’s go!” Su Hao waved and started to walk away.

“Go where” Little fatty chased and asked.

Su Hao waved his list of things to watch out for and calmly said: “I’ll bring you guys for a walk around to familiarize ourselves with the location.

Otherwise you guys might get lost.

After that, we’ll eat dinner.”

Little fatty asked: “Xiangwu, isn’t this also your first time coming”

Su Hao nodded: “That’s right.

My first time!”

Little fatty had a face full of admiration.

He Qingqing had a jealous look in her eyes.

She also wanted to be like Wu Xiangwu, in everything calm, natural, and wise, as if everything was under control.

“This is the cafeteria, from now on we’ll eat here… This is the training grounds, basic training is done here.

I’m guessing we’ll be here often… There’s also the bathhouse, wash yourselves here… This is the classroom where we receive our education… This side is the teachers’ living area, if there’s no matter we won’t usually come here.”

Little fatty and He Qingqing’s eyes were filled with little stars.

“Okay, that’s about it.

Did you remember everything”

He Qingqing nodded.

Little fatty nodded at first, then shook his head: “Xiangwu, with you here, what do I need to remember it for”

Su Hao sneered: “Hmph, am I your nanny Keep dreaming.”

Little fatty awkwardly smiled and didn’t say anything more.

Su Hao looked to the left and right.

The sun had already begun to set.

He said: “Let’s go! Let’s eat.”

Little fatty suddenly said: “Okay! Today’s the first day.

I’ll treat you guys to a good meal!”

Without waiting for Su Hao and He Qingqing to oppose, he pulled the two of them to the boy’s dormitory: “Go go go.

First go back to grab money.”

Su Hao frowned and said: “Little fatty, in the future, money and valuables shouldn’t be left in the dormitory.

You need to carry it on you.”

Little fatty shook his finger: “Hey, it’s not a problem.


Can it run away by itself”

Returning to the dorm, little fatty looked all over, finally frantically shouting: “Xiangwu! Help me look.

I can’t find my money!”

“!!!” Su Hao suddenly had a bad feeling. 


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