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Moon LoversBound by Blood and Revenge Chapter 30 I'm Hungry... ( For You )

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[ Zhou Ancestral Mansion… ]

Marceline decided not to go to work today to finalize her agreement with Kira. But their discussion was interrupted when Aunt Brianna arrived, holding the paper bag containing Kira's clothes.

She let him put his clothes on first before she introduced Kira to Aunt Brianna. She already told her that Kira was a vampire. Aunt Brianna didn't say a word. She just believed Marceline, not asking further questions.

"Mr. Alaric, this is my personal assistant, Aunt Brianna. She will help me in teaching you all the things that you need to learn. You should learn the basics first within one week before you can start working as my bodyguard."

"Miss Brianna, it's nice to meet you. From now on, I will be under your care. I will put my trust in you." A beaming smile made its way across his face as he talked to Aunt Brianna politely.

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Alaric," Aunt Brianna responded to him meaningfully. Then she turned to Marceline. "Dear, I know you are still discussing something. I will just go downstairs to prepare your breakfast."

Marceline thanked her before she left. When she glanced back at Kira, his eyes already lingered on her charming face.

Marceline frowned as the look in his eyes was telling her that he was up to something.

"What Why are you looking at me like that Can you please stop doing that or else, I will gouge your eyes out." Marceline scoffed at him.

He was too charming to ignore. She couldn't stand him looking at her with his dazzling smile so she pretended to be annoyed.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I heard the word breakfast which means food. I guess I'm hungry. Feed me now, my Lady."

Kira lied. He was not hungry for blood, but rather he was hungry for her. He loved the taste of her sweet blood and he wanted to have another bite.

Meanwhile, Marceline merely lifted her one brow, eyeing Kira from top to bottom. She wondered how much blood this gorgeous vampire needed to consume in a day to satiate his hunger.

"Can you wait I will need to request some blood first from the blood bank center."

Kira shook his head in disapproval. "Miss Zhou, I forgot to tell you but I am a picky vampire when it comes to my food. I only consume fresh blood. When I mean fresh blood, I am drinking blood directly from the source."

Kira moved closer to her, raising his hand to touch her neck. Marceline felt like her body was electrocuted when Kira's finger got in contact with her sensitive skin. She immediately smacked his hand away from her neck.

"You can't reject me. You promised me a blood supply. And it has to be you… my direct source," Kira reminded her.

Marceline's jaw dropped, staring at him with disbelief. She wanted to whine and complain but she couldn't refute his words. She indeed promised him. But she had never imagined that Kira wanted her to be his blood donor.

'Damn! Why did I suddenly become his blood donor'

After a while, Marceline exhaled deeply. She was left with no choice but to feed this 'hungry' vampire. She couldn't take back her promise. A deal was a deal. She was not the kind of person who would go back on her own words.

"Fine! I will feed you for now. But let's discuss this further later. I can't donate blood to you regularly or else, I will suffer from anemia."

"Hmm… rest assured, My Lady. I am the first person who wouldn't like you to get sick."

Marceline rolled her eyes at him. "Sigh. Can you stop calling me 'My Lady' I'm not your woman. I have my name."

"Marceline Celeste," Kira softly mumbled her name.

Marceline's heart skipped a beat when he called upon her name. For some unknown reason, her name sounded so beautiful when it came from his mouth.

'Get a grip of yourself, Marceline Celeste.'

She cleared her throat while scolding herself inwardly. Then she motioned him to sit down beside her.

"Okay. Come here. I will let you drink my blood. But don't consume too much!" She reminded him.

Kira bobbed his head vigorously, his eyes sparkling with delight while his lips curled up into a triumphant smile.

In an instant, Kira sat down next to her, drawing his face closer to her neck. His lips just touched her skin when Marceline stopped him abruptly, pressing her hand on his chest.

"Will it hurt" Marceline maintained her stoic expression but deep inside she was feeling anxious.

Kira shook his head to reassure her. "No. Just think of it as a… mosquito bite. Yeah… similar to a mosquito bite." There was a gleam in his eyes as he hid his playful grin from her.

Afraid that Marceline would change her mind, Kira bit her without any warning. She was caught off guard but she still felt the pain in her neck.

'Mosquito bite my foot!!! A big fat liar!'


A loud smacking sound was heard followed by Kira's grunt.

"Aww! Why did you hit me" Kira asked her, putting on a pitiful face.

He raised his hand, rubbing his cheek that got hit. He didn't even get to suck her blood as he was interrupted by that slap.

"Oh, I thought you're a Mosquito. You know... I tend to smack mosquitoes whenever it bites me." Marceline barked at him with a straight face.

Kira: "..."

'She's the only woman who dares to slap me several times!' (T-T) [*Insert crying emoji*]

There was a short moment of silence before Kira was able to speak again.

"I'm hungry…" Kira mumbled with his puppy-eye look. He even pouted his lips.

Marceline sighed helplessly. "Alright. Let's do it again. Just be gentle!"

Kira bobbed his head obediently.

Marceline gulped hard then she tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck to him. Her heart started beating rapidly inside her chest. She didn't know whether she was nervous or excited.

This time Kira held her shoulders in place as he leaned over, bringing his face to her neck. Marceline's heart raced even faster when she felt his warm breath fanning her skin.

"Mmmh!" Marceline let out a surprised moan when Kira's lips touched her neck, his tongue licking her skin.

'Is this how vampires consume blood Why is he licking me' Marceline bit down on her lips to suppress a moan. The pleasant sensation was tingling her.

Kira was trying to divert her attention first so that Marceline would not feel the intense pain once he buried his fangs.

Soon, Kira took a bite, burying his sharp teeth on her neck. He began sucking her blood, his scarlet eyes becoming brighter like a burning fire.

Marceline gripped his arms tightly. She felt the pain at the first bite but it was soon replaced by a pleasant sensation.

As Kira continued sucking her, Marceline felt her body getting hot, a familiar pleasure tingling her insides.

'Gosh… Am I getting a sudden arousal' Marceline couldn't believe herself. Her body was responding to him.

She bit her lower lip while keeping her legs firmly shut. Her breathing became erratic as Kira was awakening her burning desire.

'Stop… please stop!' She barked in her mind.

A minute had passed but for her, it felt like eternity. Before Marceline could lose herself, Kira finally stopped sucking her. He licked his lips sensually while observing Marceline. He had a satisfied look on his face.

'She's so sweet. I can't get enough of her.'

Meanwhile, Marceline tried her best to bring back her composure.

"You are a big fat liar Mosquito!" She murmured.

"Hey, I heard that! Do you want to get bitten again… hmm... or I will just eat you now and make you my sweet delicious dessert"

Marceline shot him a cold sharp glare. "Kira Vladamirovich Alaric!!!"

Kira conceded right away upon seeing her cold stare and hearing her calling his full name.

"Alright! Alright! I'll behave now. Thanks for the meal!"


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