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Seeing the fiery clouds sweep over, Augenthal frowned.

With a thought, he suddenly turned around and flew into the distance at high speed.

He actually chose to escape!

Chu Nan did not expect such a Void Break expert to choose to escape so easily and could not help but be stunned.

When he reacted and wanted to chase after him, he saw that the entire space in the distance was shaking unsteadily, leaving only a ripple-like spatial fluctuation.

How could he see half a figure

That Void Break Martial Artist was holding a person in his hand, but he could actually fly so quickly and press forward.

It was really beyond Chu Nans expectations.

“Damn, he actually escaped!”

Chu Nan was furious and wanted to chase after him, but now that he had lost track of the other party, even if he followed the traces left behind by the spatial vibration, he might not be able to accurately catch up.

If the other party found a place to hide, he would not be able to find him alone.

Moreover, the strength of the other partys Void Break Martial Artist was definitely not to be underestimated.

If he rashly chased after him and encountered another ambush, it would really be bad.

After thinking carefully, Chu Nan could only helplessly give up on pursuing.

“Forget it, I should settle the issue of the Rand Clan first.”

While they were fighting earlier, Chu Nan had actually recognized it.

The guy clamped under the arm of a Void Break Martial Artist was the bullsh*t prince who had failed to snatch the girl from the Rand Clan from him at the auction.

Before he left, he had threatened Chu Nan and said that he “did not have the life to enjoy those three girls”.

Chu Nan did not take it seriously at that time.

He did not expect him to take revenge so quickly and be so unscrupulous and crazy.

From the looks of it, this guy did not only want to kill Chu Nan, he probably planned to slaughter the Rand Clansmen he had bought!

“Damn, this guy is simply courting death! When I return and find out where he is, Ill find a chance to make him pay!”

Chu Nan sneered in his mind and secretly made up his mind.

Then, he turned around and flew towards Nightclub City.

Twenty minutes later, he flew into the small courtyard rented by the Earth Federations caravan and the Seres Security Company and successfully met up with the group of Rand Clansmen again.

At this moment, Dong Fang had already returned from the auction.

When he saw Chu Nan land, he cast a questioning gaze at him.

Chu Nan shook his head with an unhappy expression.

“He ran away.

However, I already know who the other party is.

If I encounter him next time, I definitely wont give him a chance to escape.”

“Oh Who is it” Dong Fang asked curiously.

“Its that prince from earlier…”

After hearing Chu Nans explanation, Dong Fang pondered for a moment and waved his hand.

Mu Luo appeared out of nowhere.

“Go check…”

Dong Fang instructed Mu Luo, who then left.

“I asked them to investigate the background of that prince.

From the looks of it, he should only be a prince of a small country.

His background is not strong, but its not weak.

If you had directly killed him just now, we might have caused some trouble.”

Chu Nans expression sank, “What You think Im causing trouble”

“Ha! What a joke” Dong Fang spat at Chu Nan without holding back, “What do you think our Seres Security Company is I might be afraid of provoking huge trouble like the United States of Melaita or the Declan Empire, but Im not afraid of ten more bullsh*t princes from such a small country!”


“Nonsense!” Dong Fang rolled his eyes at Chu Nan, “Its not like you dont know my temper.

Its always me who provokes others, not others.

Dont worry, after we investigate that bullsh*t prince, Ill help you think of a way to teach him a lesson.”

Seeing Dong Fangs attitude, Chu Nan nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he pointed at the Rand Clansmen who were fighting in the distance and asked, “What about them What do you plan to do”

Dong Fang glanced at those Rand Clansmen and glanced at Chu Nan before chuckling, “Ill let you go, okay”

“Of course, thats good.

I…” Chu Nan replied before realizing what was going on.

He raised his leg and kicked Dong Fang, “Stop teasing me.

To be honest, how should I deal with them Even if you let them go, I dont think they can live in peace.

Why dont you think of another way”

“It seems that youve also thought about it carefully.” Dong Fang nodded and continued, “Dont worry, I bought them not only because I want to help you agree to Xius request, but also not because I have good intentions.

I really fancy their value.”

“Its not those two martial techniques”

“No, although those two martial techniques are very useful, they dont mean much to our company.

What I fancy are some secrets and special skills that their people know.”

“Secret Special skill” Chu Nan looked at the group of Rand Clansmen in the distance and was a little puzzled.

What magical secrets and special skills did these backward and primitive Rand Clansmen have

“Business secret, no comment.” Dong Fang revealed an annoying smile and pushed Chu Nan, “Go tell them.

They should trust you more.”

“Yes…” Chu Nan replied and walked to the Rand Clansmen.

Xiu immediately greeted him nervously.

“Then… then, Chu… Chu Nan, Dong Fang… did Lord Dong Fang say… what to do with us”

It was still the old problem.

When she was nervous, she would stutter easily.

Chu Nan shrugged, “Dont worry, Dong Fang wont let you go, but he wont abuse you.

He previously said that he values the value of your bodies—oh, Im not talking about your precious eyeballs, but other values.

Therefore, he should give you some work and missions in the future and wont have any more requirements.

In short, dont worry, its much safer under him than before.”

Hearing Chu Nans words, the expressions of the Rand Clansmen relaxed.

They had been on tenterhooks these few days after being captured, afraid that they would suffer a miserable fate.

They were even mentally prepared to be treated as slaves and casually abused.

Although this result was not the most perfect, it was already much better than they had imagined.

At the very least, Chu Nan had said that Dong Fang valued their worth, so he would not take their lives.

Moreover, as Chu Nan had said, even if they returned to the tribe in the wasteland, it would be very difficult for them to continue living a stable life.

Since their residence had already been discovered by the Sand Eagle, they would only continue to endure the threat brought about by it.

It was impossible for them to live peacefully.

In comparison, perhaps this place would be better.

At the very least, Chu Nan had always treated them very well and the treatment they received was not unbearable.

The high priest suddenly waved at Chu Nan.

Chu Nan hurriedly walked over.

“High Priest, do you have anything to say If you have any requests, I might be able to help you mention them to Dong Fang.”

The high priest shook her head and smiled, “The fate of our Rand Clan has been destined since the Heavenly God fell hundreds of years ago.

Now, this is also something we will definitely experience, so theres no need to pay too much attention to it.

As for the help youve given us, our Carville Clan is unable to repay you, but I can give you some special guidance.

Perhaps it can allow you to take another step on the path of the Heavenly God.”

Chu Nans eyes immediately lit up.

The Heavenly God that the high priest spoke of was actually a powerful martial artist.

When she said that she could help Chu Nan improve on the path of a Heavenly God, did that not mean that she could help him improve on martial techniques


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