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From the time the Core Formation elder flew out of the battle ring to the time Han Muye killed him with one strike, it had only been three breaths.

The change was too fast, causing the entire battlefield to pause.

Core Formation experts could be called patriarchs.

They lived for a thousand years and established sects.

One strike!


Even the top mighty figures of the Western Frontier, who were at the half-step Heaven Realm, did not dare to say that they could kill such a person with a single slash.

It was not until Han Muye flew towards the battlefield where Xia Yi was surrounded that the people around him came back to their senses.

“Charge out!” The black-clothed female cultivator among the eight elites shouted.

Only after they rushed out of the encirclement could the Inspector and Senior Brother Han of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect attack with all their might.

As long as they could break out of the encirclement, the plan of those interceptors would be broken.


Eight sword auras gathered into one and charged forward.

The men in black who were encircling them were at a loss.

Why did a killing god suddenly appear on a mission they were confident of succeeding in

They had not even started, but they had already suffered heavy casualties.

Even an elder and two deacons had died.

No one had dared to stop the eight of them!

The battle situation instantly changed.

The offensive and defensive positions had switched.

“This person must die!”

Among the three Core Formation experts surrounding Xia Yi, two of them looked at each other and then stepped out to face Han Muye.

Xia Yi waved his sword and was about to restrain him when a violent aura rose from the remaining Core Formation expert in front of him.

The soaring clouds and spiritual light combined as if they were about to shatter the world!

Self-destructing Golden Core!

At the cost of being unable to advance further, he shattered his Golden Core in exchange for a moment of powerful combat strength.

At this moment, even a half-step Heaven Realm expert had to treat this person carefully.

In front of an expert of the same level who had shattered his Golden Core, Xia Yi had to stop and confront him with his sword.

In front of Han Muye, two Golden Core experts were fighting!

In midair, he pointed his two swords at the two Core Formation experts.

Swords in hand, blood burning!

At this moment, he finally felt the joy of being a sword cultivator!

How could it not be satisfying to kill with a sword

Cultivation and wielding the sword were all for this moment!

What longevity What carefree Nothing could defeat this sword!

He loosened his grip and the purple flames turned into a crescent moon.

Qing Ming raised his swords.

The two sword intents that had been exhausted previously transformed into countless sword qi that wrapped around the two long swords, interweaving and circulating.

“Moon Essence Sword Sects sword technique!”

The short-bearded old man on the left shouted in a low voice.

He held his sword with both hands, and his sword light was like a water dragon, blocking the Purple Flame Sword.

When the swords touched, the old mans expression changed again.

The power of the Purple Flame Sword was not inferior to his.

Sword intent!

The sword was infused with sword intent!


The water dragon exploded, and the Purple Flame Sword danced like a sparrow.

The old man on the right slowly raised the slender sword in his hand.

The sword turned into a storm and got tangled up with the sword light of Han Muyes Green Destiny Sword.


With a soft sound, the two swords separated.

“Nine Mystic Sword Sects Metal Sword Technique!”

The old man narrowed his eyes and stared at Han Muye warily.

The Purple Flame Sword turned around.

Han Muye crossed his hands.

He retracted the Purple Flame Short Sword in his right hand, and held the Green Destiny sword in his left hand.

He held both swords sideways as he stood in the air.

He blocked two Golden Cores by himself.

“What a peerless swordsman…”

After rushing out of the encirclement, the black-clothed female cultivator looked up and muttered.

The others stared silently at Han Muye, who was fighting against two people without retreating.

Even if they didnt admit it, their admiration of Han Muye took root in their hearts.

Such a sword technique was really like a sword immortal.

They had to look up to him!

The two Golden Core cultivators had solemn expressions.

One on the left and one on the right, the aura on their bodies condensed into substance.

Their long swords were sharp as they stabbed and slashed at Han Muye.

“Great Spiritual Sword Sects Peak Reversal Sword Technique.”

Han Muye shouted, and the Green Destiny Sword swept out.

The old man who had been called out by Han Muye had a gloomy expression.

It was too late for him to change his move.


The two swords collided, and the sword qi exploded.

Sword against sword.

Han Muye laughed and waved his right hand that was holding the Purple Flame Sword.

“Lets see what I can do.

How about that”

At this moment, his right hand was clearly using the Peak Reversal Sword Technique of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect!

However, the sword light converged and turned into a lone peak.

As soon as it appeared, it felt like it was impossible to climb.

Compared to the Golden Core elder who had attacked previously, this sword move was much more profound.

When this move appeared, the two Golden Core experts of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect widened their eyes in shock.

“Who the hell are you!”

The short-bearded old man gritted his teeth.

The sword in his hand emitted a bright sword qi as he stared at Han Muye.

It would take at least a hundred years to cultivate a technique to this level.

Could this person be the reincarnation of a senior from the Great Spiritual Sword Sect

Otherwise, how could there be such a sword technique!


The lone peak exploded, knocking the sword-wielding Golden Core elder half a step back.

Han Muye spread out like a golden eagle in the air, shooting straight ahead.

The two swords were meant to distract the opponent.

This sword strike was meant to kill!

The two swords intersected, and the spiritual light transformed into a 10-foot fire dragon.

Prairie Fire!

Five Mystic Sword Technique, Prairie Fire!

This Prairie Fire was jointly used by the Sword Pavilion Elder and Patriarch Tao Ran outside the Nine Mystic Mountain.

The sword lights intertwined and fused into a dragon of wind and fire.

This sword technique could fight against a Heaven Realm expert in the hands of a half-step Heaven Realm expert!

When the fire dragon appeared, the white-bearded old mans expression had already changed.

Sword techniques had spirit, and there was power in spirit!

Although he had yet to form a sword momentum, he already had the embryonic form of a sword momentum.

Such a sword technique could not be blocked!

“Junior Brother Hao, leave quickly!”

He shouted, and the sword in his hand exploded.

A shadow appeared outside his body, and then the sword light rushed towards the fire dragon.

Force against force

Suppressing others with the power of a Golden Core

Han Muye shook his head gently.

If he challenged with his own strength, with his cultivation at the Qi Condensation Realm, he would indeed not be able to withstand the power of the Golden Core.

However, this Prairie Fire was executed with the remaining power of the sword intent.

The sword intent combined, and the wind and fire were formed.

It could not be blocked!


The fire dragon that was originally 10-foot long became 300-foot long and swallowed the white-bearded old man in one bite.

Then it roared into the sky, and its dragon roar shook the sky over a hundred miles!

The fire dragon roared and swung its long tail, sweeping the fleeing Golden Core to the ground.

Then it spat out a strong flame breath and forced all the black-robed cultivators to retreat before slowly turning into nothingness.

The Golden Core Realm cultivator who was swallowed by the fire dragon also disappeared.

This was Prairie Fire.

The might of the Nine Mystic Sword Sects fire lineage sword technique!

Even Golden Cores could only be used to fuel the flames!

As the fire dragon dissipated, Han Muye stood with his sword in hand.

A thousand feet in front of him, everything was charred.

Of the two Golden Core experts who fought, one had already died, and the other had fallen to the ground.

It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

How powerful was this Sword Dao!

A sword cultivator wanted a sharp sword.

If the sword in his hand was not good, how could he kill, protect, and fight against the heavens

Han Muye turned around and slowly looked at the old man who was confronting Xia Yi and shattered his Golden Core.

At this moment, the old mans face was red and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Die! Go to hell, all of you—”

He roared at the sky, and the spiritual light on his body turned into a pillar of light that slammed into his surroundings.


The explosion of a Golden Core was so powerful that even a half-step Heaven Realm expert would have a headache.

Xia Yis expression changed and he shouted, “Little friend, retreat!”

If a Golden Core expert self-destructed, everyone within a 10-mile radius would be injured.

If Han Muye and the others were too close, their bones would shatter and their souls would turn into nothingness even if they didnt die.

A solemn aura rose from Xia Yis body as he raised the Mystic Sun Sword.

“Sword in hand, Mystic Sun, uphold the righteous path!”

He shouted, and the sword light on his body condensed into a light barrier that pressed forward.

Han Muye shook his head.

It couldnt be stopped.

Xia Yi wanted to use his spiritual energy and sword intent to suppress the power of self-destruction and restrain it to a certain range.

Unfortunately, his cultivation was not enough.

Unless he was at the half-step Heaven Realm, how could he suppress the self-destruction of a Golden Core cultivator

“Little friend, I only have 10 breaths of strength.

Take them away.”

Xia Yis expression was solemn, and his eyes revealed determination and determination.

“As the inspector of the Mystic Sun Guards, this is my duty.

When we uphold justice, there will naturally be bloodshed and sacrifice.”

Rays of light flashed on his body.

He was burning his soul power to activate his Golden Core.

Initially, he wanted to see what the Mystic Sun Guards were capable of.

Unfortunately, before he could see much, he had to go all out.

Han Muye shook his head, put away his swords, and pointed.


A shrill scream tore through the air, and a stream of light flashed.

The three-foot-long sword pierced through the old mans Golden Core power and shattered it.

Like fireworks rising, endless spiritual energy surged into the sky.

However, this spiritual energy was really just spiritual energy.

It was not lethal at all.

His soul had been broken and he could not control the power of the Golden Core, so he naturally let the spiritual energy dissipate.

“The Sword Pill…”

Xia Yi muttered as he looked at the hiltless sword that Han Muye had retracted into his palm and turned into a white jade pill.

“So, so powerful…”

“Is this still the Western Frontier”

In the distance, the eight Central Continent elites looked up and whispered.

Even in the Central Continent, such methods were rare.

Is the swordsmanship inheritance of the Western Frontier this powerful they wondered.

Han Muye slowly landed on the bluestone and looked around.

The men in black who were holding swords were all trembling.

There were also two Earth Realm sword cultivators whose faces were ashen.

If a Golden Core couldnt withstand a single strike, what could they do


At this moment, there was a loud bang on the cliff.

Countless green rocks flew down.

The entire cliff began to shake.

A wave of energy washed over him.

Xia Yis expression changed and he shouted, “Its a great demon!”

A great demon.

Not only was it a great demon, but its aura was at the perfected Earth Realm.

He was half a step into the Heaven Realm!

Han Muye narrowed his eyes and looked at the collapsing cliff.


The men in black fled in panic.


Not far away, a wooden root appeared and wrapped around a man in black and swallowed him into the ground.

Then, countless wooden roots danced and pulled the fleeing black-clothed people underground.

This was a powerful Wood Demon!

The eight Central Continent elites turned pale and rushed to Xia Yis side.

Xia Yi held the Mystic Sun Sword in his hand and looked at the slowly descending cliff and the endless wooden roots.

He said in a low voice, “This great demon is at least at the half-step Heaven Realm.

Im afraid he wont be able to leave this place today.”

His words alarmed the eight elites even more.

There was great fear in life.

It was only between life and death!

Han Muye turned his head and looked into the distance.

The Golden Core expert of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect, who had been injured by his Prairie Fire, was already dragged underground by a wooden root.

“Little friend, Ill detonate my Golden Core and the Mystic Sun Sword later and block this demon with my greatest strength for a moment.”

Holding the hilt of his sword, Xia Yi looked at Han Muye.

“Leave on your own.

You might have a chance to live.”

Hearing his words, Han Muye shook his head.

He took a deep breath and slowly raised his head.

His gaze fell on the cliff walls pressing down on him.

With one hand behind his back and the sword sphere in his right palm, he floated into the air.

Flying Sword, Sword Qi Against the Heavens!

He really looked like an immortal!

A sword aura condensed behind Han Muye.

“I have a move called Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords.

I wonder if this Wood Demon Senior is willing to give me some pointers”


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