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Pei Xi passed the box to him and said, “Im giving this gift to someone very important.

I want her to have a spark in her eyes.

Help me think of a way.”

The waiter immediately understood.

“Do you want to give this to your boyfriend”

Without waiting for her to deny it, the waiter continued, “were the best at this kind of thing.

I guarantee that itll make a grand entrance.”

As time was of the essence, Pei Xi did not bother to explain to him.

“Thank you.”

The waiter nodded and opened the box.

He looked surprised.

It was not a gift he expected.

But it didnt matter.

An hour later, Su Ji arrived at the private room on time.

Pei Xi smiled and greeted her.

At the same time, she pressed the bell on the table.

This was the signal to the waiter.

“Here, Su Ji.”

Su Ji sounded cheerful, “when did you arrive”

“Just a few minutes ago.”

Su Ji pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Im here today because…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the door opened.

Su Ji turned around and saw two waiters pushing a big cake towards her.

The white cake was covered with edible pearls, symbolizing pure love.

There were two Cupid dolls holding love arrows on it, and they shot at each others hearts.

“Sir, this is the surprise that your girlfriend has specially prepared for you.”

As they spoke, the two waiters met Su Jis beautiful eyes.

Although she didnt take off her mask, they could tell that she was a woman!




Everyone present was dumbfounded!

Pei Xis mouth twitched as she reminded them, “wheres the gift ”

She just wanted to give Su Ji a gift.

Did they misunderstand

The waiter remained calm and respectfully handed the cake knife to Su Ji.

“Please cut the cake.”

Although Su Ji did not know what just happened, it seemed like she could only start talking about business after she cut the cake.

There seemed to be something solid in the cake.

The waiter, wearing gloves, took out a mysterious box from inside.

The box was opened and inside was a beautiful jade bracelet that looked very expensive.


Pei Xi gestured for the waiter to leave and smiled, “I already know about what happened last night.

In any case, it was Pei Huais fault.

This is a small gift from me to you.

I hope you can give him another chance.”

Su Ji didnt expect them to find out so quickly, so she quickly declined.

“No, no, it was actually my fault last night.

You dont have to give me anything.”

If she hadnt made such a strong tonic, Pei Huai wouldnt have experienced any side effects.

Pei Xi did not expect her to be so reasonable and generous!

She was extremely touched.

“How can we blame you for this You must accept the gift.”

The two of them argued for a while and it looked like they were about to fight.

“Pei Xi, I actually have something I need your help with today.”

Pei Xi replied, “put on the bracelet and Ill listen to you!

Su Ji didnt know why she was so insistent, but it was important to discuss business, so she gave in.

The size of the bracelet was just right, as if it was tailor-made for her.

It was jade white and translucent, like an antique.

She liked it.

The waiter pushed the cake cart out and closed the door, trying to calm down their hearts that were beating wildly.

He remembered who these two women were.

They look like a beautiful painting when they were together!

The last time they came, it was just sweet talk.

This time, she her a bracelet that looked very expensive.

Could it be that she already had a child who had her surname

In the private room, Pei Xi was relieved to see Su Ji accept the gift.

“Dont say the wordplease like youre treating me as an outsider.

Just tell me what you want.

As long as its not about breaking up with Pei Huai, Ill agree to anything!”

Su Yi was silent for a moment before revealing the purpose of this trip.

Pei Xi was quite surprised.

She did not expect that apart from acting and calligraphy, she also knew how to do business.

She was happy to help.

“Its a small matter.

Since you think so highly of my husband, Ill help you ask.

As long as none of his work conflicts with the Xu Groups new energy project, it will be fine.”

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