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Rong Xuelong was about to flare up.

Rong Linyi suddenly said, “Sister, have you ever evaluated yourself”


Rong Xuelong was slightly stunned, and didnt understand what Rong Linyi meant.

Rong Linyi looked up.

In the darkness, his eyes reflected the moonlight and showed a cold expression.

“What do you think of your birth” he asked.

“Have you ever hated or despised yourself”

Rong Xuelong couldnt help but raise her hand and scratch her head a little carelessly.

She had a noble and beautiful face.

Long hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall and she was tall.

Furthermore, she was blessed with the identity of being in the Rong family.

In the eyes of men, she was a goddess.

However, she behaved like a boy and many men stayed away from her.

“This… during my rebellious stage of youth, I also contracted secondary diseases.

I even thought about committing suicide very tragically.” Rong Xuelongs tone was indifferent.

“But after that period, I felt really sick…”

She then said matter-of-factly.

“At the end of the day, the only person in our Rong family who doesnt need to doubt his identity is you, right So Rong Linyi, what else do you have to complain about”

Rong Linyi seemed to be pondering over something.

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“Then, Sister, what do you think Mother thinks of herself”

“Mother…” Rong Xuelong didnt seem to understand why Rong Linyi asked this.” What do you mean ”

“When Mother was pregnant with you, how did she see herself Did she hate herself Did she take it to heart…” Rong Linyi crossed his fingers and held them under his nose.” If there was a woman like her, married but pregnant with another mans child… how would she think about her ”

Rong Xuelong listened to Rong Linyis words in a daze.

And suddenly she gasped.

“No way!” Her voice was sharp.

“Rong Linyi! Youre with a married woman Or have you taken a fancy to a woman and is pregnant with someone elses child Are you crazy Has our family really passed down the correct skills for you to take over our business”

“Enough!” Rong Linyi snapped at Rong Xuelong coldly.

The meeting room fell silent again.

After a while, Rong Xuelong finally spoke with a serious tone.

“Rong Linyi, I only have one question for you.”

“Go ahead and ask.”

“That woman, is her surname Jiang”


“Then its settled.” Rong Xuelong waved her hand.

“Have a happy time as a father!”

Rong Xuelong felt that she could tolerate anything as long as her brother didnt marry that Jiang woman.

“Youd better watch your mouth.” Rong Linyis voice was threatening.

Rong Xuelong was stunned and suddenly leaned towards Rong Linyi.

“It cant be, that youre really hiding a woman”

Rong Linyi was silent.

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“Shes pregnant”

Rong Linyi remained silent.

“The child isnt yours”

Rong Linyi remained silent.

“Youre not serious, are you Dont tell me that the two of you are already… married”

Rong Linyi was silent.

Rong Xuelong straightened her body and felt as if she was in a trance.

“Dont talk too much.” Rong Linyis eyes were murderous.

“I wont.” Rong Xuelongs expression was calm.

“Im leaving, take care.

Oh right, if you dare not come to the banquet tomorrow night…”

“I will go.” Rong Linyi interrupted Rong Xuelong briefly and looked up.

“Dont do it again.”

Rong Linyis footsteps were light as he walked back to the bedroom.

The woman on the bed was already asleep…


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