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Uncle He was too flustered last night and was afraid of disturbing CEO Pei, so he left in a hurry after delivering the things.

He forgot to close the window.

When Su Cunyi saw Pei Huai standing in his daughters room and slowly buttoning up his shirt.

His precious daughter was sitting on the bed in her pajamas and yawning.


Su Cunyi was so angry that he ran downstairs with his briefcase and went next door angrily.

However, just as he rushed into the courtyard, he ran into Xu Mingzhi, who was practicing martial arts in the courtyard.

When Xu Mingzhi saw him, she picked up the stick beside her and pressed it against her chest.

“What are you doing here Where did you come from”

Su Cunyi glanced at Pei Huais house next door.

He remembered that he could not expose the fact that he was staying there, so he pushed her away and said, “dont worry about how I got here.

I saw…”

“You dare to peek inside” Xu Mingzhi took a step forward with the stick in her hand.

“Im not in a good mood today.

Dont make me fight you! Leave now!”

Su Ji took this opportunity to leave through the back door with Pei Huai.

Su Cunyi was extremely anxious, but with Xu Mingzhi in front of him, he could only watch the two of them leave!


In the morning, Pei Huai first helped Su Ji send the spiked drink to the laboratory before driving to Huichun Hall.

When he arrived, Pei Song had already prepared the medicine for him.

He even helped Pei Huai clear the area and ushered all the pharmacists from the hall into the room.

He then personally received Pei Huai.

He couldnt let those people below know that his brother couldnt get it up.

Pei Huai lowered his eyes to look at the bag of medicine.

It consisted of herbs that could restore manlihood.

Huichun Hall was known for this prescription.

Pei Song would often prescribe this medicine to tycoons in their sixties who still wanted to have children at an old age.


“How did you know that I was going to get this” Pei Huais jaw tensed up.

Pei Song sympathized with him.

“Dont be too stressed.

Most of the time, its just a psychological problem.

Besides, the first time is…”

Pei Huais face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Its not what you think.”

Pei Song did not argue with him.


Its not what I thought.

Anyway, you should go back and take your medicine on time.”

Pei Huai had finally gotten a girlfriend, and yet he encountered such a tragedy.

He wondered how the conversation between his sister and Su Ji would go today.

Can she help him get Su Ji back

Pei Huai pinched the medicine bag in his hand.

It was indeed a good prescription, but because of how strong the dosage that Su Ji gave him, he was afraid that this alone was not enough.

He walked around the counter and stood in front of the medicine cabinet that was as tall as the entire wall.

After a moment of silence, he added a few more herbs.

Pei Song looked at him and was speechless.

It seemed like it was more serious than they had imagined!

Pei Huai packed the medicine.

The simple act of tying a string looked like an art when he did it.

He glanced around the shop.

“You didnt send Xingxing to school today ”

At the mention of this, Pei Song coughed, “I asked someone else to do it so I can help you.”

Pei Huai raised his eyebrows, “someone else”

Pei Song knew that he couldnt escape his brothers questioning.

He leaned against the wall and said in annoyance, “yes, its Sonya.

Shes his mother.

Shouldnt she do her duty”

Pei Huai smiled emotionlessly.

“I was just asking.

Why are you so anxious”


He was tricked again!


Meanwhile, Pei Xi arrived at the private room an hour earlier than the agreed time.

It was the restaurant next to Kyokushin.

She remembered that the first time she met Su Ji was in this restaurant.

At that time, she had given Su Ji three precious books.

She told her that she wanted her children to have her surname.

When they left, many people in the restaurant were looking at them.

And with an inexplicable look of satisfaction.

However, it had been a long time since that incident, and Pei Xi believed that no one would remember it.

She took out a small box from her bag and weighed it in her hand.

She didnt seem to be particularly satisfied.

She had never given any gifts to a pretty girl.


The waiter jogged over, “how can I help you”

The waiter thought she looked familiar, but he couldnt recall who she was.

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